Wednesday, July 9, 2014

temperature taking - a new hamburger ingredient?

"I feel sick. I don't think I can go to school/work."
"Poor little sweetie, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. Here, let me take your temperature."
"Wait what? No, not like that!"
"It's the most accurate way. Now be a good little one and stop fussing. This will be over in a minute or two."
"Hmmm... it says 98.6. I think you need a lesson in not making stories up as an excuse not to get out of bed. If the insides of your bottom aren't overly hot, your bottom itself is about to be. Lift up. That's it. Over my lap."

Taking a temperature rectally prior to a spanking is almost an archetype in spanking fiction, roleplay, and movies.  I can understand the appeal. It enhances both the feelings of embarrassment, vulnerability and violation. Maybe it feels good.  True confession- I've never experienced a rectal temperature as part of spanking play, though I have had a finger massage my prostate. Though I can't imagine a small thermometer providing the same unique sensation, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

However, I found it interesting that on fetlife, the fetish "rectal temperature" has a grand total of 373 people into it, while "spanking" has ~287,000 folks into it and just the jargonish "otk spanking"  has 33,747 folks into it.

One might not guess that from just watching spanking videos, though.  Rectal temperature taking is seemingly everywhere in spanking videos:
Claire seems especially "fonda" rectal temps.
Venerable groundbreaking institutions like ShadowLane are into it.  Even Dana Kane gets into it. The act is even included in some spanking romance novels.
So clearly, even if most folks aren't into it it, at least as far as admitting they're into it... there's got to be some significant appeal, right? Unless, that is, spanking video producers embrace the rectal temp as something just a little bit naughty, but not too kinky- such that one could conceivably just be into spanking, but surely not into anal play- a thermometer is barely big enough to cause that sensation, right?! Perhaps it appeals to stretching the limits just a wee little bit.  Maybe just an added bit of acceptable spiciness on behalf of the spanking video producers.  Plus like I said before- it adds to the vulnerability and even the violation of the spankee, which is an element of appeal that I get.

But how does it fit into my hamburger analogy? Well, I've thought long and hard about this.  I don't think that rectal temperatures are a key ingredient that might be ordered as a topping on someone's hamburger, just as I don't think they're something most spankos are looking for, yet they have an an undeniable place... perhaps as the thin toothpick stuck slowly through the buns.

Maybe it's just the toothpick

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, America!

I had a couple of thought provoking posts I'm working on, and a story or two, but then July 4th crept up on me and I just thought screw it- I'll post some amusing 4th of July pictures, found with a quick google search, this is what I consider art.
Americans have lots of icons, some of them are sexy:
only sexy because of a movie

only sexy because of my blog

But some aren't.

Maybe Americans drink too much watery beer:
And even if we're not the world's best at soccer, there's still this...
Here's some American-related spanking pics:
Sometimes we use the American flag for commercial purposes:
But Sometimes the flag is put to better use: 
Again, Happy Birthday America!- have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

look closely between her legs

This isn't one of those blogs that just posts hot pictures - typically I try to say something of interest, and just use pictures I find as an illustration.  I'd started writing something about whether hiney vs. heinie is the correct spelling, and maybe including a German theme, when I came across this heavenly hiney/heinie.*

Wow. Breathtaking. Such symmetry.  Those are womanly curves, and glorious. I could (and did) stare at it quite awhile. But in my staring I discovered something: wait... what's that? Look closely between her legs.** Here's a link to a larger image. Yes, it appears that there's a mirror in front of her, and her hand is uhm... occupied. Seemingly impossible, but seeing that tiny detail makes this picture significantly sexier.

*Photo of Michelle L'Amour, taken by Franky Vivid. Found here and used with permission. I admit to having a bit of a crush on Michelle, and have referenced her a few times before on my blog.

**I think my very first comment on any spanking blog was on a rant by Erica against shots directly behind the spankee showing their naughty bits between their legs. I pointed out that perhaps embarrassment is an element of spanking, which started an argument, which started a friendship. One can always see something sexy looking closely between a woman's legs, but rarely has this been captured quite as awesomely as in the picture above.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

pain and pleasure

I'm checking out the news and interesting articles of the week recently when I came across an article about how orgasms can dull pain on The Atlantic website. The title is a bit misleading. It's not just orgasm, but arousal that diminishes pain.  It's a fascinating read, and I encourage y'all to do so.
If you read that article, the scientists first tested the hypothesis by squeezing the paws of rats, and measuring how firm a squeeze it took and how long it took for the rats to pull their paws away.  Then the scientists inserted glass tubes into the vaginas of rats and squeezed their paws. The rats with tiny glass dildos inserted were able to withstand firmer paw squeezes before pulling their paws away. Now, there are a lot of crazy pictures I find on the internet to illustrate my blog, but I couldn't quite come up with an appropriate illustration for that experiment.  However, since my mind is applying everything said in the article to spanking, a wooden spoon and a rat seems fairly fitting. 
a cute bare-bottomed Mrs. Frisby and her bondage-loving friend Jeremy the Crow was a close second
Back to the link between arousal and pain... this seems almost intuitive.  The facial expressions one has during orgasm often look almost identical to very painful expressions.
Migraine? or orgasm?
Maybe I should consult someone who might know a little more than me. I decided to do some research- a quick Google search later, "Sara Nasserzadeh PhD, DipPST, is a New York based Social Psychologist, specializing in sexuality and relationships." She explains:

Why Do People Look In Pain When Experiencing Orgasm? from Sara Nasserzadeh on Vimeo.
Oh Okay. I get it now. Thanks for that thorough, helpful and scientific explanation! Not.  (And yes, as if I haven't already, I've certainly labelled myself a child of the late 80's/early 90's by including a pic of Meg Ryan's fake orgasm scene and then using a Wayne's World Not joke in this post) I looked up DipPST and for the life of me I can't figure out what sort of degree it stands for. Let's just go with "dipshit". 

Let's try something different. There's an amazing site called Beautiful Agony. It shows movies of people's faces who are having an orgasm.  Interestingly, the free sample movie shows a cute young lady with a tattoo on her shoulder of... wait for it... a hairbrush. Seriously.
its a java script link and I'm not smart enough to figure out how to post it on here, but here's a screenshot. Just click the link above.
Where was I? Oh yeah, a link between pain and sexual pleasure.  Obviously, (to me) they're connected. Yes, there's the similarity between the "O face" and a painful expression. There's more to it than that, I suspect, though. There are few activities that marry arousal and pain quite like a spanking for a true spanko. From my own experience, I'd say that both I, and my spankees, can take quite a bit more pain than expected when we are excited and aroused.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that many dominatrices employ the tactic of "milking" their male submissive (i.e., bringing them to orgasm) prior to their punishment, so that the spanking (or other punishment) hurts more. I haven't experienced this personally, but have heard about it more than once.  

Perhaps the connection between pain and arousal (at least in regards to spanking) is due to increased blood flow to the pelvic region as a result of the spanking, that also triggers an involuntary response of arousal because blood flows to the pelvic region during, well, normal arousal. Or maybe blood flow from arousal and the endorphins generated by pain allows one to tolerate it more. I truly don't know the answer. (However, here's a cool scientific explanation of endorphins as well as a much more thorough discussion of what Dr. Nasserzadeh was trying to say, complete with references.)

I suspect that, whether you believe humans were designed this way by a loving God, or whether we evolved this way, that the connection between sexual pleasure and pain stems from mammalian birth.  Yup, I said it. Thankfully humans don't have barbed penises. As I was reminded the other night when I heard screetches from the neighborhood, sex for cats is inherently painful. (Here's a National Geographic video explaining.) But childbirth can be quite painful.  Passing a kidney stone is pretty painful too.  Fortunately, I have zero first-hand experience with either of those, but I've been told they're both among the most painful natural human experiences, and they both directly involve the genitals.  There are reports of orgasm among women giving birth. Perhaps humans are designed/have evolved to deal with that pain.  Perhaps spankos are just taking advantage of this evolutionary anomaly/design flaw when there is arousal associated with an inherently painful process i.e., a spanking.

I'm curious what y'all think, but leave you with these images- are they in pain? in the midst of an orgasm? giving birth? It's sorta hard to tell.      

Thursday, May 1, 2014

hate to kick a man while he's down, but...

I suppose that racism is worse than spanking right? That's something we all can agree on. Now what if it's non-consensual parental spanking of a teenager? Still worse than racism? A tougher question. But apparently the American public (or at least the editors at Sports Illustrated) certainly agree that racism is far worse. 

See, unless you've been living under a rock you've heard about how the owner of the LA Clippers was banned for life from the NBA after recordings of his racist conversations with his several-decades-younger African American girlfriend were made public.  He's 80 years old but apparently was and is a genuinely bad guy.  Several years ago, an agent was at his house when he ordered his son to get naked for a beating. Seriously? And what's maybe worse- it was done in the presence of an agent trying to negotiate a deal, so it might have been, if possible, more reprehensible- he beat his son as a negotiating tactic?!

And that story was quashed by an editor at Sports Illustrated because they didn't want to demonize them man. Cause, you know, he was such a good guy. If you're interested, check out the amazing, humorous, yet bizarre deposition testimony where he talks about getting sucked and licked. Not sure how the attorneys, much less the court reporter, kept a straight face. On a more somber note, his son later died of an overdose

I hate to be the spanking blogger who just brings up news stories about and comments on how spanking/beating one's children is a bad thing, but... when it's in the news and no one else is commenting on it, I will.   He's an evil man, not just because of his recently made public comments, but a history of just being a- well a bad person. But I find it interesting that an eyewitness account of him beating his son made not a ripple in the national media.