Wednesday, August 13, 2014

male gaze/female gaze vs. the undefinable topless F/M OTK spanking

The "male gaze" was decried decades ago by feminists as a feature of "gender power asymmetry in film." Briefly stated, the "male gaze" was premised on the belief that that women were objectified in film because heterosexual men were in control of the camera.  So there would be a - perhaps unintentional, yet misogynistic focus on womanly curves of the actresses portrayed on TV or film.   Fair enough. Maybe so. I'm more likely to watch the weather or traffic when someone with boobies like this on.
But in the past few years, there has been an increasing focus, on the internet at least, on the female gaze. And those who hope to inspire it. 
Good for them.  Personally, I think bountiful boobies and jiggling asses on women are far more pleasing to the eye, and designed/evolved to please the male eye vs. a penis, which is sort of just functional, but maybe I'm just a really male-centered male.  But if ladies like to gaze at men- more power to them!  So let's turn to the far less (possibly) male-centered world of F/M spanking:

Actually, a great deal of that focuses on female curves, even if not explicitly...  A lot of F/M spanking focuses on the female curves, but purposefully doesn't show the "naughty bits" of either gender.
There are plenty of examples of topless femme dommes, but that's not really what I'm talking about- I won't pretend to understand the sexual appeal there, but I have no doubt the "gaze" is geared toward males.
But the F/M otk spanking does appeal to me, and for the most part, those scenes include a fully clothed woman, or one in lingerie teasing but not showing anything inappropriate.
I've found some F/F scenes where the female spanker is topless
And some undoubtedly female gaze shirtless men spanking women...
But the topless female spanking a man OTK is fairly rare. 
I first saw such a movie way back when was a tiny site in its infancy with a few realplayer movies over a decade ago. There were a few videos of the "webmistress" spanking the "webmaster" - normally at that point I avoided F/M videos or stories... but well, her boobs bouncing when she spanked him were sort of appealing to my male gaze... The act of spanking OTK involves lifting up the arm and the contraction of the pectoral muscle, which in a woman typically involves the male-appealing bouncing and wobbling of the boobies... but if it's the man bent over her knee getting a spanking, can even a feminist decry the male gaze at such a sight given what's going on in such a scene? The spanker is exposing herself, but is obviously in a position of power. Where does one draw the line between the frequent giving a spanking in a swimsuit and the far less frequent giving a spanking with your boobies bouncing? Perhaps some blame falls on the professional spankers who think (mistakenly) that if they don't take their clothes off that they'll be immune from any law enforcement action should they be questioned.  Another factor I'm sure is that studios filming F/M scenes fail to take into account the appeal of topless F/M scenes, because they're so rare to begin with, and because, if given a choice, the models would presumably keep their tops on.  In my (ever so humble) opinion, there are far too few F/M spanking scenes involving topless women.  Perhaps there's an intimacy involved that appeals to me, or maybe I just like to see boobies bounce.

p.s. the death of Robin Williams sucks. And I don't give a whit about most celebrity deaths. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

inspired by Hermione's "from the top shelf" -Harry Potter scared about getting the cane

Earlier this week, the perhaps ironically named Hermione posted a brief excerpt from a Stephen King novel containing a scene with a couple of belt "whuppins".   I found a spanking related reference in another best-selling novel this month, and figured it was worth mentioning.

As it turns out, I'm reading the first Harry Potter book a chapter a night to my kids as a bedtime story. I'll admit, it's a bit of a beating - pun unintended. Now I'll also admit that I've read a whole bunch of stories about British boarding schools through the years, and most are much shorter and involve students getting the cane. Hogwarts is a British boarding school. So perhaps I shouldn't have been, but I was shocked when, in Chapter 9, there's a reference to caning.  Harry has just shown himself to be surprisingly adept at flying with a broomstick, and for an admirable reason, but in doing so has broken the rules.  A professor sees what he has done, and summons him to come with her. He's afraid he will be expelled or caned. When I was reading it I almost saw the word "cane" in the next line before I read it and tried to read it quickly, hoping my kids wouldn't ask what that meant. Fortunately, they didn't. There are a lot of weird words in the book, and a lot of strange customs and I think they only grasp the main points of the story anyway. 

I looked on the internet to see if there were any references to that scene/line in the book and I couldn't find much, save for the comments here. However- I was shocked to discover that there are over 100 fan-fiction stories written about spanking in the Harry Potter universe, as well as another 50+ more in a separate section involving pure discipline (without sex). Seriously.

I admit that I wouldn't mind reading about Hermione (the character, not the blogger- well, okay maybe her too) getting caned later on- like several books later- after she's of age. Hopefully by that point I won't be reading it as a bedtime story!

I couldn't find any good illustrations for this post. (They're all holding magic wands, not canes or switches!)
But I did find one amusing image with a search for "Harry Potter spanking" and I'll leave you with that...

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

spanking etymology- "wood shedding" and "Bring the wood"

Etymology is the study of the origin of words and their meaning through history. I think a couple of phrases are used by folks who are ignorant of the spanking-related etymology of those phrases. Let's take them one at a time:

Wood shedding:
Being taken to the woodshed is obviously a reference to be taken out back to a private setting for a spanking.

impressive woodshed!
But what about when lawyers woodshed a client/witness? It's a colloquial phrase used to describe preparing a client or witness for depositions and/or cross examinations.

That preparation goes something like this:

"You have to listen to the question and answer it truthfully, but don't offer up more information than you need to.  He'll be trying to get all the information he can from you, and your job is to give as little information as you can without outright lying.  For example, if he asks you if you can tell him what time it is, how do you respond?" ...

"Wrong! the correct answer is 'Yes.' That's it!  Yes, you can technically tell him what time it is.  Because you have a watch! But you shouldn't volunteer that it's 12:15 pm, much less talk about how fucking cool or expensive your watch is!"

I'm not making this up. It's an actual term. See. Told ya so. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals (the one that covers TX, LA, and MS, natch) actually opined on witness preparation.

Whether those that use the term think about the spanking related etymology- I don't know, but I doubt it.

Bring the Wood:
It's a real phrase. In football it means a punishing hit. Seriously. It's been adopted by some of the nation's best teams as a mantra. Seriously.

I sincerely doubt that users of either of theses phrases consider that they originated in corporal punishment, but every time I hear one of these phrases I think of spanking, and someone getting butthurt.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

temperature taking - a new hamburger ingredient?

"I feel sick. I don't think I can go to school/work."
"Poor little sweetie, I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. Here, let me take your temperature."
"Wait what? No, not like that!"
"It's the most accurate way. Now be a good little one and stop fussing. This will be over in a minute or two."
"Hmmm... it says 98.6. I think you need a lesson in not making stories up as an excuse not to get out of bed. If the insides of your bottom aren't overly hot, your bottom itself is about to be. Lift up. That's it. Over my lap."

Taking a temperature rectally prior to a spanking is almost an archetype in spanking fiction, roleplay, and movies.  I can understand the appeal. It enhances both the feelings of embarrassment, vulnerability and violation. Maybe it feels good.  True confession- I've never experienced a rectal temperature as part of spanking play, though I have had a finger massage my prostate. Though I can't imagine a small thermometer providing the same unique sensation, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

However, I found it interesting that on fetlife, the fetish "rectal temperature" has a grand total of 373 people into it, while "spanking" has ~287,000 folks into it and just the jargonish "otk spanking"  has 33,747 folks into it.

One might not guess that from just watching spanking videos, though.  Rectal temperature taking is seemingly everywhere in spanking videos:
Claire seems especially "fonda" rectal temps.
Venerable groundbreaking institutions like ShadowLane are into it.  Even Dana Kane gets into it. The act is even included in some spanking romance novels.
So clearly, even if most folks aren't into it it, at least as far as admitting they're into it... there's got to be some significant appeal, right? Unless, that is, spanking video producers embrace the rectal temp as something just a little bit naughty, but not too kinky- such that one could conceivably just be into spanking, but surely not into anal play- a thermometer is barely big enough to cause that sensation, right?! Perhaps it appeals to stretching the limits just a wee little bit.  Maybe just an added bit of acceptable spiciness on behalf of the spanking video producers.  Plus like I said before- it adds to the vulnerability and even the violation of the spankee, which is an element of appeal that I get.

But how does it fit into my hamburger analogy? Well, I've thought long and hard about this.  I don't think that rectal temperatures are a key ingredient that might be ordered as a topping on someone's hamburger, just as I don't think they're something most spankos are looking for, yet they have an an undeniable place... perhaps as the thin toothpick stuck slowly through the buns.

Maybe it's just the toothpick

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday, America!

I had a couple of thought provoking posts I'm working on, and a story or two, but then July 4th crept up on me and I just thought screw it- I'll post some amusing 4th of July pictures, found with a quick google search, this is what I consider art.
Americans have lots of icons, some of them are sexy:
only sexy because of a movie

only sexy because of my blog

But some aren't.

Maybe Americans drink too much watery beer:
And even if we're not the world's best at soccer, there's still this...
Here's some American-related spanking pics:
Sometimes we use the American flag for commercial purposes:
But Sometimes the flag is put to better use: 
Again, Happy Birthday America!- have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend.