Monday, October 31, 2011

a little more about my first spanking (and a pic!)

I was nervous as hell and got there almost an hour early, circling the neighborhood and parking at a nearby restaurant to wait.  Finally it was time, and when I met her, she looked just like the videos on her website, but better.  Hidden beneath that labcoat she has quite the body.  Thin but with plenty of curves in all the right places.

We started out on the couch talking a bit about my experiences, what I wanted, etc... rehashing and confirming previous emails.  She was as warm and friendly in person as she comes across in her emails and on the phone.  She seemed genuinely excited when we talked about the fact that I'd never been spanked as an adult, save for some fraternity hazing paddle swats.

She began by helping me get undressed.  I realized to my embarrassment that I'd worn an ancient holey undershirt.  "You can take that off." she said.  then I joined her on the couch in just my boxers for the warm up.  It actually felt really good- almost like a massage.  It quickly progressed though.  Off came the boxers and her hands (yes, hands she's an ambidextrous spanker) began to sting. Before long we progressed to the bed where she began using a variety of implements. Some of it is a blur, but I know at least a hairbrush, a thin wooden paddle, and a little stingy plastic thing were in the mix.  One moment that stuck out in my mind was when she used a thick leather paddle that hurt like crazy.

Another such moment was when she said that this should be a "whole bottom experience" and used a ruler between my cheeks and right up in there where it stung a lot.  The picture here is the ruler that broke while she was doing it.  She recently posted on her blog a video of this huge paddle breaking on someone.  I saw that paddle and can't imagine the guy's ironclad butt that could break that.  I almost feel like a weenie after that for this one picture of the teensey ruler that just barely broke!

Then I tried out the cane. (You can see some faint marks from that on my bottom)  A couple of words about the picture.  Taken with a phone, I'm not sure it does justice to how hot pink my entire bottom was.  Also, not sure everyone wanted to see so much of my scrotum, but it was the only picture that came out.

That big mark no doubt came at the end.  She'd said at the beginning she was going to count the number of times she caught me staring at her cleavage.  Well, she did, and it resulted in 14 swats with a big wooden paddle. (the guy in that video took like 40!)  Still, 14 was plenty tough for me to take.  I know, this was mostly play-by-play, and not insight into my thoughts or feelings during or afterwards, but I've been meaning to post this for awhile.

I will say that while it was quite an experience, and one I'll probably repeat, it didn't change the fact that I'm still mostly into giving M/F spankings, and given that, I think it will make me a better spanker too.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dammit Rangers!

Grrrr!!!! For two years college football and the Cowboys have been so full of disappointment, but it somehow it didn't matter quite as much because the Rangers were unexpectedly in the World Series.  Last year, it was okay because the shock and newness of your success was such that win or lose- WOW! the Rangers were in the World Series!  This year... it was within your grasp, and it slipped away.

Okay so this has nothing to do with spanking, but just had to vent.  Staying up watching them has had an impact because it coincided with me trying to start this blog, and my late night blogging time became beer-drinking baseball watching time.  At least it was a fun run, and sure beat late night college football forum realignment time which was the case the last couple of months!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

getting my first spanking

You know what?  That post I wrote last night after several glasses of wine just did not do justice to getting my first spanking.   I could write a page each on the physical sensations, how I felt going there, how I felt afterwards, my emotional reaction, our interpersonal interaction, etc... So I'm going to take that post back and expound a bit more in the near future on getting my 1st spanking.  But to answer a question in the comments, she broke a really thin ruler spanking me kind of in the crack and down below in the perineum area where it's awfully tender.

It sounds really tough to say that "she broke an implement on me!" but in reality it was a kind of puny thin ruler. However, in my defense, that puny thin ruler was getting me where it stung like crazy.

More to come, stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dana Kane and a big "whoops!"

My first ever adult spanking (not counting fraternity hazing rituals) was amazing.  As I sit here typing this, I still feel it a bit whenever I shift around a bit in my chair, and I like it.  It was an introductory session, and so maybe not incredibly intense by the standards of some of the readers of spanking blogs.  Much more on that session (plus hopefully some pics) after I've had a chance to fully process it.  However, it is with some amount of pride that I report that she broke an implement on me!

Speaking of rulers... In the meantime, I'm new to this spanking blog thing, and just discovered that there's another blog called well, secretspanko  It's by someone named "Abbey" and there was one post from early September about hiding (and selling) rulers.  There's no email address, and I tried to leave a comment with my google log-in but couldn't.  Abbey if you're reading this, let's talk.  Best I can tell these blogs are going in different directions, but I should have done a search before I started this.  My bad.  Interestingly in her intro she said something about how there were "a bazillion" spanking blogs and I said "eighty-bajillion" I guess great minds think sort of alike.

Originally I was going to call this the "I'm A Secret Spanko" blog, and that's still the official URL of the web address.  But I thought Secret Spanko was more catchy, and the I'm A... brings up mental images of either the apple ads, their parodies or even the infamously named daughter of a Texas governor.  Plus (and most importantly) I didn't want this blog to be all about me.  I think I'm pretty interesting, but to make this more worth reading than those eighty-bajillion (minus the few that are in the public eye or are established enough to be really interesting) I was hoping to appeal to a vastly under-represented segment of spankos- those that have this attraction but keep it a secret.  Hence, I decided to shorten the name to "Secret Spanko" ...but again... would love to talk to Abbey and since she created a similarly named blog first- it's pretty much her call.  However, if I do not hear from her I'll continue with the current name.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Been a busy weekend.... worked most of Sat. then school fall carnival stuff then working on firewood issues at my friend's "ranch" then catching the end of the Cowboys game.  I'm trying to watch the Rangers, but preoccupied with the fact that I'm getting my first ever spanking tomorrow afternoon.  The nervous butterflies that I tried to elicit before in others now coming back to haunt me... wish me luck!

Friday, October 21, 2011


I hope that this blog eventually finds an audience.  I'm a Secret Spanko.  I love my vanilla spouse.  But I have had this interest in spanking for as long as I can remember and certainly as long as the internet has been in existence.  I struggle with the fact that I'm into spanking and yet keep it a secret from my spouse.  I've tried to broach the subject and have been met with some level of sexual appeasement but also clearly disinterest and disapproval.

My hope is to reach out and attract the many other Secret Spankos out there.  I frankly think that it's a pretty important yet vastly under-represented audience among the many spanking blogs on the internet.  See, folks that are "out" at least with regard to their spouses/S.O., etc... can blog all they want and share stories and pictures, etc... and it's entertaining to be sure, but in many ways it's just all fantasy for those of us with vanilla partners.

Call me a lying hypocrite, a cheater, an asshole... I can take it, and I've struggled with it.  But I have this (maybe strange) desire that is strong enough that I'm not willing to suppress, and am sharing in the hopes that it gives comfort and hope to those of you out there in my same situation.

So how does one start a blog?  Not sure.  But here goes... I guess in these first few posts before I have any followers and no readers, I can say whatever I feel like.  Well, I got the idea for starting this blog  in a large part from conversations with spankos part 1: isolation from Dana Kane's blog.  (Full disclosure- I'm scheduled to  meet with her for my 1st real life spanking in the next few days.)  I think Dusty had a good point in the comments to that post... with the internet, there is ten times the amount of connectedness among spankos that there was before, but we're still just scratching the surface.  Take all the members of all the spanking websites designed to meet people plus fetlife, and it's a fraction of those needed to subscribe to keep the spanking websites in business, not to mention the thousands of viewers on spankingtube and readers of online spanking erotica, plus the many many more that are into spanking but just not exposed to the online presence... I really don't think I'm alone.