Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dana Kane and a big "whoops!"

My first ever adult spanking (not counting fraternity hazing rituals) was amazing.  As I sit here typing this, I still feel it a bit whenever I shift around a bit in my chair, and I like it.  It was an introductory session, and so maybe not incredibly intense by the standards of some of the readers of spanking blogs.  Much more on that session (plus hopefully some pics) after I've had a chance to fully process it.  However, it is with some amount of pride that I report that she broke an implement on me!

Speaking of rulers... In the meantime, I'm new to this spanking blog thing, and just discovered that there's another blog called well, secretspanko  It's by someone named "Abbey" and there was one post from early September about hiding (and selling) rulers.  There's no email address, and I tried to leave a comment with my google log-in but couldn't.  Abbey if you're reading this, let's talk.  Best I can tell these blogs are going in different directions, but I should have done a search before I started this.  My bad.  Interestingly in her intro she said something about how there were "a bazillion" spanking blogs and I said "eighty-bajillion" I guess great minds think sort of alike.

Originally I was going to call this the "I'm A Secret Spanko" blog, and that's still the official URL of the web address.  But I thought Secret Spanko was more catchy, and the I'm A... brings up mental images of either the apple ads, their parodies or even the infamously named daughter of a Texas governor.  Plus (and most importantly) I didn't want this blog to be all about me.  I think I'm pretty interesting, but to make this more worth reading than those eighty-bajillion (minus the few that are in the public eye or are established enough to be really interesting) I was hoping to appeal to a vastly under-represented segment of spankos- those that have this attraction but keep it a secret.  Hence, I decided to shorten the name to "Secret Spanko" ...but again... would love to talk to Abbey and since she created a similarly named blog first- it's pretty much her call.  However, if I do not hear from her I'll continue with the current name.


  1. Oh dear. Well, you know, it happens. With so, so many blogs, sometimes we end up with similar names. And the other blog only has one post, from a month ago.

    When I created my blog, I thought I was being original with "Life, Love and Spanking." Then to my chagrin, I realized after the fact that I had unintentionally plagiarized Bonnie. Not her title, but her subtitle/description: "One woman's celebration of life, love and spankings." Ooooops! Fortunately, being Bonnie, she was very gracious about it. :-)

  2. Another wow... given the subject matter I figured when I set this up it would be a lot of anonymous comments. I sure didn't expect the Mt. Rushmore of spanking bloggers to be my 1st comments.

    Let's hope this Abbey gal is equally gracious, though I still haven't heard from her and don't have a way of making contact.

  3. There are many blogs out there with almost identical names. Don't sweat it.


    P.S. Details about the broken implement, please?