Friday, October 21, 2011


I hope that this blog eventually finds an audience.  I'm a Secret Spanko.  I love my vanilla spouse.  But I have had this interest in spanking for as long as I can remember and certainly as long as the internet has been in existence.  I struggle with the fact that I'm into spanking and yet keep it a secret from my spouse.  I've tried to broach the subject and have been met with some level of sexual appeasement but also clearly disinterest and disapproval.

My hope is to reach out and attract the many other Secret Spankos out there.  I frankly think that it's a pretty important yet vastly under-represented audience among the many spanking blogs on the internet.  See, folks that are "out" at least with regard to their spouses/S.O., etc... can blog all they want and share stories and pictures, etc... and it's entertaining to be sure, but in many ways it's just all fantasy for those of us with vanilla partners.

Call me a lying hypocrite, a cheater, an asshole... I can take it, and I've struggled with it.  But I have this (maybe strange) desire that is strong enough that I'm not willing to suppress, and am sharing in the hopes that it gives comfort and hope to those of you out there in my same situation.

So how does one start a blog?  Not sure.  But here goes... I guess in these first few posts before I have any followers and no readers, I can say whatever I feel like.  Well, I got the idea for starting this blog  in a large part from conversations with spankos part 1: isolation from Dana Kane's blog.  (Full disclosure- I'm scheduled to  meet with her for my 1st real life spanking in the next few days.)  I think Dusty had a good point in the comments to that post... with the internet, there is ten times the amount of connectedness among spankos that there was before, but we're still just scratching the surface.  Take all the members of all the spanking websites designed to meet people plus fetlife, and it's a fraction of those needed to subscribe to keep the spanking websites in business, not to mention the thousands of viewers on spankingtube and readers of online spanking erotica, plus the many many more that are into spanking but just not exposed to the online presence... I really don't think I'm alone.


  1. You aren't alone. There are many people out there who are attracted to spanking but can't tell anyone. I'm glad you have found the courage to blog about your desires.


  2. Wow... Thank you! 1st Bonnie, now you... After years of consuming stories, then videos of spanking on the internet, then a couple of years dipping my toes in the water of actually meeting people for "play" I was only fairly recently introduced to the world of spanking blogs. However, I had enough of an introduction to know that the two of y'all are the most well known, widely read bloggers around.

    I'm truly flattered, and hope to contribute on behalf of a vastly under-represented chunk of the spanko population. I "heart" Hermione's blog!

  3. I'm new to this whole thing as well. I struggle with wanted to tell my "H" that maybe I need something from him to help me out like spanking. We've always had playful ones (which I secretly enjoy), but I think I'm ready for something more direct, and for him to step up in our marriage. It's hard to get out there and have a blog about it!

  4. It took me a very long time to tell anyone. It was only when I turned 40. Luckily that lady became my wife so all worked out well, I was lucky as she now loves being spanked.