Monday, October 31, 2011

a little more about my first spanking (and a pic!)

I was nervous as hell and got there almost an hour early, circling the neighborhood and parking at a nearby restaurant to wait.  Finally it was time, and when I met her, she looked just like the videos on her website, but better.  Hidden beneath that labcoat she has quite the body.  Thin but with plenty of curves in all the right places.

We started out on the couch talking a bit about my experiences, what I wanted, etc... rehashing and confirming previous emails.  She was as warm and friendly in person as she comes across in her emails and on the phone.  She seemed genuinely excited when we talked about the fact that I'd never been spanked as an adult, save for some fraternity hazing paddle swats.

She began by helping me get undressed.  I realized to my embarrassment that I'd worn an ancient holey undershirt.  "You can take that off." she said.  then I joined her on the couch in just my boxers for the warm up.  It actually felt really good- almost like a massage.  It quickly progressed though.  Off came the boxers and her hands (yes, hands she's an ambidextrous spanker) began to sting. Before long we progressed to the bed where she began using a variety of implements. Some of it is a blur, but I know at least a hairbrush, a thin wooden paddle, and a little stingy plastic thing were in the mix.  One moment that stuck out in my mind was when she used a thick leather paddle that hurt like crazy.

Another such moment was when she said that this should be a "whole bottom experience" and used a ruler between my cheeks and right up in there where it stung a lot.  The picture here is the ruler that broke while she was doing it.  She recently posted on her blog a video of this huge paddle breaking on someone.  I saw that paddle and can't imagine the guy's ironclad butt that could break that.  I almost feel like a weenie after that for this one picture of the teensey ruler that just barely broke!

Then I tried out the cane. (You can see some faint marks from that on my bottom)  A couple of words about the picture.  Taken with a phone, I'm not sure it does justice to how hot pink my entire bottom was.  Also, not sure everyone wanted to see so much of my scrotum, but it was the only picture that came out.

That big mark no doubt came at the end.  She'd said at the beginning she was going to count the number of times she caught me staring at her cleavage.  Well, she did, and it resulted in 14 swats with a big wooden paddle. (the guy in that video took like 40!)  Still, 14 was plenty tough for me to take.  I know, this was mostly play-by-play, and not insight into my thoughts or feelings during or afterwards, but I've been meaning to post this for awhile.

I will say that while it was quite an experience, and one I'll probably repeat, it didn't change the fact that I'm still mostly into giving M/F spankings, and given that, I think it will make me a better spanker too.

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  1. Wow!! You had an "experience" with the BEST of the BEST of female spankers!! Good for you!!