Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aww... a broken hairbrush

I've mentioned once before another secret spanko living a few states away --the one that generated the mixed emotions when she went to see someone else and I acted as her emergency contact.  A little more about her... Early this year, I was taking a trip for a few days to a few states away and, out of curiosity mostly, I looked through the spanking related profiles on some site and hers caught my eye.  As it turns out, that state was a big place and we never met.

How it happened is kind of a blur... but we connected in a way that I hadn't before.  She got my quirky humor and liked my writing, and I liked hers.  We had a great deal in common: Vanilla spouses with zero interest in spanking, our own lifetime interest in spanking, both subscribed to spanking video websites for years, but just now taking baby steps toward playing for real with folks we'd met online, both about the same age- not too old, not too young, a delicious, voluptuous body just made for... okay, so maybe that was just her and not me.  We mostly didn't get deep and philosophical, just fun and light-hearted flirting and bratting and some picture sharing via email.  Anyway, one thing led to another, and one day I called her on the phone at lunch.  She has the most adorable voice.

Next thing I know, it's become a fairly regular weekly or semi-weekly event.  I "go out for lunch" but in reality I stop by Whataburger or something, park under a shaded parking spot, and call her up to discuss her latest transgression.  (Bonus Secret Spanko tip- make sure you have unlimited calling on your cell plan so 30 minute calls to a state a few states away doesn't show up on your bill!) Typically we'll discuss her naughtiness for a bit.  (She get so many "traffic tickets" if they were real her license would have been yanked by now, but a messy closet and/or shopping too much is always a good excuse too!) Then I'll tell her to gather her toys and take some or all of her clothes off.  What follows is an incredible act of submission.  Sometimes I tell her to spank herself for a given amount of time, but I don't like this as much as directing the spanks by counting them out and hearing the swat.  She really spanks herself.  If she didn't deep down want to, I'm a thousand miles away and sure can't grab her or grab her arm as she tries to cover up... but i have developed a system where I'll count and if she slacks off or hesitates I'll reverse the count.

whack "oww"
"I didn't hear it... 17"
"sorry sir"
sometimes it's even "17, 18"  whack-whack

It's gotten fairly intense as we've progressed, with even a few teary eyes and sniffles, though she says that even well-directed self-spankings pale in comparison to the real thing in terms of hurting.

We usually end up with some "happy fun times" for her as she masturbates and I enjoy listening- very frustrating in the Whataburger parking lot with a boner but unsatisfied!  Generally she'll send me a pic of her red bottom afterwards.  (And it's almost always upside down; "I hold my phone down there and take a pic, and that's how it comes out!" one of those starts-out-annoying-but-quickly-becomes-endearingly-cute things.)  I've been trying to talk her into being able to share a couple of those pics on this blog, (and maybe even contributing) but've been unsuccessful so far.

This week was different though.  She actually broke her hairbrush giving a directed self-spanking.  I had never actually seen a shot of the hairbrush she used before, but it looks (er, looked) really nice. (so do her nails, don't you think?!)  She gave me permission to post this pic, and hope my readers enjoy.

Everyone loves to brag about broken implements (me included) but how many are able to say they actually broke an implement on themselves? Very few, I'm willing to bet.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Twin Cheeks (director's cut edition)

Here's my entrant in Dana Kane's birthday spanking contest.  She published it not too long ago.  There's a little build up before the spanking action, but I liked writing it and thought it was different from most of the spanking fiction I've read.  I actually tried to tilt it more toward F/M than I might have, given the audience.  

So why am I publishing it again here?  I sent it too her late the last night the contest was open, hoping to win a free session.  I didn't win, but when she put it on her blog I noticed a few little things that bugged me- a typo here, a tense issue there.  I've tried to fix them.  I also had a couple of illustrations that were left out but are included here (don't get excited- they're not sexy illustrations and I actually edited one in MS Paint).  I've accused Dana of being a bit of a prude before, and she edited out a couple of lines she deemed too naughty for her blog.  Her blog gets 1,000 times the number of readers mine does, so I kinda understand.  Those naughty lines are back in this version.  It's actually a prequal to another story I've been working on awhile, but haven't published anywhere. Another reason I'm posting it is that hopefully it will provide me with motivation to get that one done (finally).  Awhile back I posted links to old school retro spanking story sites, and in that tradition, the code for this story would be Twin Cheeks (FF/M, F/F)

This story took place a few years ago. It was the perfect storm of events that led to a night I'll never forget. Although it's led to a great deal of fantasies, it's probably for the best that it hasn't been repeated.

My wife and I are spankos, I guess.  Mostly it's foreplay that turns us on- something we discovered about each other in college.  But on occasion we've spanked each other "for real."  Yes, I said each other. We're both switches, I suppose. I'd say typically about 70/30 it's me giving and her getting just because that seems like the more natural fit to our personalities and sexual identities. Actually it sort of fits the opposite of our personalities.  She's uptight and in control most of the time, and needs to let go and feel like someone else was completely in charge more than I did.  That was not to be the case on this night, though, which was anything but typical...

It was a Sunday night and I'd just helped brush teeth, read the same story for the fiftieth time, and tucked our two little kids into bed. My phone buzzed and it was Lauren (my wife) sending me a text.

"Get ur suit on n get ur butt out here S wants 2 play if n bring another bottle!"

So I stripped and got my swimsuit on, stopped by the kitchen to grab another bottle of pinot grigio from the fridge.  We had a bunch left from the party we had the night before.  It was a birthday party for Stacy (the aforementioned "S") who lived down the street and was my wife's best friend.  Stacy and I actually share the same birthday, year and all, and it wasn't really our birthday until Monday.  But I wasn't nearly as keen on celebrating mine, I guess.  Grabbed a couple of beers for me and headed out to the hot tub where my wife was enjoying the night with her friend.

Stacy is pretty much the polar opposite of my wife in every way.  Lauren's petite, brunette, and kinda curvy; Stacy's thicker, blonde, tall, and very curvy.  Lauren's quiet, almost shy, and sharp as a tack; Stacy's loud, outgoing, and well... not so sharp sometimes.  Lauren is for the most part straight-laced and proper, while Stacy might be described as earthy.  My wife has sophisticated refined tastes, and had grown up in privilege; Stacy had grown up in a small town, and my wife said sometimes that showed.  But they had been best friends for awhile, and they complimented each other almost as well as Lauren and I did.  In fact, Stacy and I had a lot in common. One could replace me with her in each of these comparisons and they still be accurate. (Well, except for maybe the "very curvy" part).  That, combined with our shared birthday, led to the running joke that Stacy and I were long lost twin siblings. And of all her friends I probably got along with Stacy the best, though I didn't always care for doing things with them because Stacy's husband Ted was so dull.  On the other hand, Ted was at home tonight, and Stacy was a big flirt, which I secretly kind of enjoyed. So I didn't mind interrupting their girls night to join them, especially since I'd been invited er, uhm... commanded to do so.

I brought out the drinks and joined them in the hot tub. Most of the lights were off and it was a gorgeous early fall night. Greetings and a beer later, Stacy was back to these "IF" books she's gotten the night before...

"Okay next question for you Dusty... 'If you could live in any other historical era, which would you choose?'"

"Uhm... how about the 1880's in the wild west. Driving cattle across the country and stopping in the little towns where the saloons had whorehouses upstairs!"

"Why did they call 'em saloons instead of just bars?" Stacy wondered aloud.

"Dusty! Can you just try not to make everything dirty? For once?!"

"Ha. Did you catch that honey? Dusty and dirt-"

"-You're gonna catch it tomorrow night. Just keep it up.  I'll remember, tough guy."  She wasn't really mad, but I knew she'd remember it.

"Y'all are so cute," Stacy chimed in, "Are ya gonna spank him?"

Lauren looked at me.
"Well...Answer her." I said.

"Yes, he'll get a spanking tomorrow night."

"For that though? I mean, he just answered a question."

"Stacy, tomorrow is my birthday, remember?  I'll get a birthday spanking. Actually probably a birthday paddling. Would you like to join us? It would seem appropriate." I said with a smirk.

"Oh NO!  No no don't think so... I'll let you play your kinky games but keep me out of it.  No thanks!"

A little background here... Somehow late one girl talk night Stacy found out about our spanking "kinky games" and was clearly fascinated by them.  She brought it up... a lot.  Of course, over the years I also heard probably way too much about her sex life, and her poops, and even her periods- and that was me!  Can't imagine what all my wife knew about her. Like I said, she was a little "earthy."  So maybe it was just natural curiosity that was voiced a bit more often than most in that situation, but I suspected she was really just a little TOO curious about it, and didn't mind telling her about our spanking play, so long as she kept it to herself.

"So even though I'll get it regardless, I kind of like to give her some motivation.  But sorry honey, I didn't mean to give a dirty answer.  I take it back.  No cowboys.  I'd be a pirate... searching for booty!"

This earned me a chuckle from Stacy and a splashy pinch from Lauren.

So it continued... back to the IF questions.  We sort of rotated around the hot tub so that whoever was reading the question could see to read it from the one light.  This was interspersed with gossip about the neighbors, people that came over last night, etc... a few more drinks, until Stacy reached for the other IF book.

"Alright y'all... this is the IF book about love.  Let's spice things up a bit." She flipped it open, "Great one to start off with, for you Dusty. 'If you had to have sex with someone of the same gender, which celebrity you choose?'"

"That's a stupid question. Pass.  None of the above."

"Nope.  Not good enough.  Gotta name somebody and give a reason why."

"I don't even know many celebrities. Alright, hold on... Got it,  Tom Cruise.  He'd know what he's doing, plus he's small so it wouldn't hurt much."

"Ewww!" but Stacy was laughing.

"Sick! You put way too much thought into that.  That's some more extra. Honey?! So wrong!"

"Better watch it, Dusty!"

"Lemme see that!" I grabbed the book away from Stacy and peered close so I could read it in the dim light. "Alright my twin sister, payback's fun.  This one's for you.  'Follow up...If you had to have sex with someone of the same gender, who from among your friends and acquaintances would you choose?'"

She answered immediately.

"You know that new couple at the end of the block that just moved in? What's her name? Deanne or something? And her boyfriend I think his name is Val, maybe?  Met them once... Seem friendly. They both have the same black hair- kinda long for him, kinda short on her. But no way you couldn't tell 'em apart. Something almost scary about him, like he could be a villian in a movie or something. But she's got a body on her though. Saw her picking up the paper in just a t-shirt the other morning when I was out jogging. I don't know... Something kinda alternative, kinda dangerous, but naughty about her.  Definitely sexy.  She smiled big and waived at me that morning.  So her... That's my answer. Whew!"

Lauren and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows. More thought went into that answer than my Tom Cruise response.  Stacy took a couple of deep breaths and had another big sip of wine. A little awkward pause...

"So Stacy... ever experiment in college?"

"Dusty! Thin ice, bud..." My wife warned me.

"Ha! That's alright Lauren. But I'm not going to answer, my nosey twin brother. We're not playing truth or dare, and I wouldn't want to spoil your fantasies!" she said with a wink, before grabbing the book from me.

"Oh Laaauren... 'If you could trade body parts with any of your friends and acquaintances, what would you choose?'"

"Your breasts.  Dusty's been staring at them all night."

"I'd trade you too. If you only saw them without my swimsuit holding them up... And the backaches, and the shoulder strap indentations..."

I decided it was best to just remain silent since my wife was correct.  Lauren grabbed the book back.  We weren't strictly keeping any order.

"Alright, Stacy...  'Follow up... If you had to live with the body of one of your friends and acquaintances, who would you choose?'"

Stacy paused, took another big sip, then paused another bit before answering.  Or, sort of answering.

"Let's play a different game. It's called the honesty game.  Dusty you were right I did experiment once in college. My sorority big sis during Hell Week.  Pledges had to live with our big sisses and it got pretty intense.  Never happened again though, and the next year when it was my turn my little sis didn't respond to my clumsy post-paddling advances like I had the year before I guess."

"Thanks for sharing, but I was half kidding and didn't mean to pry... Sorry about that, just trying to give you a hard time."

"No need to apologize, Dusty. Just wanted to get that off my chest. Guess my chest's gotten plenty of attention tonight, huh?"  She giggled and kind of squeezed her chest with her arms, making it (them) even more pronounced before continuing. "And I thought y'all should know that because it helps to understand my answer."

"Don't worry about. No need to defend yourself.  Heck I've never experimented like that but if I had to switch bodies I'd choose a woman's body too. Prettier, and I know how they work too." My wife chimed in.

"Wait did you say you were paddled?" I added.

"Well, no, and yes. [Big gulp finishing glass] I'd choose to be in Dusty's body. The birthday paddling from you thing. But wouldn't play with it or anything, don't get any ideas there, bud."

We let her words, and their implications sit in the air a moment.

"So you DO want a birthday spanking?!" I said with a grin.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

SecretSpanko tip #2 Keeping Pasty White (ctrl+v)

So you've set up your secret spanko email, you use Incognito in chrome or Private Browsing in Firefox or whatever in Internet Explorer to see spanking websites and maybe even chat with someone without leaving a trace in your web browsing history (This should be so obvious I'm not even going to cover it in a Secret Spanko tip)... you're covered, right? Wrong!

The human brain enables higher level thinking, problem solving, a conscience, etc... but there's a deeper level of the brain that does things like... making sure you breathe even if you're not thinking about it.  Computers are kind of the same way.  These "secret" browsing functions are a relatively new development.  They're really cool, but kind of advanced.  Deep inside your computer (if it's a PC) lurks the ancient reptilian part that remembers things like... no matter how many things you have open, if you hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete all at the same time, it will either lock or restart.  And if you hit Ctrl + c it will copy whatever's highlighted.  And if you hit Ctrl + v it will paste whatever is stored in the copy function.

What this means... even if you're very careful to cover your browser tracks, hide or erase all downloads, and then delete them from the trash... you can still get busted if your spouse/partner/significant other simply makes a mistake and hit Ctrl + v without having copied something new before they did it.  So you could have some secret spanko fun on spankingtube or fetlife, or blogs or wherever, find something interesting, copy and paste it to the drafts section of your anonymous email, shut the browser down, and think you're cool.  That is, until your spouse accidentally pastes Spankamber.com into the address bar the next morning.

I discovered this on accident.  I was having some personal naughty internet time, had signed up for a subscription site, and the password was given too me in an email.  It was something incomprehensible like XcG34!peq  ...so rather than type it, I copied and pasted the password.  Watched a few videos, and after uhm... satisfying myself, I shut down the private browsing session.  Then I remembered I actually needed to order something and get some work done.  For whatever reason when I tried to copy something and it didn't actually copy.  I hit Ctrl + v and guess what? XcG34!peq was pasted into the form.

Whoah!  How many times have I copied an email along the lines of suzysmackbottom@email and pasted it?  What if my wife were to mess up just like I did and not copy something but paste the last thing that was copied before she got on the computer after I was gone to work?!

I've tested it in both Firefox and Chrome.  Same result.  If you copy something in the supposedly "secret" web browser, it's stored on the computer's reptilian clipboard even after the "secret" web browser has closed.  It can be pasted into the regular web browser.

So... here's the tip. (just the tip!) after you're done with personal naughty internet time... copy something innocuous.  (like the word "innocuous" for example)

And for anyone wondering... the adorable housewife secret spanko a few states away had a wonderful spanking playdate that lasted almost all day. I didn't worry about her until the time for her to check in afterward approached and passed by just a little bit before she checked in. (Ran a little long because they had a lot of fun.)  I was relieved it went well, but felt a little odd because I didn't want to be nosy.  However,  she wanted to talk about it and I got excited listening to her recount of it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a strange mix of emotions - when you're the emergency contact for someone you care about who's going to meet someone for a spanking

After asking out loud about what I should blog about next, I decided to go with the most timely topic.  Every spanking safety tip I've ever read says if you're meeting a potential playmate, meet them for coffee first, and then if that works out, when you've talked about it and have agreed to play, make sure you have an emergency contact.  Someone who you'll contact when everything is okay and when you've left from your kinky little rendezvous.  That's good advice.  

Let me tell you though, as a true secret spanko, it's advice I've never ever followed.  By the time I'm thinking about actually meeting to play, there's been quite a bit of getting to know each other via email and phone.  I'd be more paranoid meeting someone at starbucks than a hotel or her apartment/house because I'm far more likely to bump into someone I know and have to try to come up with an explanation for why I'm drinking coffee with someone that is unknown to the person I bump into.  And emergency contact -schemergency contact!  Who  the heck is a secret spanko going to tell about this?!

But later this week someone who I genuinely care about is going to meet someone to get a spanking.  I've never actually met her, and I'll post more about her in the future, but she's a secret spanko, married to a vanilla husband, and we've become pretty good friends.  She's probably the most important person in my secret spanko life.  Once every couple of weeks or so, I call her at lunch and we engage in some directed self spanking.  She's the only one of my real life, er... sort of real life spanking playmates that I've told about this blog.

I've encouraged her to find real play partners- directed self-spanking is a poor substitute for the real deal.  So she set something up and I figured we should try to be safe and have her contact me before and after.

Here's the interesting part- this has generated a strange mix of emotions that I've never experienced before.  It's a mixture of:
Protectiveness - I worry about her and want her to be safe and get a little riled up thinking about the guy that's going to be spanking her.  You know how you can make fun of your family/school/etc... but if someone else does... a little of that.
Sympathy- because I now know how much a real spanking will hurt her.
Envy - of the guy that will be getting to really spank her, and of her for getting to play with someone near her.
Worry - what if this guy's a creep? takes liberties she's not prepared for- otherwise betrays her trust?
Happiness/Hope - glad that she's found something/someone that will hopefully fulfill her desires in ways I can't over the phone.
Pride - in her following through on something I've been urging her to do for awhile.
Nervousness - I want her to let me know she's okay, but I'm not exactly close and couldn't do anything immediately if my worst fears were realized. (don't worry, I have a plan just in case).
Jealousy - don't want to admit it, but yeah, probably at least a little pinch of this too.

I'm sure this is old hat to many in the spanko world who share playmates, but it's a little new to me, had not seen a post about this anywhere, and thought it was worth sharing.

Blogging about blogging

So many ideas about upcoming posts, and not sure which to go with.  I'm still new to this whole blogging thing, and think of ideas when I'm in the car, while I'm taking some personal time to sit down for a little bit with the fan on, etc...  I'm worried that if I post all my ideas for posts, will I run out of ideas pretty quickly? I found that if I start a draft post on blogger, and then save it as a draft, then post something else before finishing the earlier draft... when I finally finish my draft and post it, the post is behind the one I started later.  Apparently it posts as of the day the draft was started, not the day it was posted.  Annoying, since I have about eight ideas partially done as drafts right now. (Twin Cheeks, the adorable housewife secret spanko a few states away, how I feel about the adorable housewife secret spanko a few states away getting spanked by someone else, my phone, cool vanilla links, let your switch flag fly, pasty white, fetlife and spankos, etc...)

Then I wondered... by blogging about blogging, is that annoying to the reader?  Shouldn't I wait until I have a decent amount of posts before I'm allowed to blog about blogging?  Most blogs I read don't talk about the fact that they're blogging, it's just good post followed by great post, etc... But if I'm blogging about what's going on in my spanking life, well, starting this blog is the biggest part of it right now.  I guess it's kind of like on Modern Family or The Office where the character talks to the camera in a mock interview. Kind of annoying, but useful sometimes.

I'll take this opportunity to thank Dana Kane for publishing and saying nice things about my contest entry story earlier this week.  I'll say that I cringed when reading it and saw little things I needed to fix, like when I described a Kappa paddle as having angels and arrows on it. Any real sorority ladies among my readers? If so, perhaps you'll appreciate this.  Originally, it was a Pi Phi paddle, but I planned on including illustrations, and could not find a good Pi Phi painted paddle on Google image search.  I did find a good KKG paddle picture, so I replaced Pi Phi with Kappa in the story but missed the angels and arrows sentence.  As soon as I figure out how to do the click-here-to-read-the-rest-of-the-story thing, I'll publish the re-edited special edition director's cut version of the story here, along with a couple of naughty moments from the story that were left out of Dana's edit.  Just call me the George Lucas of Dana Kane contest entry story authors.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Spankings are like hamburgers, and how to use this analogy

How do you explain the appeal of spankings?  

I've come up with a theory or analogy that I've shared a couple of times before, but figured this was the best forum to fully explain it.

The appeal of spanking...

It's erotic, but it's not just that. After all, it's easier to find a sex partner or straight porn than it is to find a spankee or spanking movies.

It's about submission, but most spankos (me included) are not into "slaves" or collars or rope bondage.

Pain plays a big role. I think there's an undeniable sadistic/masochistic element to those that are into spanking. But it's not just any pain. Shinkickerfinder.com doesn't exist as far as I know, nor does pokingwithneedlestube.com (And if they did, don't think either one would do much for me!)

Many folks talk about the emotional release they get with a spanking. Frankly, crying and tears are special and very appealing to me, but it's not just that either... Lifetime movies don't do much for me either.

I've read that childhood experiences can lead to one becoming a spanko.  Maybe the appeal is that spankos are compelled to like spankings because of painful childhood trauma. Still not sure what I think about that. I tend to think there's a grain of truth there, but that can't be the entire explanation... after all many spankos weren't spanked growing up, and braces were traumatic and painful for me yet I don't have an orthodontic fetish.

And to top it off, a spanking isn't a spanking, isn't a spanking... 

Bonnie had a recent brunch topic about how pure a spanko you are, but even among those who just want a "pure spanking" there's a wide degree of variance.  A foreplay spanking might have no element of punishment involved. A disciplinary spanking might be far more harsh and have no erotic element to it.

"Lift up so I can take your panties down." -as a spanking progresses past the initial warm up, this phase is a hot trigger for me. The lady is not only allowing a spanking to proceed, but is taking an affirmative step to help even though she may not be enthusiastic. On the other hand, some enjoy fake struggling involving a lack of submission, and many folks like restraints or grabbing the arm behind the spankees back or the leg lock.

Some folks like Lupus films style brutal canings. Others are horrified at those and prefer only hand-spankings.

This had led to my theory or analogy that the appeal of spanking is kind of like a hamburger. 

Each element of a spanking is analogous to the parts of a hamburger. By themselves, not all that appealing, but put them together and you get something delicious and fulfil your craving.

I figure you can break it down like this:

Buns - the spankee's bottom. (Seems appropriate) Enjoying bottoms I think is pretty universal among spankos.

Hamburger meat - pain. It's a pretty big part of it. Spankings hurt.

These are the only two essential ingredients. Combine those two and you have a spanking.

Where it goes from there is up to individual tastes.

Picklespunishment for something you've done wrong and the lecturing that goes along with it.

Lettuce - embarrassment; "Arch your back and spread your legs a bit more. I want to see all of you." Going to the corner to show off your red bottom; pointing out the spankees arousal; many fantasies involve witnesses.

Tomatoessubmission; "Bring me the hairbrush." Lifting up to remove the panties. Giving in and letting go because someone else is in charge.

Onionstears/crying/the emotional release; like buns, this just sort of seems appropriate. But I also think the warm comforting hugs are a part of this emotional appeal as well, even if the spanking doesn't lead to tears.

Cheesesexual stimulation; a comforting caress, a squeeze, a rub, even a finger. Maybe just the visual of naked flesh.

Condiments- a wide variety of implements or maybe even a special sauce!

edited to add an additional ingredient, in honor of Erica Scott, because she's an attention who... er hog, and even though she doesn't really like bacon...
Bacon- enjoying the ability to act out and uhm... "ham" it up in an intense situation not normally encountered. Whether it's bratting, or age play, or getting angry and asserting your rarely expressed dominance, spanking play offers an opportunity to act outsude the bounds of how we normally act, in a situation that's not normally encountered and far more intense than most interpersonal interactions.

I'm not saying this is a perfect analogy or that it captures every bit of what a spanking might be... not sure about mushrooms, or peppers, or even uhm, ginger root that one might want to add.  Also it's missing elements of a spanking like fear, nervousness, and butterflies beforehand... or the elation in having undergone and survived a good spanking afterward.  Nor have I figured out whether raw meat or well done equals a severe session or a more tame one.

But I think it's a good analogy and a good framework for discussion of desires and needs.  So... Here's how it can be used...

So you're a secret spanko maybe talking to someone for the first time that's a potential play partner... explain this analogy to them, and they'll think you've thought a great deal about spankings.  Then ask what kind of spanking they'd order if they went to Burger King and could have it their way...

"I'm not big on pickles, but have to admit, I'm plenty cheesy!"

"How can you have a spanking without pickles?"

Any comment on what the potential playmate is looking for in a "hamburger" is incredibly revealing as to their spanking desires; it tells you a lot about them and what they want.  Plus it may be easier for them to reveal their inner thoughts by way of the analogy than by verbalizing their hidden desires-at least initially.   Maybe I'm a complete dork, but I've used the hamburger analogy and it's led to some great conversations and a few great playdates. 

So... Am I missing anything in the analogy? How would you order your spanking? Would love to hear some comments about what kind of spanking you're in the mood for at the moment.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

PWI - (posting while intoxicated)

Guilty.  Since I'm doing this on the sly, I don't have much time to work on the blog, and when I do it's generally late at night or early in the morning.  And when it's late at night, and it's after a party, and I fix myself a nightcap... well, PWI can happen.  Last night I wrote a post having todo with spanking, then decided that since it was Veterans Day I should say thank you and wait to post the other until the next day.  So far so good.

But... after thanking America's veterans I went on and wrote a few more barely coherent paragraphs that ranged from British imperialism to the Civil War to presidential politics.  Oops.

I feel strongly about America and politics, but this is not a political blog.  Not only did those ramblings take away from a simple "Thank You" to our troops, but they were poorly written and didn't entirely make sense because I didn't explain my train of thought leading me from one topic to the next.    So I edited the previous post, and tried to fix it a bit.

However, I take full responsibility for it, and don't want anyone to see how I fixed it as covering up and not acknowledging my PWI transgressions... maybe I'll consult with Dana Kane about it!

I'm curious... anyone else ever guilty of PWI?

Friday, November 11, 2011

God Bless America!  I have this post all ready to go about spanking, but just felt like I should take the time to say thanks to our veterans who have served and protected America. I truly believe that it's the greatest nation on earth, in the history of the earth.  I am a true believer in American Exceptionalism.  This is a picture of the color guard marching to guard the tomb of the unknown soldier during hurricane Irene.  I've seen this, and have seen a president lay a wreath on Veterans Day, and can tell you that it is not the most moving part of visiting Arlington national cemetery.  The most moving part is seeing the perfectly aligned tombs of those that served their country.  The tour guide points out Audie Murphy's grave, and it's right next to and the same size as Joe Smith's grave, and thousands of others.

America has plenty of problems right now.  Yet despite it all, I feel truly blessed to have been born an American, and I owe a great deal of debt to our veterans, who fought to protect the land of the free and the home of the brave.

I think it's pretty cool that Veterans Day, unlike other national holidays, is not pre-scheduled for the nearest available Monday, but still on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, commemorating the peace following WWI.  Thank you.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Loving Our (secret) Lurkers Day 6

Okay, so I'm a little new to the spanking blog world in terms of contributing to it, but I read a ton before I even had an idea of what my blog might be about or whether I could contribute.  My first comment on a blog was a few short months ago, and I got a lot of feedback from that comment, and the next, and the next, and the next thing I know, I'd decided to start a blog of my own.  Still a lot to learn about the blogging world on my part, but would love to hear from y'all.  (And one thing I learned... bloggers know how many of y'all there are- about 3,000 page views so far for my teeny tiny newbie blog!-- we just don't know anything about you.)

Given the theme of this blog, I'm thinking that there are far more lurkers by percentage than most, and you can comment anonymously.

This was an idea started by Bonnie on her blog, and let me tell you, her blog is a great place to start in finding the blogs that appeal to you the most.

So say hi, say what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see more of, and give us a name to refer to you by- please no real names here!  There's some of my own fiction, some spanking site reviews, many more secret spanko tips, some cool sexy vanilla links, and even some of my spanking exploits coming up on this blog.  Lots of spanking blogs are participating, so those two or three you check every day... say hi.  The authors will really appreciate it, respond to it, and you might just make some new online friends. 

Monday, November 7, 2011

Secret Spanko tip #1 and some housekeeping

Okay so I kind of wanted to get back to what was to be the theme of this blog... helping out other secret spankos.  These will be tips from my experiences as a secret spanko that I want to share with others similarly situated, to keep them out of trouble and help them succeed in fulfilling their spanking desires.  I realize these might be more controversial than talking about getting my 1st spanking, but this was really the reason I wanted to start a blog, not just to talk about myself.  comments and suggestions welcome.

Secret Spanko Tip #1
Establish a "naughty email" through either yahoo or gmail. (There are advantages and disadvantages to both- probably outside the scope of this post, but either would do fine for those that will benefit from reading this.)

This may be a no-brainer to many of you reading this, and it should be.  However, you'd be surprised... I've met more than one on a matchmaking sight like spankfinder or something and when it progressed from pm's or chat to emailing, they used their normal email.  The one that goes straight to their phone.  We're not talking about something that could be misconstrued as a spanking name or even a generic name... we're talking a real name.  In other words, it wasn't robinrose@email or even sallysmith@email, it was more like rebeccaberkowitz@email... (all these names are made up, and just used as examples; if any of my readers is actually named Rebecca Berkowitz please let me know and I'll change it!)  Perhaps the worst was one who clearly used her work email, but the runner up... in one case, she used a private email, although it was in the format of allisonsheffield92274@email -- yup, her full name AND her date of birth!

I'm not a stalker, and probably 99%+ of the people you meet online to discuss spankings with aren't either, but don't take chances if you're a secret spanko.  Make it anonymous, especially if you're just getting to know someone.  One other thing- Gmail and Yahoo both have profiles.  Make sure when you set up your naughty spanko email that it's not connected to your other emails, and make sure that your profile matches your email address.  In other words, you could set up redhiney@email, but if your profile still says Daniel Jones, nickname DJ... guess what your email will look like to someone that gets it... DJ or Daniel Jones --not redhiney.

Even if you're not ready to meet people, it's still a great idea.  You can sign up for updates from your favorite sights or register for forums or follow blogs... without having to make sure that you delete all those spanking related emails from your regular account as soon as you've read them.  Use your phone's browser and when you're feeling "naughty" you can look up that account, but you won't be paranoid about checking your normal email.  And no phone buzzing late at night as a tipsey cute young thing you just met in the chatroom sends you an email!

The other advantage is that all your secret spanko life is now password protected.  Chose a good password.  Make it an acronym that you'll remember that isn't a word and that your vanilla spouse/SO won't guess.
Something like "Bolsyggas" (Bend over little sweetie your gonna get a spankin')

But here's a great big caveat --LOG OUT WHEN YOU'RE DONE WITH NAUGHTY PLAYTIME!! Don't want your vanilla spouse grabbing your phone in the car to look up a number and your spanko name appears on the top of the Yahoo or Google search page!  And even then I erase the history from the browser of the phone, just in case.

One other advantage, and one you might not realize at first... the drafts section of the web based email, protected by a password, is a tremendous tool.  No way can I remember the names of everyone I meet in chat or messaging, much less their emails and even phone numbers.  Do a "compose mail" then jot down notes, and save.  You have a private notepad to help you remember and use for future reference.

I could go on and on about privacy and how to keep your secret interest a secret, if that's what you want to do, and probably all this is VERY basic to most of you reading this, and I'm not saying I'm an expert... but I don't see any other blog offering this type of guidance, and I think many would benefit from it.

I keep messing with the colors and background on this blog.  Still not entirely satisfied with it, but I figure some art director at blogger.com that knows far more than me came up with suggested color schemes, so maybe I should go with one of those.

Also, in some emails I realized I was signing as "SS" short for Secret Spanko, of course.  I realized that "SS"  has some pretty powerful negative connotations.  So (mostly on a dare from barely pink) I changed the Google profile associated with my blog-related email to "Marky Marks" -sort of clever, sort of spanking related.  But then I realized that if I signed out as MM, well, that has all sorts of different connotations too!  So, secret spankos, let this be another lesson... think about the name you choose for your naughty email.  Maybe I'll just be Mark, or Mr. Marks.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

retro spanking story sites

Okay, thanks to all those who have provided encouragement.  Going back to my roots here...

Once upon a time my primary means of indulging in my spanking interest was reading spanking stories.  The internet was new and there weren't a lot of videos.  But these few sites were my favorites, and to my disbelief, they're still there...

http://www.thespankingcorner.com/ I swear this was the first spanking story site I found.  A ton of authors, and you could spend quite awhile exploring.  My favorites were a series about a sorority and a long series about a strict boarding school and a girl named Emma that went there.

http://reocities.com/SunsetStrip/Mezzanine/9453/ This was the BEST story site I found.  For some reason, Quillis's unique writing style just really appealed to me.

http://www.oocities.org/wolf359_or/ This was the first switchy story site I found, and of all these authors, Rollin Hand is still active, and his stories can be found here.


Friday, November 4, 2011

The Texas judge video, my own HS spanking, and a damper on my spanko enthusiasm

This isn't a popular topic and isn't going to be one of my more fun posts...

Against my better judgment, I clicked on the link. Couldn't help it.  For those of you living under a rock, there's a video circulating all over the internet of a father (and one stroke by the mom) whipping his 16 year old daughter with a belt for downloading a pirated song.  Apparently she set up a camera, recorded it, and held onto it for seven years..I'm not going to link to it but you can find it on youtube or CNN or any network now.  The daughter and mother appeared on the Today Show, and the father, a county court-at-law judge has admitted that it was him in the video and claimed that his daughter put it on youtube now because he's finally cutting her off at age 23.  From my experience, county court-at-law judges are not exactly brilliant legal minds but fit the stereotype of both a big fish in a little pond and a Napoleon complex, particularly in small counties.

Look, I'm not totally opposed to parental spankings.  We have a couple of preschool kids and I freely admit that I've spanked them.  Rarely, but necessarily, and if I had to do it again I still would have.  Go out the front door and into the street without asking; try to stick something in the electrical outlet, or even initially to make the point that when we count to three we mean business... A spanking is an effective and powerful way of communicating the seriousness of the event, especially to children that are just learning to communicate and reason.  They never ran out in the street or tried to stick something in the electrical outlet again, and they come before we get to three.

But this scene is awful... and watching it evoked powerful flashbacks and an involuntary emotional reaction from me.  I experienced something similar but not nearly as bad in high school, like the girl in the video it was in my bedroom, but instead of a belt, my dad used a 2x4 he cut in the garage.  If I'd done something wrong, I can't remember what it was. (problem #1) but it basically boiled down to a great big fight between my mom and I.  In the end, after screaming and violence (I was bigger than my dad) if I wanted them to pay for college and not be kicked out out the house I'd submit to them and take a spanking because I had been so disrespectful toward them.  What finally made me give in was knowing that my little brother and sister were listening to us scream at each other, throwing insults, and just wanting it to be over.  One of the worst parts of the video is hearing the dad scream to get the little sister out of there before he begins.  So I ended the fight and said fine.  Took three anticlimactic board swats.  Unlike the girl in the video I wasn't really terrified, but the scene is still etched in my memory to this day.

They wound up not paying a dime for my college, and I swear any success I've had is in spite of, not because of my parents.  My mom's in poor health, my dad's drifted from job to job, and we've reluctantly helped them and will continue to do so.  But seeing that video really affected me.

The blog's going... over 1,500 visitors (Thanks Bonnie!) I have a fascinating local prospect, and Dana Kane's coming back to Dallas... but after seeing that video, it makes me wonder if my parents still somehow won because I'm so into spankings decades later, and instead of seeing a disciplinarian or a new spankee, I need to be seeing a therapist.

Curious as to your thoughts about the video or whether your traumatic childhood experiences fed into your spanking fetish... anonymous postings on.