Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Aww... a broken hairbrush

I've mentioned once before another secret spanko living a few states away --the one that generated the mixed emotions when she went to see someone else and I acted as her emergency contact.  A little more about her... Early this year, I was taking a trip for a few days to a few states away and, out of curiosity mostly, I looked through the spanking related profiles on some site and hers caught my eye.  As it turns out, that state was a big place and we never met.

How it happened is kind of a blur... but we connected in a way that I hadn't before.  She got my quirky humor and liked my writing, and I liked hers.  We had a great deal in common: Vanilla spouses with zero interest in spanking, our own lifetime interest in spanking, both subscribed to spanking video websites for years, but just now taking baby steps toward playing for real with folks we'd met online, both about the same age- not too old, not too young, a delicious, voluptuous body just made for... okay, so maybe that was just her and not me.  We mostly didn't get deep and philosophical, just fun and light-hearted flirting and bratting and some picture sharing via email.  Anyway, one thing led to another, and one day I called her on the phone at lunch.  She has the most adorable voice.

Next thing I know, it's become a fairly regular weekly or semi-weekly event.  I "go out for lunch" but in reality I stop by Whataburger or something, park under a shaded parking spot, and call her up to discuss her latest transgression.  (Bonus Secret Spanko tip- make sure you have unlimited calling on your cell plan so 30 minute calls to a state a few states away doesn't show up on your bill!) Typically we'll discuss her naughtiness for a bit.  (She get so many "traffic tickets" if they were real her license would have been yanked by now, but a messy closet and/or shopping too much is always a good excuse too!) Then I'll tell her to gather her toys and take some or all of her clothes off.  What follows is an incredible act of submission.  Sometimes I tell her to spank herself for a given amount of time, but I don't like this as much as directing the spanks by counting them out and hearing the swat.  She really spanks herself.  If she didn't deep down want to, I'm a thousand miles away and sure can't grab her or grab her arm as she tries to cover up... but i have developed a system where I'll count and if she slacks off or hesitates I'll reverse the count.

whack "oww"
"I didn't hear it... 17"
"sorry sir"
sometimes it's even "17, 18"  whack-whack

It's gotten fairly intense as we've progressed, with even a few teary eyes and sniffles, though she says that even well-directed self-spankings pale in comparison to the real thing in terms of hurting.

We usually end up with some "happy fun times" for her as she masturbates and I enjoy listening- very frustrating in the Whataburger parking lot with a boner but unsatisfied!  Generally she'll send me a pic of her red bottom afterwards.  (And it's almost always upside down; "I hold my phone down there and take a pic, and that's how it comes out!" one of those starts-out-annoying-but-quickly-becomes-endearingly-cute things.)  I've been trying to talk her into being able to share a couple of those pics on this blog, (and maybe even contributing) but've been unsuccessful so far.

This week was different though.  She actually broke her hairbrush giving a directed self-spanking.  I had never actually seen a shot of the hairbrush she used before, but it looks (er, looked) really nice. (so do her nails, don't you think?!)  She gave me permission to post this pic, and hope my readers enjoy.

Everyone loves to brag about broken implements (me included) but how many are able to say they actually broke an implement on themselves? Very few, I'm willing to bet.


  1. That sounds like a fun way to spend the lunch hour! I can't ever imagine a self-spanking resulting in a broken implement. You must have one powerful voice!

    Just noticed the icon beside your blog name in the browser - a Cheezburger! I love it.


  2. Thanks Hermione. Yes, it is a fun little lunch tradition! Yes, the cheeseburger icon I made after that spanking is like a burger post, just thought it was funny.

    Not sure about a powerful voice... I don't raise my voice, but I can sing bass. It's funny, I sometime wish I didn't have an accent because the stereotype of my twang is that I must be unintelligent and slow... whereas if I had a British accent I'd benefit from a 1st impression of being sharper than I am!