Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blogging about blogging

So many ideas about upcoming posts, and not sure which to go with.  I'm still new to this whole blogging thing, and think of ideas when I'm in the car, while I'm taking some personal time to sit down for a little bit with the fan on, etc...  I'm worried that if I post all my ideas for posts, will I run out of ideas pretty quickly? I found that if I start a draft post on blogger, and then save it as a draft, then post something else before finishing the earlier draft... when I finally finish my draft and post it, the post is behind the one I started later.  Apparently it posts as of the day the draft was started, not the day it was posted.  Annoying, since I have about eight ideas partially done as drafts right now. (Twin Cheeks, the adorable housewife secret spanko a few states away, how I feel about the adorable housewife secret spanko a few states away getting spanked by someone else, my phone, cool vanilla links, let your switch flag fly, pasty white, fetlife and spankos, etc...)

Then I wondered... by blogging about blogging, is that annoying to the reader?  Shouldn't I wait until I have a decent amount of posts before I'm allowed to blog about blogging?  Most blogs I read don't talk about the fact that they're blogging, it's just good post followed by great post, etc... But if I'm blogging about what's going on in my spanking life, well, starting this blog is the biggest part of it right now.  I guess it's kind of like on Modern Family or The Office where the character talks to the camera in a mock interview. Kind of annoying, but useful sometimes.

I'll take this opportunity to thank Dana Kane for publishing and saying nice things about my contest entry story earlier this week.  I'll say that I cringed when reading it and saw little things I needed to fix, like when I described a Kappa paddle as having angels and arrows on it. Any real sorority ladies among my readers? If so, perhaps you'll appreciate this.  Originally, it was a Pi Phi paddle, but I planned on including illustrations, and could not find a good Pi Phi painted paddle on Google image search.  I did find a good KKG paddle picture, so I replaced Pi Phi with Kappa in the story but missed the angels and arrows sentence.  As soon as I figure out how to do the click-here-to-read-the-rest-of-the-story thing, I'll publish the re-edited special edition director's cut version of the story here, along with a couple of naughty moments from the story that were left out of Dana's edit.  Just call me the George Lucas of Dana Kane contest entry story authors.

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