Saturday, November 12, 2011

PWI - (posting while intoxicated)

Guilty.  Since I'm doing this on the sly, I don't have much time to work on the blog, and when I do it's generally late at night or early in the morning.  And when it's late at night, and it's after a party, and I fix myself a nightcap... well, PWI can happen.  Last night I wrote a post having todo with spanking, then decided that since it was Veterans Day I should say thank you and wait to post the other until the next day.  So far so good.

But... after thanking America's veterans I went on and wrote a few more barely coherent paragraphs that ranged from British imperialism to the Civil War to presidential politics.  Oops.

I feel strongly about America and politics, but this is not a political blog.  Not only did those ramblings take away from a simple "Thank You" to our troops, but they were poorly written and didn't entirely make sense because I didn't explain my train of thought leading me from one topic to the next.    So I edited the previous post, and tried to fix it a bit.

However, I take full responsibility for it, and don't want anyone to see how I fixed it as covering up and not acknowledging my PWI transgressions... maybe I'll consult with Dana Kane about it!

I'm curious... anyone else ever guilty of PWI?


  1. Nope... but I must say I've often been guilty of PWE (Posting While Emotional). One doesn't think too clearly during those times, either.

    In 2008, I posted a snarky, blatantly hostile blog, bidding our then-President "buh-BYE." Of course, a major flame war erupted and I ended up losing someone I thought was a friend. Hey, at least you could blame the alcohol!

  2. Thanks Erica- I'm by no means promising not to express a political opinion here and there, but am promising not to either:
    a) tie them to what should be an apolitical expression of gratitude and patriotism, or
    b) post them without proof-reading to ensure that they're cogent and persuasive!