Monday, November 7, 2011

Secret Spanko tip #1 and some housekeeping

Okay so I kind of wanted to get back to what was to be the theme of this blog... helping out other secret spankos.  These will be tips from my experiences as a secret spanko that I want to share with others similarly situated, to keep them out of trouble and help them succeed in fulfilling their spanking desires.  I realize these might be more controversial than talking about getting my 1st spanking, but this was really the reason I wanted to start a blog, not just to talk about myself.  comments and suggestions welcome.

Secret Spanko Tip #1
Establish a "naughty email" through either yahoo or gmail. (There are advantages and disadvantages to both- probably outside the scope of this post, but either would do fine for those that will benefit from reading this.)

This may be a no-brainer to many of you reading this, and it should be.  However, you'd be surprised... I've met more than one on a matchmaking sight like spankfinder or something and when it progressed from pm's or chat to emailing, they used their normal email.  The one that goes straight to their phone.  We're not talking about something that could be misconstrued as a spanking name or even a generic name... we're talking a real name.  In other words, it wasn't robinrose@email or even sallysmith@email, it was more like rebeccaberkowitz@email... (all these names are made up, and just used as examples; if any of my readers is actually named Rebecca Berkowitz please let me know and I'll change it!)  Perhaps the worst was one who clearly used her work email, but the runner up... in one case, she used a private email, although it was in the format of allisonsheffield92274@email -- yup, her full name AND her date of birth!

I'm not a stalker, and probably 99%+ of the people you meet online to discuss spankings with aren't either, but don't take chances if you're a secret spanko.  Make it anonymous, especially if you're just getting to know someone.  One other thing- Gmail and Yahoo both have profiles.  Make sure when you set up your naughty spanko email that it's not connected to your other emails, and make sure that your profile matches your email address.  In other words, you could set up redhiney@email, but if your profile still says Daniel Jones, nickname DJ... guess what your email will look like to someone that gets it... DJ or Daniel Jones --not redhiney.

Even if you're not ready to meet people, it's still a great idea.  You can sign up for updates from your favorite sights or register for forums or follow blogs... without having to make sure that you delete all those spanking related emails from your regular account as soon as you've read them.  Use your phone's browser and when you're feeling "naughty" you can look up that account, but you won't be paranoid about checking your normal email.  And no phone buzzing late at night as a tipsey cute young thing you just met in the chatroom sends you an email!

The other advantage is that all your secret spanko life is now password protected.  Chose a good password.  Make it an acronym that you'll remember that isn't a word and that your vanilla spouse/SO won't guess.
Something like "Bolsyggas" (Bend over little sweetie your gonna get a spankin')

But here's a great big caveat --LOG OUT WHEN YOU'RE DONE WITH NAUGHTY PLAYTIME!! Don't want your vanilla spouse grabbing your phone in the car to look up a number and your spanko name appears on the top of the Yahoo or Google search page!  And even then I erase the history from the browser of the phone, just in case.

One other advantage, and one you might not realize at first... the drafts section of the web based email, protected by a password, is a tremendous tool.  No way can I remember the names of everyone I meet in chat or messaging, much less their emails and even phone numbers.  Do a "compose mail" then jot down notes, and save.  You have a private notepad to help you remember and use for future reference.

I could go on and on about privacy and how to keep your secret interest a secret, if that's what you want to do, and probably all this is VERY basic to most of you reading this, and I'm not saying I'm an expert... but I don't see any other blog offering this type of guidance, and I think many would benefit from it.

I keep messing with the colors and background on this blog.  Still not entirely satisfied with it, but I figure some art director at that knows far more than me came up with suggested color schemes, so maybe I should go with one of those.

Also, in some emails I realized I was signing as "SS" short for Secret Spanko, of course.  I realized that "SS"  has some pretty powerful negative connotations.  So (mostly on a dare from barely pink) I changed the Google profile associated with my blog-related email to "Marky Marks" -sort of clever, sort of spanking related.  But then I realized that if I signed out as MM, well, that has all sorts of different connotations too!  So, secret spankos, let this be another lesson... think about the name you choose for your naughty email.  Maybe I'll just be Mark, or Mr. Marks.


  1. (laughing) I do like your style, Mr. Marks-a-lot.

  2. Thanks barely pink... and I must say, nice avatar!

    Glad I'm good for a chuckle, Erica. Are you disappointed I didn't choose Luke Rabbits?