Thursday, November 17, 2011

SecretSpanko tip #2 Keeping Pasty White (ctrl+v)

So you've set up your secret spanko email, you use Incognito in chrome or Private Browsing in Firefox or whatever in Internet Explorer to see spanking websites and maybe even chat with someone without leaving a trace in your web browsing history (This should be so obvious I'm not even going to cover it in a Secret Spanko tip)... you're covered, right? Wrong!

The human brain enables higher level thinking, problem solving, a conscience, etc... but there's a deeper level of the brain that does things like... making sure you breathe even if you're not thinking about it.  Computers are kind of the same way.  These "secret" browsing functions are a relatively new development.  They're really cool, but kind of advanced.  Deep inside your computer (if it's a PC) lurks the ancient reptilian part that remembers things like... no matter how many things you have open, if you hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete all at the same time, it will either lock or restart.  And if you hit Ctrl + c it will copy whatever's highlighted.  And if you hit Ctrl + v it will paste whatever is stored in the copy function.

What this means... even if you're very careful to cover your browser tracks, hide or erase all downloads, and then delete them from the trash... you can still get busted if your spouse/partner/significant other simply makes a mistake and hit Ctrl + v without having copied something new before they did it.  So you could have some secret spanko fun on spankingtube or fetlife, or blogs or wherever, find something interesting, copy and paste it to the drafts section of your anonymous email, shut the browser down, and think you're cool.  That is, until your spouse accidentally pastes into the address bar the next morning.

I discovered this on accident.  I was having some personal naughty internet time, had signed up for a subscription site, and the password was given too me in an email.  It was something incomprehensible like XcG34!peq rather than type it, I copied and pasted the password.  Watched a few videos, and after uhm... satisfying myself, I shut down the private browsing session.  Then I remembered I actually needed to order something and get some work done.  For whatever reason when I tried to copy something and it didn't actually copy.  I hit Ctrl + v and guess what? XcG34!peq was pasted into the form.

Whoah!  How many times have I copied an email along the lines of suzysmackbottom@email and pasted it?  What if my wife were to mess up just like I did and not copy something but paste the last thing that was copied before she got on the computer after I was gone to work?!

I've tested it in both Firefox and Chrome.  Same result.  If you copy something in the supposedly "secret" web browser, it's stored on the computer's reptilian clipboard even after the "secret" web browser has closed.  It can be pasted into the regular web browser.

So... here's the tip. (just the tip!) after you're done with personal naughty internet time... copy something innocuous.  (like the word "innocuous" for example)

And for anyone wondering... the adorable housewife secret spanko a few states away had a wonderful spanking playdate that lasted almost all day. I didn't worry about her until the time for her to check in afterward approached and passed by just a little bit before she checked in. (Ran a little long because they had a lot of fun.)  I was relieved it went well, but felt a little odd because I didn't want to be nosy.  However,  she wanted to talk about it and I got excited listening to her recount of it.


  1. Yikes!

    I had no idea. I wonder how many people I've surprised when they hit the Ctrl+v.

    Need to cover my tracks better.


  2. I am thoroughly enjoying the imagination and interest that you are putting into this blog, Mr. Marks, and looking forward to seeing you Very Soon.

  3. Pink- I'm glad I can help. Wish I could think of some sexy flirty innuendo based on your "covering my tracks" but actually nothings coming to me. :(

    Dana - glad you're enjoying it. You really were my 1st exposure to the blogging world. I saw that product demonstration video on spanking tube, loved it, but thought to myself "Who the Hell is she? I've never heard of her!" So I looked up your blog and a few months later, here we are. I'm looking forward to seeing you again too, but that capitalized "Very Soon" send some tingly chills down my spine!