Saturday, November 5, 2011

retro spanking story sites

Okay, thanks to all those who have provided encouragement.  Going back to my roots here...

Once upon a time my primary means of indulging in my spanking interest was reading spanking stories.  The internet was new and there weren't a lot of videos.  But these few sites were my favorites, and to my disbelief, they're still there... I swear this was the first spanking story site I found.  A ton of authors, and you could spend quite awhile exploring.  My favorites were a series about a sorority and a long series about a strict boarding school and a girl named Emma that went there. This was the BEST story site I found.  For some reason, Quillis's unique writing style just really appealed to me. This was the first switchy story site I found, and of all these authors, Rollin Hand is still active, and his stories can be found here.



  1. Yes, I'm still writing and I've written a lot in 2010-2011. Not really a switch per se, I just write across various orientations including M/F, F/F and F/M. The better URL is or my blog

  2. Thanks Rollin! Wow. Glad you found this post, and thanks for the links. I've updated the spankinglibrary link in my post.

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