Monday, November 21, 2011

Twin Cheeks (director's cut edition)

Here's my entrant in Dana Kane's birthday spanking contest.  She published it not too long ago.  There's a little build up before the spanking action, but I liked writing it and thought it was different from most of the spanking fiction I've read.  I actually tried to tilt it more toward F/M than I might have, given the audience.  

So why am I publishing it again here?  I sent it too her late the last night the contest was open, hoping to win a free session.  I didn't win, but when she put it on her blog I noticed a few little things that bugged me- a typo here, a tense issue there.  I've tried to fix them.  I also had a couple of illustrations that were left out but are included here (don't get excited- they're not sexy illustrations and I actually edited one in MS Paint).  I've accused Dana of being a bit of a prude before, and she edited out a couple of lines she deemed too naughty for her blog.  Her blog gets 1,000 times the number of readers mine does, so I kinda understand.  Those naughty lines are back in this version.  It's actually a prequal to another story I've been working on awhile, but haven't published anywhere. Another reason I'm posting it is that hopefully it will provide me with motivation to get that one done (finally).  Awhile back I posted links to old school retro spanking story sites, and in that tradition, the code for this story would be Twin Cheeks (FF/M, F/F)

This story took place a few years ago. It was the perfect storm of events that led to a night I'll never forget. Although it's led to a great deal of fantasies, it's probably for the best that it hasn't been repeated.

My wife and I are spankos, I guess.  Mostly it's foreplay that turns us on- something we discovered about each other in college.  But on occasion we've spanked each other "for real."  Yes, I said each other. We're both switches, I suppose. I'd say typically about 70/30 it's me giving and her getting just because that seems like the more natural fit to our personalities and sexual identities. Actually it sort of fits the opposite of our personalities.  She's uptight and in control most of the time, and needs to let go and feel like someone else was completely in charge more than I did.  That was not to be the case on this night, though, which was anything but typical...

It was a Sunday night and I'd just helped brush teeth, read the same story for the fiftieth time, and tucked our two little kids into bed. My phone buzzed and it was Lauren (my wife) sending me a text.

"Get ur suit on n get ur butt out here S wants 2 play if n bring another bottle!"

So I stripped and got my swimsuit on, stopped by the kitchen to grab another bottle of pinot grigio from the fridge.  We had a bunch left from the party we had the night before.  It was a birthday party for Stacy (the aforementioned "S") who lived down the street and was my wife's best friend.  Stacy and I actually share the same birthday, year and all, and it wasn't really our birthday until Monday.  But I wasn't nearly as keen on celebrating mine, I guess.  Grabbed a couple of beers for me and headed out to the hot tub where my wife was enjoying the night with her friend.

Stacy is pretty much the polar opposite of my wife in every way.  Lauren's petite, brunette, and kinda curvy; Stacy's thicker, blonde, tall, and very curvy.  Lauren's quiet, almost shy, and sharp as a tack; Stacy's loud, outgoing, and well... not so sharp sometimes.  Lauren is for the most part straight-laced and proper, while Stacy might be described as earthy.  My wife has sophisticated refined tastes, and had grown up in privilege; Stacy had grown up in a small town, and my wife said sometimes that showed.  But they had been best friends for awhile, and they complimented each other almost as well as Lauren and I did.  In fact, Stacy and I had a lot in common. One could replace me with her in each of these comparisons and they still be accurate. (Well, except for maybe the "very curvy" part).  That, combined with our shared birthday, led to the running joke that Stacy and I were long lost twin siblings. And of all her friends I probably got along with Stacy the best, though I didn't always care for doing things with them because Stacy's husband Ted was so dull.  On the other hand, Ted was at home tonight, and Stacy was a big flirt, which I secretly kind of enjoyed. So I didn't mind interrupting their girls night to join them, especially since I'd been invited er, uhm... commanded to do so.

I brought out the drinks and joined them in the hot tub. Most of the lights were off and it was a gorgeous early fall night. Greetings and a beer later, Stacy was back to these "IF" books she's gotten the night before...

"Okay next question for you Dusty... 'If you could live in any other historical era, which would you choose?'"

"Uhm... how about the 1880's in the wild west. Driving cattle across the country and stopping in the little towns where the saloons had whorehouses upstairs!"

"Why did they call 'em saloons instead of just bars?" Stacy wondered aloud.

"Dusty! Can you just try not to make everything dirty? For once?!"

"Ha. Did you catch that honey? Dusty and dirt-"

"-You're gonna catch it tomorrow night. Just keep it up.  I'll remember, tough guy."  She wasn't really mad, but I knew she'd remember it.

"Y'all are so cute," Stacy chimed in, "Are ya gonna spank him?"

Lauren looked at me.
"Well...Answer her." I said.

"Yes, he'll get a spanking tomorrow night."

"For that though? I mean, he just answered a question."

"Stacy, tomorrow is my birthday, remember?  I'll get a birthday spanking. Actually probably a birthday paddling. Would you like to join us? It would seem appropriate." I said with a smirk.

"Oh NO!  No no don't think so... I'll let you play your kinky games but keep me out of it.  No thanks!"

A little background here... Somehow late one girl talk night Stacy found out about our spanking "kinky games" and was clearly fascinated by them.  She brought it up... a lot.  Of course, over the years I also heard probably way too much about her sex life, and her poops, and even her periods- and that was me!  Can't imagine what all my wife knew about her. Like I said, she was a little "earthy."  So maybe it was just natural curiosity that was voiced a bit more often than most in that situation, but I suspected she was really just a little TOO curious about it, and didn't mind telling her about our spanking play, so long as she kept it to herself.

"So even though I'll get it regardless, I kind of like to give her some motivation.  But sorry honey, I didn't mean to give a dirty answer.  I take it back.  No cowboys.  I'd be a pirate... searching for booty!"

This earned me a chuckle from Stacy and a splashy pinch from Lauren.

So it continued... back to the IF questions.  We sort of rotated around the hot tub so that whoever was reading the question could see to read it from the one light.  This was interspersed with gossip about the neighbors, people that came over last night, etc... a few more drinks, until Stacy reached for the other IF book.

"Alright y'all... this is the IF book about love.  Let's spice things up a bit." She flipped it open, "Great one to start off with, for you Dusty. 'If you had to have sex with someone of the same gender, which celebrity you choose?'"

"That's a stupid question. Pass.  None of the above."

"Nope.  Not good enough.  Gotta name somebody and give a reason why."

"I don't even know many celebrities. Alright, hold on... Got it,  Tom Cruise.  He'd know what he's doing, plus he's small so it wouldn't hurt much."

"Ewww!" but Stacy was laughing.

"Sick! You put way too much thought into that.  That's some more extra. Honey?! So wrong!"

"Better watch it, Dusty!"

"Lemme see that!" I grabbed the book away from Stacy and peered close so I could read it in the dim light. "Alright my twin sister, payback's fun.  This one's for you.  'Follow up...If you had to have sex with someone of the same gender, who from among your friends and acquaintances would you choose?'"

She answered immediately.

"You know that new couple at the end of the block that just moved in? What's her name? Deanne or something? And her boyfriend I think his name is Val, maybe?  Met them once... Seem friendly. They both have the same black hair- kinda long for him, kinda short on her. But no way you couldn't tell 'em apart. Something almost scary about him, like he could be a villian in a movie or something. But she's got a body on her though. Saw her picking up the paper in just a t-shirt the other morning when I was out jogging. I don't know... Something kinda alternative, kinda dangerous, but naughty about her.  Definitely sexy.  She smiled big and waived at me that morning.  So her... That's my answer. Whew!"

Lauren and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows. More thought went into that answer than my Tom Cruise response.  Stacy took a couple of deep breaths and had another big sip of wine. A little awkward pause...

"So Stacy... ever experiment in college?"

"Dusty! Thin ice, bud..." My wife warned me.

"Ha! That's alright Lauren. But I'm not going to answer, my nosey twin brother. We're not playing truth or dare, and I wouldn't want to spoil your fantasies!" she said with a wink, before grabbing the book from me.

"Oh Laaauren... 'If you could trade body parts with any of your friends and acquaintances, what would you choose?'"

"Your breasts.  Dusty's been staring at them all night."

"I'd trade you too. If you only saw them without my swimsuit holding them up... And the backaches, and the shoulder strap indentations..."

I decided it was best to just remain silent since my wife was correct.  Lauren grabbed the book back.  We weren't strictly keeping any order.

"Alright, Stacy...  'Follow up... If you had to live with the body of one of your friends and acquaintances, who would you choose?'"

Stacy paused, took another big sip, then paused another bit before answering.  Or, sort of answering.

"Let's play a different game. It's called the honesty game.  Dusty you were right I did experiment once in college. My sorority big sis during Hell Week.  Pledges had to live with our big sisses and it got pretty intense.  Never happened again though, and the next year when it was my turn my little sis didn't respond to my clumsy post-paddling advances like I had the year before I guess."

"Thanks for sharing, but I was half kidding and didn't mean to pry... Sorry about that, just trying to give you a hard time."

"No need to apologize, Dusty. Just wanted to get that off my chest. Guess my chest's gotten plenty of attention tonight, huh?"  She giggled and kind of squeezed her chest with her arms, making it (them) even more pronounced before continuing. "And I thought y'all should know that because it helps to understand my answer."

"Don't worry about. No need to defend yourself.  Heck I've never experimented like that but if I had to switch bodies I'd choose a woman's body too. Prettier, and I know how they work too." My wife chimed in.

"Wait did you say you were paddled?" I added.

"Well, no, and yes. [Big gulp finishing glass] I'd choose to be in Dusty's body. The birthday paddling from you thing. But wouldn't play with it or anything, don't get any ideas there, bud."

We let her words, and their implications sit in the air a moment.

"So you DO want a birthday spanking?!" I said with a grin.

"Honey you're such a dolt sometimes. Yes, and she wants me to give it to her because that would take her back to that moment with her big sis in college.  Stacy, I'm more than happy to help, if that's what you really want, but I don't plan on "experimenting" afterwards."

"Got it. And agree. That might make this even more awkward!  I want to, but let's do this before I chicken out."

"Well, it is almost midnight... But I don't want this to be something you do without intentionally doing so with your eyes wide open and not fueled by too much wine. You know that's a pretty severe spanking, you're asking for, right? I know how old you are."

"Yes, I know Lauren. If I'm being all honest here and whatever...I've been fascinated anytime y'all talk about your spanking games. It makes me tingle and get all nervous inside."

I knew it!  Love it when I'm right. But on the outside I said "Wow, had no idea or I would have talked about it even more!"

"Stacy I want to make sure here... You know it's going to hurt, a lot... And when I think of birthday spankings I think of the person getting them in their birthday suit. That's how we've done them, for several years now."

"Remember, what brought this all on is that I have been paddled- thanks for your concern, but I get it. And as far as being naked goes, I'm not all that crazy about it but I know that's part of it too. I'll let you answer that one question again after you see these girls floppin' all around!"

"I just want to make sure you've thought this through," said my ever sensible wife, "what about when Ted sees your red rear end?"

"Please... We did it last night after the party so I'm good for at least a week, and can't remember last time we had the lights on, for that matter. Tomorrow's Monday, and he'll be up and gone before I'm in the shower. We're cool."

Lauren looked at me in an attempt to share a "look" but I wasn't sure what it meant. Oh well, I guess she knew what it meant... so I sort of nodded.

"Alright, let's do this.  Dusty will go first, and then you can decide if you still want to go through with it. How's that sound?"


"Go pick out a paddle, and bring us some towels, sweetie. Oh and another bottle for afterward."

I got up out of the hot tub and headed for the "pool room" as we called it. It was a tiny half bath with a door to the backyard and a big closet for pool stuff.  Looked in there and there were only two towels.  Dangit. The kids were asleep, the girls wouldn't be in, so I shucked my wet swimsuit and laid it on the counter before venturing into the house so I wouldn't drip water all over the place.  It was only then that I realized that her "look" had probably been to make sure I was okay with this.  Of course I was, but I smiled thinking about how I just nodded.

First to the utility room to get extra towels, then to the back of our closet to get a paddle. We had several accumulated over the years, and hid them in a cabinet back behind our winter coats.  I started to get excited looking at the implements and thought about what was to come.  Pavlovian, I guess.  On the one hand, it wouldn't be done in our bedroom and I might have to wait for the sex to follow, but on the other hand, the thought of Stacy would more than make up for it.  Now which one to pick?

It struck me all of a sudden- perfect! Closed the cabinet in the closet  and went to dig around in the boxes in the other closet under the stairs where we kept old stuff that we didn't use but couldn't make ourselves get rid of... Where was it?! This was taking too long.  There it is! Finally!

It was Lauren's old Kappa paddle. Never used on her back then, it was painted brightly with little cartoon keys and Greek letters. But it would still work I thought, tapping it against my thigh.  Perfect for tonight!

Made my way to the kitchen and picked up another bottle. I had the towels under one arm, and the wine and paddle in my other hand.

That's funny, didn't remember shutting the door... Put the bottle under my other arm (Brrrr!) and turned the knob... WHOOAAHH!

Okay so maybe if I were thinking or a perfect gentleman, I would have quickly backed out and shut the door. But I didn't.

Stacy was standing up from apparently just having used the toilet, and her one piece swimsuit was around her knees.

"Well hello there!"

"Oh so sorry!" I said finally coming to my senses and backing out. 

"No need now. Help yourself to a good look- ha! I am!"

Arms full, I tried to cover myself with the paddle.

"I do like a man with long hard wood hanging down between his legs!"

We both chuckled and I set the paddle down with a clatter and finally took the wine bottle out from my armpit. Her wet swimsuit was loud as she struggled a bit to pull it back up.

"Besides, I bet we'll be seeing plenty more of each other here pretty quick!"

Dressed now, she flushed, and picked up my shorts and handed them to me.

"Take your time!" She said with a grin, and picked up the paddle. "Nice."

"Sorry, Lauren hates it when anyone drips water through the den coming in from the pool. Just thought it was easier like this.  Uhm, why don't you go on. Give me a chance to uh, compose myself," I said, looking down to acknowledge my uh, state.  "And let's not mention this if you don't mind, I think we'll get plenty of heat as it is and don't think Lauren needs TOO much extra motivation."

"Okay got it. Lips are sealed. See you in a minute."

She left, and I put the cold wet swimsuit back on. It certainly helped me "compose myself" before heading back into the night.

"What took you so long?"

Did I trust Stacy not to tell?  "Took me awhile to find this, but I thought it was plenty appropriate."

"Awww how thoughtful. Haven't seen this in awhile.   I'd almost forgotten about it. Why haven't we used it before?"

"Lemme see... Wow, this is just about the same as I remember her using" 
Well, Stacy was playing her part. So far so good.

"Alright sweetie... You know birthday spankings are in your birthday suit. Come here."

I went over and she untied the draw strings and pulled my shorts off again.        
"I need to be able to see what I'm doing, and I'm sure Stacy wouldn't mind a better view too. Run hit the porch lights and the pool lights for me, will you?"

I should have guessed that was coming. Bless her heart she knows that when I do submit to her spankings, I have a love/hate relationship to the embarrassment almost as much as with the pain. We had a big yard though and backed up to the golf course- surely no one was out there now, right? The lights now on, I strolled back to the hot tub in full view of the two of them, who stared openly.

"Right over here... Hands on your knees." She patted my bottom a few times. "You probably don't know this Stacy, but for whatever reason, we've discovered that a spanking on a wet bottom hurts a lot more.  He's still damp from his swimsuit. I was going to give him a warm up with my hand, but would you like to have the honor?"

"Uhm, okay!" She popped right up.

"Not too hard, but not too soft either just [smack!] like this all [smack] over his little bottom," She demonstrated.

"I think I can handle that"

Smack. Smack.

My wife stood to the side, rubbing my back. "Feet a little further apart dear.  And Stacy, feel free to admire his birthday suit.  I happen to think it's well made, even the seam here..." She interrupted my warm-up to trace her hand up my leg and my uh, seam. Stacy got a few bum squeezes in before matching Lauren's actions, and if anything was even more aggressive in checking out the nooks and crannies of my "suit" before beginning to warm my seat up. 

"You know what, let me show you something. You’re standing too close, that's why it feels a little awkward.  Really for a warm up in this position, I like to wrap my other arm around his waist, like this.  And your other hand goes down here and you can rub his belly, or make sure he's sticking it out enough, or even tease him just a little.  Most importantly, you can [smack!] get a good swing [smack!] like this too.  Alright, you try."

Stacy sort of leaned over me and wrapped her arm around me.  First thing I noticed was the difference between my wife's smooth familiar skin in her two-piece next to me and Stacy in her cool still-damp swimsuit pressed up against me.  Maybe surprisingly given their size difference, Stacy didn't spank as hard as my wife, even if it was just a warm up.  But her other hand... that was far closer to well, me... than any unfamiliar hand had been in over a decade, and it was pretty exciting, even as the sting was building in my bottom.   

"I think he's plenty ready” my lovely wife said, picking up the paddle, “I think you’ll need to brace yourself a bit more for this, Dear. Let’s have you gripping the wall; stick it out a little more… that’s it.  Here we go… count ‘em.”

"Wider stance... And get your back down, I like to see the family jewels dance, and I bet Stacy will too!"

They both chuckled as I complied and then wiggled a little to give them a show.

The rock wall I gripped was rough and dusty, but still my palms were sweating profusely. I knew this was going to hurt, and not only that but I had an audience. And not only that but an audience I didn't really want to break down in front of... wait was I trying to impress Stacy? Was that okay or was that wro--


NnNgggrrah...that hurt! The first couple always seemed to hurt the most.

"Happy Birthday sweetie!" She said cheerfully.

GAAAaaaah! Another one. Like a teacher strict the 1st week of school the first few were full force to show- AAAaaaRrrggh! -she meant business, I guess.

"That was three, sweetie, I need you to count 'em for me."




"Uuuunnh... Five"

Less intense now, they still hurt plenty. I wasn't caring much now about putting on a show.  But I got the -"MMmmuhh- Six!"- impression that she was toning it down just a bit so as not to scare our -OOooww! Dangit! Right-in-the-same-spot!- audience that was about to get hers. The swats continued, gradually increasing in intensity. We hadn't used that sorority paddle in a long time and it sure packed a wallop. I turned my head around to look at her and confirmed that the mental image of my wife in her bikini holding the paddle was indeed sexy in real life too. Then I saw Stacy with a naughty looking smirk on her face clearly enjoying the show.

"Aaah... twenty-seven!"

"Turn back around, dear."


"GGgrrrrr... Twenty-eight"

"That one really hurt, didn't it?"

"Uhm, yeah, I'd say it really did!"

"Good.  Little harder now, sweetie. Finish strong for me."

Yes, the last few were plenty strong. Especially the "one-to-grow-on" final swat. My knees buckled briefly, and she set the paddle down to fondle, squeeze, and caress my cheeks.

"Stace, come here and feel how warm they are."

Four hands massaging and squeezing my cheeks was nice. Two fingers pointing out and then poking the spots that hurt the worst was not so much fun. I just stayed in position, breathing deeply and trying to recover.

"Can I give him a couple to grow on too?" Stacy asked my wife.

"I don't know- he's marked up pretty good already."

"Come on Dusty, you can take a couple more, right?  Please?  Say yes.  Do it for me." Stacy pleaded in her sexiest voice, leaning in against me and rubbing my back and shoulders for emphasis.


Stacy clapped her hands together with glee as my wife handed her the paddle and gave her instructions as to where to hit me.

She put one hand on my back and took a swing. OWWW! Sort of hit the outside of one cheek. The next one was a more solid pop, but not as hard as those from my wife.

"That's it honey, you're done. You can get up and rub.  Happy birthday dear."

We kissed then, but mindful of our audience kept it pretty tame. I jumped around a little bit in my energized post-spanking state. This made Stacy giggle as she saw a certain part of me flop around.

"Alright you're up. Still want to go through with this Stace?"

There was a moment of silence as Stacy looked down, hands covering her face and she appeared deep in thought. Her head came halfway up as she looked right at me, and then down a little before turning back to Lauren.

"Okay let's do this, but I wanna keep my suit on."

"Nope.  I need to see your bare bottom to judge the swats."

"Well look, I can just do this." Stacy said, turning around and bunching up her swimsuit into her bottom between her cheeks.

"Stace, come on..."

"Yeah what happened to birthday spankings in our birthday suit my little twin sister?!"

"Problem is there's nothing little about me.  But guess y'all are right.  What's the old saying?  In for a penny... about to see a lot of pounds!" 

She slipped the shoulder straps of her suit down.

"Nonsense Stacy, you look great." I said trying to be helpful (and very much looking forward to warming her up!)

We were both staring at Stacy as she peeled her swimsuit down to her waist.

"Y'all are making me blush!" I was pretty sure she wasn't blushing and despite trying to protest and act modest, in reality she was enjoying putting on a show.  Stacy cupped her breasts and then let them fall. "Not passing any pencil test, that's for sure!  Still want these, Lauren?" 

"I want 'em." Crap!  Why did I let that slip out?!  That was supposed to have remained an inner thought!

Lauren looked over at me, then looked down, and didn't like what she saw, I guess.

"You look lovely Stace.  But you know what, Hon, I think you need to cool off a bit.  Why don't you take a dip in the pool.  Maybe swim a couple of laps while I warm her up."

"But I-" and then I saw her look and knew exactly what she meant this time. She meant business. So I turned around and stepped into the frigid-feeling water.  My "excitement" disappeared instantly.  The minute my sore rear end hit the water it did feel kinda good, I guess it was like an ice pack.  I wasn't happy about missing the show, but probably it was for the best.  I really should not be lusting after Stacy like that.   The water wasn't THAT cold and I eventually got used to it.  It felt nice to swim naked and working my sore legs and ass felt good too. Done with a couple of laps, I looked up at my wife spanking Stacy.  I really didn't want to miss the show.

I saw Stacy bend over further to grab the wall, her warm-up complete.  I decided to get out of the pool just as my wife was picking up the paddle.

Bbbbrrrr... The night air hit me. And here I thought the water was cold!

Toweling off, I quickly made my way over to them and stood near my Lauren, who was about to begin.   Your turn, little missy...

Stacy was bent over just as I had been, grasping the stone wall.  So much for not lusting after my neighbor. Her legs were together, but it didn't completely hide her pouting cuteness peeking out between them.  The tan lines on her round bottom were still visible but less pronounced where the lines were blurred by the pink remnants of her warm-up.

"Don't worry about counting these. I'll keep track. You just try to relax and take them like a big girl," my wife said, tapping the paddle against Stacy's rear.


"That was one."



She didn't start off strong like she did with me I noted.  They must have still stung though, because Stacy would clench her cheeks or make cute little sounds after each one.

However, the swats started to gradually increase in intensity. I set the towel down on the table, but then wasn't sure what to do with my hands.  I didn't exactly have pockets.  I watched my sexy wife wield the paddle wearing just a bikini.  I watched the jiggling impacts on Stacy's bottom, seeing it turn red and knowing how much it hurt.  Maybe most of all, I heard the adorable little whimpers, sighs, murmers and even growls Stacy was making with each swat... Well, my hands drifted toward a part of me that was again in a decidedly non-shrivelled state.

Woops.  My wife noticed.

"Know what darling? I think you're enjoying this show a little too much. Why don't you got sit your hot butt over there on the wall right next to Stacy. And go ahead and sit on your hands... I'd hate for the rough rock to hurt your bottom- that's my job!"

"Stacey, how are you doing?" Lauren continued, "We're about half way there."

"I'm alright.  It hurts.  Just keep going- get it over with."

"Oh no no no... You've had this fantasy for years- decades even.  Rather than get it over with, we should instead savor it!" She said with mock sweetness dripping from her voice,   "Dusty's up there- spread your legs a bit, bottom out and brace yourself.  These will be a little stronger."

And they were. Numbers 15 through 20 were not quite full arm swings, but were clearly tougher for her to take.  Stacy's head was down and she made louder adorable noises with each whack.

"Get your back down Stace. Arch your back for me. I know they hurt, but you can't curve your back like that- I don't want to hit up high.  Tell you what, I want you to get your head up and look up at Dusty.  That'll help keep your butt out right."

Stacy moved her hair out of the way and looked up at me. Without warning, another blow came to her backside, causing her to wince in pain and making her breasts (now completely visible to me) dance a little wobbly jig of their own.


Stacey looked back at me, but her gaze drifted down... until she saw that non-shrivelled part and looked back up again at my face, smiling and briefly rolling her eyes before scrunching up her face in pain again.  Yes I was sitting on my hands, but the fact that her pretty face was about two feet from that part of me was certainly not helping as my wife had probably hoped.  Nor did the lovely view of her arched back and the tops of her bottom cheeks rising up behind her help much either.

"Bet you didn't have this view back at your Big Sis's place." I couldn't resist adding.

"Ow OW OWW-Eee!"

"Twenty-five; almost there, Stace"

"Bet you never thought you'd- AAwwgrrhah!"


"-get that thing as close to me again after the bathroom! GgGggrr! Mmmmm! Dangit!"

"Took you two swats to think up a comeback and that's it?" I said with a smile as my wife announced it was twenty-seven and Stacey stood up to rub her butt.  (And simultaneously give me another full view of her body!)

"Not so fast sweetie... You need at least one to grow on." My wife chimed in, pushing her back down, "and what was that about the bathroom?"


"Mmmmhhmm... That was a good one to grow on. Thank you ma'am!"

"Back down. Stacey? ...I suggest you tell me."

"Nothing.  Don't worr-AAaaah! Oww!"

"Dusty I know how stubborn Stacy can be. Why don't you do the chivalrous thing and tell me what's going on.  I'm not stopping until I find out."


"Well sweetie you know how you don't like it when I drip water from wet swimsuits on the carpet?"


"What does that have to do with anything?"


"I had my swimsuit off when I went in to get the paddle and towels, and Stacy took off her swimsuit to use the bathroom. I had no idea she'd be in there.  It was nothing... really."  I said, genuinely meaning it.

Lauren did not look happy.  In fact, she came over and grabbed a hold of my ear.

"If it was nothing, why didn't y'all tell me about it?  Join your conspirator.  Right there."

She took awhile getting our butts lined up right next to each other and at the same height.  Not gonna lie… I kind of did enjoy our butts touching each other, though I wasn’t going to mention it right then.

"Alright you two... I'm really disappointed in you both.  Here we are playing these [Whack] spanking games and it requires quite a bit of [Whack] trust on the part of us all.”

She interspersed swats to each of us as she spoke, going on about how this had really upset her.   

“Here’s what we’re going to do… twenty-seven more, and I’ll give one to each of you, then one on the two cheeks in the middle, then one to the other.”

 And so it went.  These were full force, and we both struggled to take them.  The flaw in her plan was that our middle cheeks got it twice!  Stacy’s adorable little noises were not so little, and both of us cried out in one way or the other at every swat.  Our hands were right next to each other, and at one point Stacey just grabbed a hold of mine.  I realized that this was probably not the greatest of ideas given the reason for our spanking, but in the moment grabbing a hold of each other was what we needed to make it through the ordeal.  She wasn’t bawling, but her eyes were full of tears.  It was so intense we did not even realize immediately that it was over.

“Alright you two… Those are a set of ripe red twin cheeks… I think you've learned your lessons.”

I was sent to get the lotion while the two of them talked and made up or did whatever women do after something like that.  I came back and the last bottle of wine was open, but Stacy was still standing as she drank it.  Lauren put lotion on each of us; I sure wasn’t going to volunteer to help! 

Fortunately, it wasn’t awkward. (The wine helped.)  Stacey said that it was definitely more intense than her paddlings in the sorority days, and that once a decade or so was enough.  Hugs all around (after she delicately put her swimsuit on again) and Stacy left out the side gate.  Left completely unsaid were my thoughts about what came after the paddlings and her sorority days experimentations.  I guess she could take care of that herself when she got home.  Fortunately for us, we didn’t need to experiment sexually after a spanking.  We knew just what to do.

“Happy Birthday dear.  I’m not mad.  I just don’t want you to try and hide something from me.” She said, with her arms around me, between kisses.

“I’m really truly sorry sweetie.  I should have volunteered that instead of hoping that it just wouldn’t come up.”

“Fortunately, something else has come up and recovered quite nicely, I see.”

“You see? Or you feel?”

“Come on… let’s go inside and finish this.”

That was our euphemism for doing it after a spanking.  Why we needed a euphemism? Don’t know.  Could have just said let's go boink like bunnies.  But it was always “Let’s finish it.”  And we did.

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