Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wonder what percentage of American parents spank their kids? here's your answer...

This is only tangentially related to the spanking fetish, but it's a fairly scientific poll I stumbled upon, and thought many of y'all might be interested.  Out of 1,000 carefully selected representative households were contacted... 469 said they'd spanked their child on the bottom with their bare hand in the last year, and 536 had done so within the child's lifetime.  How many had "hit on the bottom with a belt, hairbrush, a stick or some other hard object" according to the survey? ...207 in the past year, and 294 within the child's lifetime.  So roughly 50% spank, and 20-30% spank with something stronger than their hand.  Here's a link to the survey.

I was spanked growing up, and I know... I know... a lot of folks into spankings erotically as adults were not. But I fall into the the camp that thinks there's some sort of link.  (Of course, most kids that were spanked growing up never stumbled onto a Penthouse Variations magazines with spanking stories and photoshoots of hot naked women bent over and holding a paddle when they were on the cusp of puberty, but anyway....)

 I found the link to this survey in an article on a few weeks ago.  (Yes, I read things other than spanking blogs in my downtime, but my interest in spanking somehow crept into my reading of normal news).  The gist of the article was that approval of spanking was surprisingly high, but had declined, and that these numbers were more like 90% in the late 60's vs. roughly 50% today.  Frankly I'm somewhat surprised they are as high as they are currently.  Interestingly, in trying to find that article again for this post, I was surprised   just   how   many   stories   on   this  somewhat highbrow internet magazine deal with spanking.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review of Dreams of Spankings... flashes of brilliance

I have a couple of spanking website reviews in the draft stages... but Dreams of Spankings just launched, and I just finished watching the movies and decided based on what I saw that it would jump to the front of the line.

First a little about my philosophy of writing spanking video website reviews... I want to:

A) keep it objective and maintain my "journalistic" integrity
I've seen a couple of review sites well, lose their journalistic integrity.  It's totally understandable. Who writes reviews of these websites?  People that enjoy them and have spent a lot of time enjoying them.  It's natural to feel flattered when a spanking "celebrity" wants to chime in or talk to you about what you're writing, but the risk is that you might be tempted to not provide the most honest, objective review if you're reviewing a friend.  Hey, I love reading the interviews of spanking stars as much as anybody.  But it might be hard to do an interview with someone and then give the website anything less than a glowing review.  And unless it's an honest and objective review, it doesn't benefit the consumer reading it as much as it should.   I'll only review sites that I've paid for myself.  I have the means, and want to support the content providers.  But just paying for it doesn't ensure objectivity.  For example, I'm not sure I could write an objective review of Spanking Court.  There are some things I really like about that website, and some things it that annoy me. However, I've gotten to know both Erica Scott and Dana Kane who work with that site, and I'm not sure that I could (or should) be objective about it.

B) focus on small or new sites that might benefit the most from exposure
What spanking video enthusiast doesn't know about the Realspankings sites, Girls Boarding School, Punished Brats, Chelsea, Dallas, etc...?!  But I think the spanking community could benefit from reviews of smaller, less well known sites.

So... I'll only review sites that I'm willing to pay my own money for, and will try to emphasize the smaller sites.

All that having been said, here goes... Dreams of Spankings

Wow.  The first movie I saw was "Caned in Jodhpurs" - it had period costumes, hard caning/riding crop action, an actual plot, and actual acting good enough that it seemed the scene was filmed in just 2 takes.  Plus it had an actual score (i.e., background music) that fit, and the spanking actions was not only plenty severe, but they didn't shy away from being sexy.  At one point the spanker turned the spankee around and kissed her as he fondled and then fingered her.

The next scene I watched was the caning merit badge scene that could not have been more different, but was equally enjoyable.  Just a couple sharing an intimate endeavor... she was on the bed as he gave her a pretty severe caning, and even caned her breasts.  What made it even sexier was the realism- he was constantly checking on her and kissing her... it looked, and probably was, a very intimate, sexy scene.

Other scenes I really liked include one where two ladies talk about the effect of being spanked, and then a demonstration is given, and a plenty firm hairbrush spanking to Amelia Jane Rutherford. (though she kept her panties on, boo!)

There are only a handful of movies, so far, but in that handful contains better dialogue, better build up, and a better variety of spanking scenes than is found in five years of updates from some of the more well known and established spanking sites mentioned earlier in this post.

Clearly Pandora Blake's vision is ambitious.  There's a blog about the site's progress. There is a way to search scenes by keyword that includes about 4x as many keywords as have been filmed so far.  A LOT of thought and effort went into this site and it shows.

There are a variety of subscription options, including better deals the more months you pay for- but all options are in British pounds..  I opted for the 10 days at 10 lbs. (not sure how to make the British pound symbol on Blogger, but it winds up being about $15 -plus a call from your bank's fraud detection department asking about why you have a charge from Europe, but no biggie.)

A few quibbles-

  • While I admire Pandora's stance in not excluding M/M scenes... they don't interest me.  I'm not a homophobe, but... M/M spankings just don't do anything for me- and there's not a lot in F/M scenes currently in case you're interested in that.  Speaking of which...  
  • Some of the preview scenes are at this point just photos, not video- which I was looking forward to seeing.
  • The movies are very high quality, and you may choose from high or low quality downloads in a couple of formats, but there's no indication of the file size before you download it, and one of them was almost 1 gig in size.
Overall... Like I said, flashes of pure brilliance.  Going back to a sports analogy... several years ago I saw the quarterback that won the Heisman trophy this year and I saw the screen show the fact that he had more passes without an interception than any true freshman playing QB, and he was fast on his feet too.  We still won that day, but I thought "Wow, he's going to be awesome in a few years!" and I was right.  I see this site as the RGIII as a freshman of spanking websites.  Wide variety of good stuff, flashes of absolute brilliance better than any that have come before, but just hoping/wondering if they can maintain it.  (Sure that analogy is lost on my British readers!)   I've paid much more for much less of a single movie than that one Jodhpurs update alone.  The site's awesome so far, and I hope they keep it up to the point that soon it will not qualify for one of my reviews based on my small site criterion, rather than flame out in an overly ambitious website that cannot maintain its brilliance (or its budget.).    

More reviews to come...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Retro Spanking Story Sites

Last week I added something to the blog showing my most  popular posts so far. Maybe I don't pay enough attention to my blog stats but I thought it was surprising.

What was my most popular post?
  • Not even the post on nudity complete with a video compilation of the best nude scenes in the last 30 years set to a funny song, even with the boost because it made Pink tingle!

No, the most popular post since I started this blog a couple of months ago was surprisingly one I just threw up here because I hadn't posted in awhile...  the post on retro spanking story sites. In uhm, retrospect though, I can kind of understand it. Sites that we saw way back when the internet was young and before we'd seen spanking movies or maybe met someone for spanking play...   It was exciting to find spanking content on the internet, and maybe seeing these sites still up takes people back to that time.

So, all that having been said, my readers want retro spanking story sites... retro spanking story sites they'll get.  And since I may not post again until then, Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kickin' Kwanzaa, a wonderful Winter Solstice, etc...

Here are a couple more that are still running or at least preserved. I was pleased last time that Rollin found that post, and love his new stories.  If any of these authors are still around I would love to hear from them too.

Flogmasters story archive
There are over 500 stories with descriptions and ratings. Here's the link to the list of stories sorted by date:
These stories date back to 1994, and many of the early ones were "published" well before that on S.S.C. etc...

Don A.Landhill's geocities site
Another one, like a couple I mentioned in the earlier installment, saved from geocities demise, it lasted from about 2000 through late 2003 and has a bunch of stories from him as well as some by SamPast, Jen, Kayley,  Huggedlots, Jewel, and Jessie compiled from postings on SSC.  Some of his stories were good enough to be published by CF Publications now found at and there's a description of those stories, but not the stories themselves.  They're presumably still available on CF publication's website for purchase.

St Francis school for girls
Cute schoolgirl stories, the site appears to have been abandoned in 2003, but is still up and running.
Here's the story index and it's tantalizing to see stories that were listed but not added to the site. I remember one where the main girl was protesting having to wear a tie, and spanked weekly for it by the principal. Later she was elected head girl or whatever and getting ready for the new school year had to get a demonstration from the principal of the big paddle she would be authorized to use during the year.

Enjoy! And again if anyone writing any of these is still around, a big thank you and I'd love to hear from you. (And I bet my readers would too.)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Finally saw "Secretary" ...yup, it was awful.

This time of year is awfully crazy around here.  It seems those precious hours after the kids are asleep are even more precious now... But instead of being spent on naughty internet time, they're spent on finishing up cooking, Christmas projects, addressing a Christmas card to someone that wasn't on our list but sent us one so we have to send them one, and late night trips to Wal-Mart and Toys R Us (they're open 24 hours until Christmas) or doing regular household stuff because I didn't have time to get it done during the evening when we had something.  So apologies to those that have left comments days ago but I just now got around to thanking/replying.

Even with all that going on, after finishing up stuff around the house one night this week, I decided to veg out with a beer watching sportscenter... but then flipped to the skinamax type channels during a commercial break, cause you know, I'm a guy.  The Secretary was on.  The one with James Spader as an attorney and Maggie Gyllenhaal as his masochistic secretary.  I'd never seen it, but had read lots about it.  Maybe next to McLintock! and Exit to Eden it's the spankiest American mainstream movie ever made.  (McLintock was awfully boring and only unintentionally funny, and the spankings were silly; meanwhile the lady that was in Tombstone and China Beach -forget her name and too lazy to look it up- was an interesting character, and plenty hot, but Exit to Eden also had Rosie O'Donnell talking about her periods in it.)  I figured any self-respecting spanko should see Secretary at least once, so I stuck with it.  I saw probably 2/3rds of the movie and... It was awful.

Every character in it was completely unbelievable and certifiably crazy.  The story was dumb, and the ending eye-rollingly ridiculous.  Yes, the secretary herself was plenty hot and showed plenty of nudity, which I like, but I can't imagine the James Spader character doing anything for female spankees out there.  He finally takes her panties down and doesn't whack her but instead whacks off and leaves?  He has her sit at the desk at the end until she pees on herself?!  Then he sees what's going on and leaves again not to come back until it's a media frenzy?!  Felt sorry for her boyfriend, not because of what happened in the movie but because I always thought of E.T. whenever he was around.

Don't know what I was expecting, but was completely disappointed at wasting over an hour of my life watching that.  It wasn't hot enough spanking-wise for me to be able to ignore the story and just wait until the good parts, and the story was so stupid I did not enjoy it as a regular movie.  Oh well.  I've seen it now. (er... most of it.)

Next blog posts... more retro spanking story sites and a spanking video website review.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Impact (and Pleasure) of Nudity

Yes, it's the holidays but I couldn't think of a good Christmas carol spanking lyrics parody so thought I'd talk about something a little more fun...

Awhile back a spanking blogger friend of mine posted a picture that showed her breasts. I was surprised at the time how much of a turn on it was for me.  There are a bajillion bare boobs on the internet yet her boobs turned me on more than any of those.  Her breasts were plenty nice-- don't get me wrong-- but there was nothing special about her breasts themselves.  What was exciting to me was that I was seeing HER boobs for the 1st time. Someone I'd chatted with a lot and considered a friend was sharing a part of herself with me (well, and the world) that I'd never seen before.

Another blogger friend of mine told me that she won't ever show revealing pics because she doesn't want to risk become calloused to or nonchalant about nudity and lose the butterflies or feeling of embarassment when she takes her pants down for a real spanking.  I get that and can completely respect it, even though I'm somewhat of an exhibitionist and showed a pic of my scrotum the first month I started this blog.

As I've said before... for me, embarrassment is one of the key ingredients in the appeal of spanking.  Nudity is a powerful part of that. The fact that someone is embarrased by showing their naughty bits but does it anyway turns me on.  In my relatively few real life spanking encounters, I've tried to play this up a bit by removing the panties very slowly, and telling the lady how nice she looks and how much I enjoy the view, hopefully eliciting a blush.  I'll save the baring of breasts or not during real spankings for another time.  It certainly deserves its own discussion.  Really, though, this post is not about actual encounters so much as what I enjoy seeing on the computer, and let's face it, that's a lot more frequent.

The embarrassment certainly plays a role in my enjoyment of nudity.  However, if I'm being honest I'm not sure the embarrassment completely explains the appeal of it. I have to admit I think that deep down, there's still a little bit of the boy who, although fascinated by spanking, would also spend the night with his dorky friend because that dorky friend knew where his dad's stash of Playboys was, or who would watch the scrambled cable channels late at night just hoping to catch a glimpse of a nipple. Maybe it's just me, but I suspect that a lot of guys are the same way. 

You didn't think I'd post something about nudity and just use words, did you?
Back to spanking, though... I remember several years ago there was a Samantha Woodley clip on Firmhand where she was getting paddled.  A couple of times the impact made her clench in such a way that you could see her short and curlies on the face-cam angle. I loved that, particularly since she's fairly modest when it comes to what she shows in front of the camera.

Another time, again years ago, I remember watching an intense Dallas spanking of a lady that was (and remains) no stranger to some pretty intense BDSM and hardcore films.  It was quite a spanking Dallas gave her, but although she was clearly naked... it was almost as if the clips were carefully edited to protect her modesty.  Nothing but her butt, back, and face showing. Maybe that's how some of his customers liked it, but not me. 

So yeah, I like nudity with my spanking.  Partly because it adds to embarrassment and vulnerability, but also because well, I'm a guy, and I like naked women.  On that note... enjoy this non-spanking but completely topical (and awesome) video I found.  Turn the sound up because the lyrics are hilarious too.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Upside down red bottom pics + a secret spanko tip re: posting cell phone photos

Okay so I've mentioned my favorite secret spanko who lives a few states away before and how I was trying to convince her to let me post some pics.  Quick recap- I was going to be a few states away awhile back, and though we could not make it work to actually meet, we hit it off very well via email, and next thing I know, every couple of weeks or so I'm sitting in the parking lot of a fast food place at lunch talking to her on the phone and directing her self spanking.  She'll usually send me pics afterward.  (As an aside, I really need to come up with a blog friendly name for her if I'm going to continue talking about her.  I thought about SSFAFSA -Secret Spanko From A Few States Away, but that sounds too much like a submarine named after college financial aid.) 

Well, she agreed, but was concerned that the pics she'd sent me before were either too explicit or included too much background that might be recognizable.  So today she said we would get some blog-worthy pics.  But first we had to get her butt nice and rosy.  So we did.  While we both agree that this is not near the same thing as a real spanking, it's the next best thing.  I'm always amazed at the astounding act of submission it takes for her to spank herself at my command, and today was no exception.  Lots of "ouchies!" and whimpers in that adorable sexy voice of hers.

The butt pics she sends me are almost always upside down.  As I've said, this is one of those initially annoying things that eventually becomes endearing.   "C'mon, I hold the phone down there and take a pic! It'd be awkward to hold it upright!"  So cute... Anyway, I think she has an awesome spanking model quality bottom, and wanted to share.

Here's a secret spanko tip... there's been some concern and a few stories in the media about the dangers of posting personal cell phone pics on the internet and how they might contain personal information about where the picture was taken from, and the cell 
phone owner.  See, for example, 

Well, I'm not sure about this, but just to be safe, pics I post are "filtered" through a screenshot.  I'm not actually posting the source image, but an image of the image... I save it to my computer from a program like Printkey that takes a rectangle image or screenshot of what's on my computer screen.  Here's a link to a free program like this:

Oh, and our federal government is on the brink of shutting down for about the 5th time this year unless Congress acts this week.  Say what you want about George W. and Nancy Pelosi, but this didn't happen until this Congress.  I'm trying really hard to hold it in and suppress it, but a bipartisan Congress-bashing political rant is threatening to burst out. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Let your switch flag fly!

Is there a stigma associated with being a switch?  If so, what exactly is it? I haven't been to spanking parties- all my experiences have been one on one... so maybe I'm just ignorant. 

For the vast majority of my life, being spanked has had zero appeal to me. I was spanked growing up, and that obviously was something I tried hard to avoid. Then when I discovered spanking on the internet, when I occasionally encountered F/M content I'd avoid it.  Ewww... Not my thing at all.  Made my penis shrivel. 

But then I decided I needed to experience it and that doing so would make me a better spanker.  I started looking into it and approaching people on the internet about it.  Part of my standard spiel is that discretion is important to me, cause, you know... I'm a secret spanko and all and don't want it being public that I'm into spanking.  But it was funny when seeking a woman spanker... Over and over I heard some variation of "Don't worry, I'm very discreet.  I have a few doms I spank regularly and haven't told a soul.  I won't tell anyone that you've been spanked either."  Really?!  It was as if the fact that I'm meeting an almost stranger for spanking was no big deal, but apparently it's the fact that I'd be on the receiving end that's a big deal to keep hush-hush.  

Why hide it?  Why not announce proudly that you can and have taken what you dish out?!  Is it some sort of machismo thing?  Are you afraid you might be seen as weak for having submitted?  I can kind of understand why one in a professional setting might not want to publicize the fact that they've switched.    The public is paying for a persona, and that's what they want.  Plus if a professional domme talked about being on the receiving end, they might be inundated with requests for that... so they keep that part hidden.    I totally get that.  What I don't understand are regular everyday tops that don't want to admit that they've been on the receiving end, and apparently swear their spankers to secrecy about the fact that they have been.  

I also don't get how any self-respecting spanker would not try it out.  That's easy for me to say now, I guess, because I have, but at the time I was plenty nervous about it.   However, I'd think if I were a newbie spankee that had always been fascinated by spanking but just starting out on those scary first steps of acting on it, I'd rather lay over the lap of someone that was familiar with what was about to happen to me.  

I've only been spanked twice as an adult, by Dana Kane, an excellent spanker.  It didn't turn me into a sub.  It was not as erotic to me as giving a spanking.  It hurt.  A lot!  But it gave me a whole new perspective anytime I see a spanking video or picture on the internet, and greatly enhances my appreciation of them.  I picked up some great new techniques that I can't wait to try out out on a lucky lady here soon.  And there are some undeniably appealing aspects of turning off, letting go, and just taking it.  (Not to mention the undeniably appealing aspects of having an attractive lady take down your pants while your stomach is full of nervous butterflies.)

Finally, to those tops out there reading this who say, "Nope, not me, that's just not how I roll.  I'm the dominant one."  Well, I'm reminded of a job once where on a weekly rotation, each team of employees would be assigned to clean the break room.  There was a janitorial service that came at night, and never mind that we were paying regular employees way too much an hour to be windexing once a month, that was just how it was done. As a relatively new member of what was, in essence, management, I suggested that A) we should talk to the janitorial service about it and it was a waste of resources for us to do it like this, but when that was shot down, I suggested that B) if this is how it's done, it would be a good gesture for the management team to take a rotation.  That idea went over like a pregnant pole-vaulter.  Nope.  What did I know?  I thought it was the wrong call back then, and think it's the wrong call for any tops thinking that way now.  Maybe some tops just want to keep that level of separation, but I'd go so far as to say you owe it to your bottom (if not to yourself) to experience it just once, or twice. 

If I'm ignorant about any perceived stigma, or ignorant about other reasons why tops might choose to keep their switching a secret, please enlighten me.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

follow up to the post on pirated/shared files

Two days after my post about pirated and shared spanking videos, another post by strict uncle was chrossed called the future of porn in which it was hypothesized that content producers would allow some loss leaders to be spread by pirates in order to attract paying customers. Even accounting for the fact that strict uncle's movie was a royal pain to download (gave up trying) that's pretty much what I said was one of the gray areas of those forums... That in looking at them, I found a few gems of websites that I normally would not have known about and then eventually subscribed to them based on the pirated/shared videos I found.  Then again, sometimes the top studios just go ahead and publish sample videos so as not to have to worry about allowing some to be shared.  Seems like (not my cup of tea) was the least aggressive in preventing their videos from being shared on those forums  (fora?) on the bad side of the tracks of the internet - there was nothing but those BDSM type videos last time I looked, and it doesn't seemed to have uhm, hurt their bottom... line.

(I removed the section of this post talking about the Heisman award.  Looks like a couple of poor souls wound up on here after a google search for blogs talking about that.)

Spanking startle in the kitchen- the Pillsbury doughboy needs 50 stokes with a spoon!

Okay so I see all these posts this week with ginger cookies, sugar cookies, etc... that's not the kind of stuff I want to put on my blog.  I mean, MY blog is about spanking, right?  But then tonight I'm trying to make brownies for this Christmas thing we have tomorrow, turn the mix box over to read the directions and see this... "2) Combine brownie mix, oil, water, and eggs... 50 strokes with a spoon..."  

Wait, what?  Mix thoroughly?  No.  Stir until blended?  No.  It said 50 strokes with a spoon.  I tried just stirring it 50 times and there were still clumps.  The brownies turned out fine, and I think a wooden kitchen spoon is a terrific spanking implement that doesn't get enough credit, but I thought this was highly amusing.

I know, pics or it didn't happen... so here you go- a pic of the back of the box with the instructions.

Here's more of a close up with my crappy phone's ancient camera...

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Early elementary spanking story

So the title might be just a bit misleading... I read for the 1st time tonight a great new blog called Spanko Ab Initio about one man's realization that he has been a spanko from as early as he can remember.  I'm right there with him.  Maybe I'll post my early recollections here soon.  But lately I've been listening to my child struggle just a bit with readers, and it's one of the most difficult, frustrating things I've been through as a parent.  Well, except for colic, and teething, and potty training, and learning the word "No" as a toddler, but I'm intentionally repressing those memories.  So inspired, I  thought I'd share this for your amusement. 

Ted walks to work.
Ted is a vet.
Vets help sick pets.
Vets help hurt pets.
Tom is a cat.
Can Ted help Tom?
Tom hurt his leg.
Ted helps Tom.
Now Tom is well.
Ted helps lots of sick and hurt pets.
Ted walks back from work.
Ted sees Deb.
Deb wants Ted.
Deb wants Ted to spank.
Ted wants to spank Deb.
Ted spanks Deb.
Spank, spank, spank!
Ted spanks Deb hard.
It hurts Deb.
Deb sobs.
Ted hugs Deb.
Deb hugs Ted back.
Deb is wet.
Ted is hard.
Ted and Deb go to bed.
Deb and Ted fuck.

Okay, so maybe that was stupid, but highly amusing to me.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pirated/file sharing spanking videos and a secret spanko tip

Took a little mini-break from blogging but hoping to come back with a pot-stirring post about a subject  that's plenty controversial and I don't think has ever been discussed in the polite society of spanking blogs.

A couple of years ago, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called Outliers in which he examined those super-acheivers in their field. One of Gladwell's theories was that it took about 10,000 hours to become an expert in a field. Don't know if I'm quite there yet, but I'm probably closer than I'd like to admit in terms of time (and a small fortune) spent consuming spanking movies on the internet. In fact, until a couple of years ago, watching spanking videos was the only way I expressed my spanking desires.

Ask any spanking content provider and they'll say that you have to pay for really good content. The reaction to the sharing of videos is just like that of Hollywood and the music industry was before itunes changed the marketplace and effectively killed the market for filesharing of more mainstream files.

Well, you don't HAVE to pay for top quality spanking videos  Just google " downloads" and you'll come across plenty. Search a little more and you can find forums or short-lived yahoo groups where people post links and share videos that they've uploaded.

Since I'm a secret spanko and already of questionable moral integrity... I'll admit it. I've done it.  It's been awhile. (Funny how talking to real people substantially curbs the spanking movie habit.) Spanking content providers have a seemingly valid argument that such activity hurts their business.  It's black-and-white.  Sharing is stealing, and it's wrong.  Kind of hard to argue with that, but I still see a little gray there. I'd think that most people sharing files for free probably don't have the means to subscribe to spanking sites, so it's probably not hurting their business as much as they might think.  Based soley on my personal experience, like the (ahem, hypothetical) college student who found a song on Napster and then bought a CD for his truck, I've subscribed to spanking video sites after 1st having been exposed to them on a file sharing site. (The super sexy and the decidely amateur but surprisingly fun both fit this.)

Further, there are unfortunately defunct sites and those videos would be lost without sharing. (Anyone remember Raven Hill or the excellent  I like those early videos that you can't purchase legitimately, back when spanking models had pubic hair.

On the other hand, there are true thieves out there.  Folks who get a password, and upload everything from a site in order to get points or karma as a big member of one of those file sharing boards. (Before you condemn, think about how satisfying it is to see your pageviews go up or get "chrossed" -the spanking video sharers have a similar if somewhat perverted community and give credit to each other.)  Far worse, in my opinion are those that share for a profit.  Yes, there are folks that try to make money from this.  True pirates, they upload and share tons of videos, and for each download, they get fractions of a penny.  But apparently those pennies add up in the developing world, because they keep doing it.  

This is a widespread issue.  Not long after I started communicating with other folks into spanking, I was surprised by this seemingly innocent younger girl who wasn't sure she wanted to meet me based on her morals but who tried to "teach me" all about how to get spanking videos for free and offered to trade passes she'd gotten on a hacker site.  

Readers, I'll shoot you straight here... I think it's worth supporting pay sites, and I have almost continuously for years and years.  I enjoy their content, and to continue to provide that content, they need paying subscribers... but I have no moral high ground to stand upon.  The few times I've visited these sharing sites in the last few years, I haven't downloaded the latest updates from a known site provided by one of the thieves, but searched for those classics.  However, I'll leave the moral argument to someone else.  But I will say... and here's my secret spanko tip... STAY AWAY!!!!

First of all, these sites are on the wrong side of the tracks of the internet town, and make that fact all too clear.  Better have all your pop-up blockers fully engaged and your anti-virus and anti-malware up to date.  Even then, they take forever to download, are slow as hell, and you have to download multiple parts (creating multiple opportunities to mess things up) and then attempt to join the multiple parts.  It's tempting, but if you succumb to the temptation, it's a royal pain-in-the-ass.  (And not in a good way!)  The links you download them from are called something like, they get shut down frequently, and are not just from the wrong side of town, but located in the crack houses on the wrong side of town of the internet.  Trying to do this is a real beat-down.  You can supposedly get higher download speeds if you sign up and pay these downloading sites, but I wouldn't want to give my credit card info to a website that's encouraging questionable and probably illegal activities.  (even/especially if it's registered in Russia!)  I'm slightly paranoid, but have NEVER had a problem with CCBill giving them my real name and CC#.  From my understanding, it's quite a pain to become registered with CCBill, but that means you can trust the websites that are.

I've never actually uploaded something to share on one of those type sites, but I recently tried doing so for a legitimate purpose. (I was going to send a copy of a demonstration-type video that I'd purchased on a clips4sale site to someone.)  I tried 3 times, and she still hasn't been able to download it.  Basically, the whole thing is a monumental pain in the ass.

So do yourself (and the spanking community) a favor and if you want top quality spanking videos... go ahead and pay for it.  You'll feel better about yourself, and spend more time uhm... enjoying the movies and less time getting thoroughly pissed off at your computer.

Hope I haven't pissed off any spanking industry types reading this by not condemning shared videos thoroughly enough, but I think the topic is worthy of real and honest discussion.