Thursday, December 8, 2011

Early elementary spanking story

So the title might be just a bit misleading... I read for the 1st time tonight a great new blog called Spanko Ab Initio about one man's realization that he has been a spanko from as early as he can remember.  I'm right there with him.  Maybe I'll post my early recollections here soon.  But lately I've been listening to my child struggle just a bit with readers, and it's one of the most difficult, frustrating things I've been through as a parent.  Well, except for colic, and teething, and potty training, and learning the word "No" as a toddler, but I'm intentionally repressing those memories.  So inspired, I  thought I'd share this for your amusement. 

Ted walks to work.
Ted is a vet.
Vets help sick pets.
Vets help hurt pets.
Tom is a cat.
Can Ted help Tom?
Tom hurt his leg.
Ted helps Tom.
Now Tom is well.
Ted helps lots of sick and hurt pets.
Ted walks back from work.
Ted sees Deb.
Deb wants Ted.
Deb wants Ted to spank.
Ted wants to spank Deb.
Ted spanks Deb.
Spank, spank, spank!
Ted spanks Deb hard.
It hurts Deb.
Deb sobs.
Ted hugs Deb.
Deb hugs Ted back.
Deb is wet.
Ted is hard.
Ted and Deb go to bed.
Deb and Ted fuck.

Okay, so maybe that was stupid, but highly amusing to me.


  1. Very cute, and an interesting style. You didn't waste words.


  2. I thought that was very amusing, not at all stupid.

  3. Thanks ladies... hope folks didn't see the title of this post and think I'm a sick pervert or something.

  4. Ah Erica... only a writer would have caught that! See the line about how "Ted helps lots of sick and hurt pets." but I only included the part about Tom's leg being hurt? Well there was another scene (i.e., a line) about how Ted helped Spot, a dog, who was sick. However, I edited it out, trying to tighten the story up and worried that there was too much build up and my readers might be hoping to get to the good parts. So I left Spot out. But look for that deleted scene to be added as when I publish the Director's Cut version of the story!