Saturday, December 10, 2011

follow up to the post on pirated/shared files

Two days after my post about pirated and shared spanking videos, another post by strict uncle was chrossed called the future of porn in which it was hypothesized that content producers would allow some loss leaders to be spread by pirates in order to attract paying customers. Even accounting for the fact that strict uncle's movie was a royal pain to download (gave up trying) that's pretty much what I said was one of the gray areas of those forums... That in looking at them, I found a few gems of websites that I normally would not have known about and then eventually subscribed to them based on the pirated/shared videos I found.  Then again, sometimes the top studios just go ahead and publish sample videos so as not to have to worry about allowing some to be shared.  Seems like (not my cup of tea) was the least aggressive in preventing their videos from being shared on those forums  (fora?) on the bad side of the tracks of the internet - there was nothing but those BDSM type videos last time I looked, and it doesn't seemed to have uhm, hurt their bottom... line.

(I removed the section of this post talking about the Heisman award.  Looks like a couple of poor souls wound up on here after a google search for blogs talking about that.)

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