Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Impact (and Pleasure) of Nudity

Yes, it's the holidays but I couldn't think of a good Christmas carol spanking lyrics parody so thought I'd talk about something a little more fun...

Awhile back a spanking blogger friend of mine posted a picture that showed her breasts. I was surprised at the time how much of a turn on it was for me.  There are a bajillion bare boobs on the internet yet her boobs turned me on more than any of those.  Her breasts were plenty nice-- don't get me wrong-- but there was nothing special about her breasts themselves.  What was exciting to me was that I was seeing HER boobs for the 1st time. Someone I'd chatted with a lot and considered a friend was sharing a part of herself with me (well, and the world) that I'd never seen before.

Another blogger friend of mine told me that she won't ever show revealing pics because she doesn't want to risk become calloused to or nonchalant about nudity and lose the butterflies or feeling of embarassment when she takes her pants down for a real spanking.  I get that and can completely respect it, even though I'm somewhat of an exhibitionist and showed a pic of my scrotum the first month I started this blog.

As I've said before... for me, embarrassment is one of the key ingredients in the appeal of spanking.  Nudity is a powerful part of that. The fact that someone is embarrased by showing their naughty bits but does it anyway turns me on.  In my relatively few real life spanking encounters, I've tried to play this up a bit by removing the panties very slowly, and telling the lady how nice she looks and how much I enjoy the view, hopefully eliciting a blush.  I'll save the baring of breasts or not during real spankings for another time.  It certainly deserves its own discussion.  Really, though, this post is not about actual encounters so much as what I enjoy seeing on the computer, and let's face it, that's a lot more frequent.

The embarrassment certainly plays a role in my enjoyment of nudity.  However, if I'm being honest I'm not sure the embarrassment completely explains the appeal of it. I have to admit I think that deep down, there's still a little bit of the boy who, although fascinated by spanking, would also spend the night with his dorky friend because that dorky friend knew where his dad's stash of Playboys was, or who would watch the scrambled cable channels late at night just hoping to catch a glimpse of a nipple. Maybe it's just me, but I suspect that a lot of guys are the same way. 

You didn't think I'd post something about nudity and just use words, did you?
Back to spanking, though... I remember several years ago there was a Samantha Woodley clip on Firmhand where she was getting paddled.  A couple of times the impact made her clench in such a way that you could see her short and curlies on the face-cam angle. I loved that, particularly since she's fairly modest when it comes to what she shows in front of the camera.

Another time, again years ago, I remember watching an intense Dallas spanking of a lady that was (and remains) no stranger to some pretty intense BDSM and hardcore films.  It was quite a spanking Dallas gave her, but although she was clearly naked... it was almost as if the clips were carefully edited to protect her modesty.  Nothing but her butt, back, and face showing. Maybe that's how some of his customers liked it, but not me. 

So yeah, I like nudity with my spanking.  Partly because it adds to embarrassment and vulnerability, but also because well, I'm a guy, and I like naked women.  On that note... enjoy this non-spanking but completely topical (and awesome) video I found.  Turn the sound up because the lyrics are hilarious too.


  1. Is that Phoebe Cates in the still you used? I was a big fan of hers back in the 80's. It's from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, isn't it?

    Nice one


  2. I think it's always a big deal to see someone naked -- even after years of seeing the same. Or, at least I think it should be!

    I'm always acutely aware, even after nearly 2 years with D, of the moment when I'm exposed. Even though the embarrassment lasts for just a few seconds, I fixate on that feeling for days afterward.

    It's interesting to read your perspective here. I had a close spanking friend who only wanted to spank women in thongs. It goes to show that, as in everything, spanking tastes are widely varied!


  3. Oh...and even I was turned on by Phoebe Cates in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". That red bikini scene was hot.

  4. Yes Tim, you got that one right, and I'm glad Pink enjoyed it too- that scene is the 1st in the video here.

    I'm happy for you Pink that you can still feel those butterflies. Yes, there is a wide variation in how people like their spankings. I like mine with a little bit (or a lot bit) of naughty bits. Maybe I'm weird.

  5. You boys and your visuals. Whatever happened to using one's imagination, hmmm?

    However, I do thank you for the compliments. I just happen to prefer showing my bottom to my breasticulars, as a rule. (that's John's word)

  6. thanks for the inspiration, Erica. I have quite an imagination too, but sometimes it's the simple things in life that make me happy. "Beer... Mmmm! Football... Boobies...MMMmmm!"