Thursday, December 22, 2011

More Retro Spanking Story Sites

Last week I added something to the blog showing my most  popular posts so far. Maybe I don't pay enough attention to my blog stats but I thought it was surprising.

What was my most popular post?
  • Not even the post on nudity complete with a video compilation of the best nude scenes in the last 30 years set to a funny song, even with the boost because it made Pink tingle!

No, the most popular post since I started this blog a couple of months ago was surprisingly one I just threw up here because I hadn't posted in awhile...  the post on retro spanking story sites. In uhm, retrospect though, I can kind of understand it. Sites that we saw way back when the internet was young and before we'd seen spanking movies or maybe met someone for spanking play...   It was exciting to find spanking content on the internet, and maybe seeing these sites still up takes people back to that time.

So, all that having been said, my readers want retro spanking story sites... retro spanking story sites they'll get.  And since I may not post again until then, Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Kickin' Kwanzaa, a wonderful Winter Solstice, etc...

Here are a couple more that are still running or at least preserved. I was pleased last time that Rollin found that post, and love his new stories.  If any of these authors are still around I would love to hear from them too.

Flogmasters story archive
There are over 500 stories with descriptions and ratings. Here's the link to the list of stories sorted by date:
These stories date back to 1994, and many of the early ones were "published" well before that on S.S.C. etc...

Don A.Landhill's geocities site
Another one, like a couple I mentioned in the earlier installment, saved from geocities demise, it lasted from about 2000 through late 2003 and has a bunch of stories from him as well as some by SamPast, Jen, Kayley,  Huggedlots, Jewel, and Jessie compiled from postings on SSC.  Some of his stories were good enough to be published by CF Publications now found at and there's a description of those stories, but not the stories themselves.  They're presumably still available on CF publication's website for purchase.

St Francis school for girls
Cute schoolgirl stories, the site appears to have been abandoned in 2003, but is still up and running.
Here's the story index and it's tantalizing to see stories that were listed but not added to the site. I remember one where the main girl was protesting having to wear a tie, and spanked weekly for it by the principal. Later she was elected head girl or whatever and getting ready for the new school year had to get a demonstration from the principal of the big paddle she would be authorized to use during the year.

Enjoy! And again if anyone writing any of these is still around, a big thank you and I'd love to hear from you. (And I bet my readers would too.)


  1. Another very interesting post, Mr Marks. Thank you for your research, and the time you spend putting all this secret spanko knowledge out there for the masses.

    Happy Holidays!

    - Dana

  2. Well Dana, thank you for the compliments, and though I've talked about you a bit on here, I'm pleased to get the opportunity to officially welcome you to my blog.