Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pirated/file sharing spanking videos and a secret spanko tip

Took a little mini-break from blogging but hoping to come back with a pot-stirring post about a subject  that's plenty controversial and I don't think has ever been discussed in the polite society of spanking blogs.

A couple of years ago, Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called Outliers in which he examined those super-acheivers in their field. One of Gladwell's theories was that it took about 10,000 hours to become an expert in a field. Don't know if I'm quite there yet, but I'm probably closer than I'd like to admit in terms of time (and a small fortune) spent consuming spanking movies on the internet. In fact, until a couple of years ago, watching spanking videos was the only way I expressed my spanking desires.

Ask any spanking content provider and they'll say that you have to pay for really good content. The reaction to the sharing of videos is just like that of Hollywood and the music industry was before itunes changed the marketplace and effectively killed the market for filesharing of more mainstream files.

Well, you don't HAVE to pay for top quality spanking videos  Just google "myfavoritespankingsite.com downloads" and you'll come across plenty. Search a little more and you can find forums or short-lived yahoo groups where people post links and share videos that they've uploaded.

Since I'm a secret spanko and already of questionable moral integrity... I'll admit it. I've done it.  It's been awhile. (Funny how talking to real people substantially curbs the spanking movie habit.) Spanking content providers have a seemingly valid argument that such activity hurts their business.  It's black-and-white.  Sharing is stealing, and it's wrong.  Kind of hard to argue with that, but I still see a little gray there. I'd think that most people sharing files for free probably don't have the means to subscribe to spanking sites, so it's probably not hurting their business as much as they might think.  Based soley on my personal experience, like the (ahem, hypothetical) college student who found a song on Napster and then bought a CD for his truck, I've subscribed to spanking video sites after 1st having been exposed to them on a file sharing site. (The super sexy spankamber.com and the decidely amateur but surprisingly fun girlsspankedhard.com both fit this.)

Further, there are unfortunately defunct sites and those videos would be lost without sharing. (Anyone remember Raven Hill or the excellent spankingcouple.com?)  I like those early videos that you can't purchase legitimately, back when spanking models had pubic hair.

On the other hand, there are true thieves out there.  Folks who get a password, and upload everything from a site in order to get points or karma as a big member of one of those file sharing boards. (Before you condemn, think about how satisfying it is to see your pageviews go up or get "chrossed" -the spanking video sharers have a similar if somewhat perverted community and give credit to each other.)  Far worse, in my opinion are those that share for a profit.  Yes, there are folks that try to make money from this.  True pirates, they upload and share tons of videos, and for each download, they get fractions of a penny.  But apparently those pennies add up in the developing world, because they keep doing it.  

This is a widespread issue.  Not long after I started communicating with other folks into spanking, I was surprised by this seemingly innocent younger girl who wasn't sure she wanted to meet me based on her morals but who tried to "teach me" all about how to get spanking videos for free and offered to trade passes she'd gotten on a hacker site.  

Readers, I'll shoot you straight here... I think it's worth supporting pay sites, and I have almost continuously for years and years.  I enjoy their content, and to continue to provide that content, they need paying subscribers... but I have no moral high ground to stand upon.  The few times I've visited these sharing sites in the last few years, I haven't downloaded the latest updates from a known site provided by one of the thieves, but searched for those classics.  However, I'll leave the moral argument to someone else.  But I will say... and here's my secret spanko tip... STAY AWAY!!!!

First of all, these sites are on the wrong side of the tracks of the internet town, and make that fact all too clear.  Better have all your pop-up blockers fully engaged and your anti-virus and anti-malware up to date.  Even then, they take forever to download, are slow as hell, and you have to download multiple parts (creating multiple opportunities to mess things up) and then attempt to join the multiple parts.  It's tempting, but if you succumb to the temptation, it's a royal pain-in-the-ass.  (And not in a good way!)  The links you download them from are called something like superupload.com, they get shut down frequently, and are not just from the wrong side of town, but located in the crack houses on the wrong side of town of the internet.  Trying to do this is a real beat-down.  You can supposedly get higher download speeds if you sign up and pay these downloading sites, but I wouldn't want to give my credit card info to a website that's encouraging questionable and probably illegal activities.  (even/especially if it's registered in Russia!)  I'm slightly paranoid, but have NEVER had a problem with CCBill giving them my real name and CC#.  From my understanding, it's quite a pain to become registered with CCBill, but that means you can trust the websites that are.

I've never actually uploaded something to share on one of those superupload.com type sites, but I recently tried doing so for a legitimate purpose. (I was going to send a copy of a demonstration-type video that I'd purchased on a clips4sale site to someone.)  I tried 3 times, and she still hasn't been able to download it.  Basically, the whole thing is a monumental pain in the ass.

So do yourself (and the spanking community) a favor and if you want top quality spanking videos... go ahead and pay for it.  You'll feel better about yourself, and spend more time uhm... enjoying the movies and less time getting thoroughly pissed off at your computer.

Hope I haven't pissed off any spanking industry types reading this by not condemning shared videos thoroughly enough, but I think the topic is worthy of real and honest discussion.


  1. While I have little problem with downloading other sorts of pirated content, like TV episodes, movies, etc, I think the case against pirating premium spanking content is particularly strong because it is such a niche market. The effect of a single download of pirated spanking content on the site is was taken from is likely to be much larger than the effect of downloading a pirated TV episode on a media conglomerate.

    I must be honest, I have on occasion downloaded pirated spanking content, but not for a while and not often. I have certainly paid for much more than I haven't.

  2. that's a good point about the size of the market, SpankoAbInitio. And welcome to this blog.

  3. You have a point, SS. Piracy has the potential to kill the creativity in such a niche market. What is amazing, though is how large the market is. There are over 100 quality producers, more if you count F/M and they keep cranking away even in the face of wholesale piracy from the big boards and their upload partners. Better practice is to subscribe to sites you like and rotate them periodically.
    But I'm still looking for the site that can deliver a real story line with believable dialog and acting.

  4. As a Spanking website producer I am absolutely sickened by piracy. In the Uk most spank sites are either one man bands or couples who have a true love of spanking. Do we make money? Of course we do, but our outlays are quite high and we produce top quality spanking films. We pay for crew, location, equipment, the models and of course, our time is then spent editing and marketing. How do you think it feels when we see our latest update available to download for free on one of these boards?

    I suppose it is easy to see it as a 'faceless crime' Nobody gets hurt, but you have to realise that most of these pirates often join sites using stolen credit cards and are uploading films from every genre and making money doing so. Who knows what other illegal activities they are involved in?

    Times are hard for everyone at the moment, but the stark truth is that some spank sites have already had to stop producing new material. If people continue to download for free then many more will follow. Do you really want to kill the goose who lays the golden eggs?

    I spend a large amount of time per day checking the boards and having our content removed. Like most spankos I have a 'normal family life' outside of my kink and this time would be better spent playing with the kids.

    Anyway, rant over. Nice blog btw :)

  5. Rollin- I hear ya. Actually the best I can recall (and I'm not just saying this because I'm a fan/friend of Erica Scott) in terms of storyline, acting, and believable plot were the spanking epics films. Most of them were movies based on stories on herwoodshed.com (a premium story site- although your free writing is at least on par with the writing on there). Although I thought the spankings themselves were a little on the tame side, the sets, build up, and production values of that short-lived endeavor were probably the best ever.

    SpankingSarah - Thank you for the comment, and for the compliment on the blog as well. I started it recently because I figured it was a big chunk of the spanko population that wasn't mentioned in any blog currently. I know it's kind of controversial and doesn't fit neatly into the writers/pic posters/models/my-husband/wife-spanks-me-and-i-love-him/her-so! world of spanking blogs, but thought it was worth discussing. Funny that I get a lot more emails than comments because secret spankos want to remain secret-so much for discussion!

    Likewise, I think the pirated video thing is a big deal that no one talks about, and thought it was worth discussing too. I was trying for a somewhat balanced post and not a sermon, so as to get a better discussion, and ultimately convince folks not to do that and that it's
    in their own self interest not to. Like I said, I hope that in doing so I didn't completely alienate spanking producers like you.

    Again, thank you for sharing your viewpoint and hope you'll continue to visit the blog. In the meantime, did I say I was a spanking video expert? I had never seen your site. Just did though. Spankings + blowjobs- what a wonderful combination! I'll check out spankingsarah.com!

  6. I've occasionally downloaded a pirated photoset, never a movie. It is especially annoying to see "siterips" publicised on boards: it is the best way to ensure that spanking media producers go out of business, especially new, financially weak producers.

    On a somewhat more positive note, I recently saw that posters at the spanking-board.com site decided not to post any material from Pandora's Spanking Dreams site, because they agreed they were likely to kill it before it had a chance of getting off the ground. Perhaps that attitude could be further promoted using Pandora's strategy: she posted a friendly, non-aggressive message to the board members thanking them for their interest in her media, and asking them to support her site.

    As I said, I never download pirated movies. I'd like to think I'm being honest, but the truth is that, judging from the preview clips available, I wouldn't like them. My fantasies are my fantasies, and I have yet to find a clip that I enjoyed: either the acting is awful, or the spanker an old fat bald guy, or the spankee a kind of inert sack draped across his knee, or the storyline risible, or the spanking brutal, or the lighting crappy, or the cameraman's shadow visible, or the image quality abominable, or ... well, need I go on? I'd much rather download a nice, well-lit, sharp still picture and make up my own story. Hence, I would never join a spanking site: what would be the point? I'd be paying for content I don't really like.

    So yes, I have dowloaded the occasional photoset, but I don't think I've done too much damage to the industry. On the other hand, if I ever found a site that offered credible storylines, good acting, handsome spankers and spankees, and less interest in brutality and gynaecology, I'd surely join.

  7. thanks for the comment anon... don't usually get comments on older posts. I completely agree that "site-rips" are reprehensible theft. I had no idea that Pandora had reached out to the pirate boards, much less that there was "honor among thieves" shown to her, but neither surprise me. She has such a fresh take on everything when it comes to producing spanking content, and I bet the folks on the download boards were taken aback and both appreciated it and reasoned that it was in their long-term best interest to abide by her request.

    As far as not finding what you like in movies, I can't argue with creating your own fantasy based on high quality photos. If you're interested in the highest quality stuff, you might try spanking epics, or shadowlane, or dreams of spanking if you're looking for the best production values. I also think that realspankings.com has a few very realistic school scenes, although there's also plenty of absurdly implausible (though still very hot, to me at least) spanking scenes. Also firmhand has high production values and no brutality or gynecological shots.

    Thanks for the comment.

  8. Thanks for replying to a reply to an old post. I know it must be a chore to keep replying to long-forgotten posts, but I discovered your blog only three days ago.

    Yes, some producers are better than others. Still, I'd rather they published high-quality photosets as an alternative to movies. Some firmhand photosets are quite nice, but could be much better (and larger). If they offered the choice of a 50-image, 1600x2000 resolution set, I'd certainly join the site. And besides, it would not increase their productions costs one bit. Just a suggestion...

    My main complaint concerning spanking sites is that the story usually involves some form of abuse of power: parent-child, headmaster-student, boss-employee, etc. That's a big turn-off for me, especially the father-daughter scenario, which I find positively repellent (echoes of incest, perhaps). Maybe that's the reason I enjoy spanking scenes in old movies: they were usually portrayed as one more episode in the flirting process, they involved adults and they were not brutal: no canes, whips, belts or paddles, though sometimes a hairbrush might give a spicy flavour of intimacy.

    I'm partial to M/F OTK hand spankings over a panty-clad bottom, or even a fully-clad bottom, because they suggest a prelude to romance. What can I do, I'm a born romantic as well as a born spanko! To me, spanking is a turn-on because I picture it as a first, subdued sexual contact (less crass than pinching the girl's bottom or squeezing her breasts) and as a way of establishing that the girl (woman, I should say) in question is naughty and bratty, and needs correction (I know what the psychological origin of my preferences is, but I don't care one bit. I enjoy my fetish too much, and do not wish to be "cured," thank you very much).

    Perhaps you could do a blog post about the different styles of spankings and their connotations. It would be great to read the comments. Maybe some lady in the world shares my all-too-specific kink!

    Concerning Dreams of Spanking, I regret to say that I've found links to pirated Pandora's films all over the place (not in the Spanking Board, but the posters might be the same people that do post the links in other boards). I feel I should do something about it. Do you think it's any use warning Pandora and sending her the links to the culprits' posts?

    I thank you once again for replying, and I apologize for posting anonymously; I just don't have the courage to come out of the closet.

    1. Hiya,

      I'd be very happy to be sent links to pirated posts - given the positive response I got on the Spanking Board it's worth a shot with the other posters.

  9. Not a chore- I get an email alert for any comment, and I absolutely welcome comments. Thank you!

    We all have different tastes when it comes to spanking, and I bet you can find SOMETHING out there that gets you excited. Regarding informing Pandora... I shot her an email heads up that she was being discussed on this post, and I'm sure she'd welcome any contact. However, I'm hesitant to get directly involved in a situation where well, I'm not directly involved.

    Absolutely no need to apologize for posting anonymously... I'm still anonymous, and it took me years before I came up with a "name" and started interacting with others and years after that before I started this blog.

    1. I guess your take on the matter is the right one. I'll follow your advice.

  10. The whole problem is people like SARAH who say they are sickened by piracy is who are they to use such strong words like that considering that their profession is being somewhat of a legal prostitute.

    15yrs ago there was no membership sites around but as soon as these sites popped up tons of people jumped on board and turned much of the internet into one giant store. Spankings models like Sarah traded their spanking passion into dirty money. And with that they are willing to fiercely protect their investment.

    I honestly don't buy this whole "we're making videos, but normal people". Especially considering the fact that I have seen several spanking models homes through google maps. These models "hurting to make a living are filthy rich".

    Currently myself and 3 others hold the full cards for distributing spanking videos online. myself and my team earns less than $1K a month doing it.

    Sarah, you do not have a right to complain after spending 15minutes on a cheap video and holding it in hundreds of membership sites and earning $100+ for it.

    My team will never stop and only become stronger and stronger until the spanking industry learns to change.
    If most spanking companies released their yr(or older) movies for free then we would be gone. The whole problem is you models are looking grab as much profit as you can by selling off old videos. Many of the spanking sites have not been updated in over 5+yrs and STILL they are just taking in memberships.
    Let's face it. We're stealing the chance of your right to make as much profit as you'd like so we're not good people and you spanking models have destroyed the passion of spanking by turning the whole internet into one giant marketing store.

    This is my rant.

  11. Anonymous, I decided to publish your rant. Though I have some issues with what you said, I still think more speech is good speech, and hope someone in the industry can respond to you. I agree that it's a shame we can't obtain content that's not "fresh" from many sites, though there's probably reasons beyond maximizing profit for that in some cases. I also agree with you that the spanking industry is changing, though I'm not sure it will be good for either pirates or consumers. Maybe through "more speech" we can identify those sites that have not updated in several ears and steer consumers away from them and toward sites that are generating new content.

    However, I have some problems with other things you said in your rant. I have yet to meet a wealthy spanking model. I'll just throw that out. Yes, 15 years ago much of the spanking content on the internet was free, but at that time there was a healthy business in video sales that to the best of my knowledge has declined since then. You can still find amateur "passionate" scenes for free on sites like spankingtube.com, but I think you generally pay for the better scenes. That's not a matter of selling out or greed on the part of spanking content producers... I bet Stephen King has a passion for his writing, but expects to be paid for it.
    Furthermore, you lose all credibility when you brag about how much you make off distributing the work of others, yet criticize Sarah for making far less than that in membership fees.