Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review of Dreams of Spankings... flashes of brilliance

I have a couple of spanking website reviews in the draft stages... but Dreams of Spankings just launched, and I just finished watching the movies and decided based on what I saw that it would jump to the front of the line.

First a little about my philosophy of writing spanking video website reviews... I want to:

A) keep it objective and maintain my "journalistic" integrity
I've seen a couple of review sites well, lose their journalistic integrity.  It's totally understandable. Who writes reviews of these websites?  People that enjoy them and have spent a lot of time enjoying them.  It's natural to feel flattered when a spanking "celebrity" wants to chime in or talk to you about what you're writing, but the risk is that you might be tempted to not provide the most honest, objective review if you're reviewing a friend.  Hey, I love reading the interviews of spanking stars as much as anybody.  But it might be hard to do an interview with someone and then give the website anything less than a glowing review.  And unless it's an honest and objective review, it doesn't benefit the consumer reading it as much as it should.   I'll only review sites that I've paid for myself.  I have the means, and want to support the content providers.  But just paying for it doesn't ensure objectivity.  For example, I'm not sure I could write an objective review of Spanking Court.  There are some things I really like about that website, and some things it that annoy me. However, I've gotten to know both Erica Scott and Dana Kane who work with that site, and I'm not sure that I could (or should) be objective about it.

B) focus on small or new sites that might benefit the most from exposure
What spanking video enthusiast doesn't know about the Realspankings sites, Girls Boarding School, Punished Brats, Chelsea, Dallas, etc...?!  But I think the spanking community could benefit from reviews of smaller, less well known sites.

So... I'll only review sites that I'm willing to pay my own money for, and will try to emphasize the smaller sites.

All that having been said, here goes... Dreams of Spankings

Wow.  The first movie I saw was "Caned in Jodhpurs" - it had period costumes, hard caning/riding crop action, an actual plot, and actual acting good enough that it seemed the scene was filmed in just 2 takes.  Plus it had an actual score (i.e., background music) that fit, and the spanking actions was not only plenty severe, but they didn't shy away from being sexy.  At one point the spanker turned the spankee around and kissed her as he fondled and then fingered her.

The next scene I watched was the caning merit badge scene that could not have been more different, but was equally enjoyable.  Just a couple sharing an intimate endeavor... she was on the bed as he gave her a pretty severe caning, and even caned her breasts.  What made it even sexier was the realism- he was constantly checking on her and kissing her... it looked, and probably was, a very intimate, sexy scene.

Other scenes I really liked include one where two ladies talk about the effect of being spanked, and then a demonstration is given, and a plenty firm hairbrush spanking to Amelia Jane Rutherford. (though she kept her panties on, boo!)

There are only a handful of movies, so far, but in that handful contains better dialogue, better build up, and a better variety of spanking scenes than is found in five years of updates from some of the more well known and established spanking sites mentioned earlier in this post.

Clearly Pandora Blake's vision is ambitious.  There's a blog about the site's progress. There is a way to search scenes by keyword that includes about 4x as many keywords as have been filmed so far.  A LOT of thought and effort went into this site and it shows.

There are a variety of subscription options, including better deals the more months you pay for- but all options are in British pounds..  I opted for the 10 days at 10 lbs. (not sure how to make the British pound symbol on Blogger, but it winds up being about $15 -plus a call from your bank's fraud detection department asking about why you have a charge from Europe, but no biggie.)

A few quibbles-

  • While I admire Pandora's stance in not excluding M/M scenes... they don't interest me.  I'm not a homophobe, but... M/M spankings just don't do anything for me- and there's not a lot in F/M scenes currently in case you're interested in that.  Speaking of which...  
  • Some of the preview scenes are at this point just photos, not video- which I was looking forward to seeing.
  • The movies are very high quality, and you may choose from high or low quality downloads in a couple of formats, but there's no indication of the file size before you download it, and one of them was almost 1 gig in size.
Overall... Like I said, flashes of pure brilliance.  Going back to a sports analogy... several years ago I saw the quarterback that won the Heisman trophy this year and I saw the screen show the fact that he had more passes without an interception than any true freshman playing QB, and he was fast on his feet too.  We still won that day, but I thought "Wow, he's going to be awesome in a few years!" and I was right.  I see this site as the RGIII as a freshman of spanking websites.  Wide variety of good stuff, flashes of absolute brilliance better than any that have come before, but just hoping/wondering if they can maintain it.  (Sure that analogy is lost on my British readers!)   I've paid much more for much less of a single movie than that one Jodhpurs update alone.  The site's awesome so far, and I hope they keep it up to the point that soon it will not qualify for one of my reviews based on my small site criterion, rather than flame out in an overly ambitious website that cannot maintain its brilliance (or its budget.).    

More reviews to come...


  1. Wow, thankyou so much for this unexpected and lovely review! I'm glad you've enjoyed "Caned in Jodhpurs" and "Caning Merit Badge" - as a devotee of the cane I think they're my two favourite scenes to date, despite being more or less the opposite ends of my film-making style.

    I made a deliberate choice to include some scenes that were just photosets. I love kinky photography and think it's sad to see photographs so often tacked onto a video as an afterthought. I really liked the spanking photography print magazines and would love to see more care and attention given to creating quality spanking photostories online. Sometimes a scene deserves to be told in photographs, where a lot of thought has gone into every image; not every scene is filmable, or (within our budget!) in such a way that the film would do the concept justice.

    Plus, some people genuinely prefer photography to video, as it allows them to use their imaginations (and has less scope for distracting technical imperfections or bad acting! Although those are both things I'm hoping to avoid too...)

    In short, I dislike the trend which makes photos AND video compulsory for every website update, and in which one or the other is often redundant. I'm trying to tell each story in the medium which I think will most do it justice. It's not that some videos are missing - it's that photos are how I most wanted to bring this particular scene to life. This is something I feel quite strongly about and I'll continue to give photogalleries their own space on the site, and not feel as though they are "second best" to video.

    There is a way to search scenes by keyword that includes about 4x as many keywords as have been filmed so far.

    Oh! Which ones? Having put together that tag list by hand, I'm fairly sure that they all link to scenes on the site. If there are any broken links please do let me know, there shouldn't be! Some of them only link to one scene so far, but I'm working on that ;)

  2. Glad you liked (and found) the review. Thank you for your comment, but a much bigger thank you for creating that site and sharing so much of yourself with your audience. I was amazed that a new start-up site had production values that high, and the comments about there being so many keywords was not meant as a criticism but as a sign that a lot of thought went into it and it seemed to be constructed in anticipation of many future scenes.

    Just downloaded the birching update and can't wait to see it. Yet another example of the wide-ranging variety of scenes your site offers. I can think of only two other birching scenes (one with Rosaleen Young and one of those eastern European movies) I've seen on any video site in the decade and a half I've been watching them. Kudos- and keep up the good work!

  3. it seemed to be constructed in anticipation of many future scenes.

    Yep, that is definitely true :) Thanks again for this. I really hope you like the birching scene, it's only simple but it was a lot of fun to make, and good to be able to focus on the sensations without trying for an ambitious storyline. Although having discovered how much I like the birch, those are definitely in the pipeline...