Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Upside down red bottom pics + a secret spanko tip re: posting cell phone photos

Okay so I've mentioned my favorite secret spanko who lives a few states away before and how I was trying to convince her to let me post some pics.  Quick recap- I was going to be a few states away awhile back, and though we could not make it work to actually meet, we hit it off very well via email, and next thing I know, every couple of weeks or so I'm sitting in the parking lot of a fast food place at lunch talking to her on the phone and directing her self spanking.  She'll usually send me pics afterward.  (As an aside, I really need to come up with a blog friendly name for her if I'm going to continue talking about her.  I thought about SSFAFSA -Secret Spanko From A Few States Away, but that sounds too much like a submarine named after college financial aid.) 

Well, she agreed, but was concerned that the pics she'd sent me before were either too explicit or included too much background that might be recognizable.  So today she said we would get some blog-worthy pics.  But first we had to get her butt nice and rosy.  So we did.  While we both agree that this is not near the same thing as a real spanking, it's the next best thing.  I'm always amazed at the astounding act of submission it takes for her to spank herself at my command, and today was no exception.  Lots of "ouchies!" and whimpers in that adorable sexy voice of hers.

The butt pics she sends me are almost always upside down.  As I've said, this is one of those initially annoying things that eventually becomes endearing.   "C'mon, I hold the phone down there and take a pic! It'd be awkward to hold it upright!"  So cute... Anyway, I think she has an awesome spanking model quality bottom, and wanted to share.

Here's a secret spanko tip... there's been some concern and a few stories in the media about the dangers of posting personal cell phone pics on the internet and how they might contain personal information about where the picture was taken from, and the cell 
phone owner.  See, for example, 

Well, I'm not sure about this, but just to be safe, pics I post are "filtered" through a screenshot.  I'm not actually posting the source image, but an image of the image... I save it to my computer from a program like Printkey that takes a rectangle image or screenshot of what's on my computer screen.  Here's a link to a free program like this:

Oh, and our federal government is on the brink of shutting down for about the 5th time this year unless Congress acts this week.  Say what you want about George W. and Nancy Pelosi, but this didn't happen until this Congress.  I'm trying really hard to hold it in and suppress it, but a bipartisan Congress-bashing political rant is threatening to burst out. 


  1. Great pics! If you want to make sure the pics stay anonymous with somewhat less hassle, google remove photo metadata.

    By the way, good news, no government shutdown threats for the next year it looks like. Now we'll see if they can pass the payroll tax cut extension they all basically agree on.

  2. Your friend does have a gorgeous bottom!


  3. Thanks SpankoAbInitio, saw a couple of articles awhile back but they were how to fix your smartphone... these were from someone else's phone and just trying to be safe.

    Pink- She appreciated your comment a great deal. While pictures can't come close to a real unveiling of a bottom, since she lives a few states away and the odds are long for me getting to see that bottom in real life anytime soon, I appreciate her sharing them with me.

    And figured I'd share them with y'all for a couple of reasons: A) to confirm what I'd mentioned in a previous post about them being upside down, and B) because well, thought my readers would enjoy it- who doesn't love seeing a gorgeous bottom?!

  4. Thanks! I appreciate your kind words! I love your blog! I have to admit, it was funny opening it up and seeing my bum! Keep up the great work! I look forward to your calls, :)!

  5. Thanks for letting me post them, little sweetie.