Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wonder what percentage of American parents spank their kids? here's your answer...

This is only tangentially related to the spanking fetish, but it's a fairly scientific poll I stumbled upon, and thought many of y'all might be interested.  Out of 1,000 carefully selected representative households were contacted... 469 said they'd spanked their child on the bottom with their bare hand in the last year, and 536 had done so within the child's lifetime.  How many had "hit on the bottom with a belt, hairbrush, a stick or some other hard object" according to the survey? ...207 in the past year, and 294 within the child's lifetime.  So roughly 50% spank, and 20-30% spank with something stronger than their hand.  Here's a link to the survey.

I was spanked growing up, and I know... I know... a lot of folks into spankings erotically as adults were not. But I fall into the the camp that thinks there's some sort of link.  (Of course, most kids that were spanked growing up never stumbled onto a Penthouse Variations magazines with spanking stories and photoshoots of hot naked women bent over and holding a paddle when they were on the cusp of puberty, but anyway....)

 I found the link to this survey in an article on a few weeks ago.  (Yes, I read things other than spanking blogs in my downtime, but my interest in spanking somehow crept into my reading of normal news).  The gist of the article was that approval of spanking was surprisingly high, but had declined, and that these numbers were more like 90% in the late 60's vs. roughly 50% today.  Frankly I'm somewhat surprised they are as high as they are currently.  Interestingly, in trying to find that article again for this post, I was surprised   just   how   many   stories   on   this  somewhat highbrow internet magazine deal with spanking.


  1. It is worth noting that the survey was published in 1998, based on responses from 1995 (something the slate article really should have stated). Looks pretty sound methodologically though, so it's probably a fairly accurate estimate for 1995.

    On a side note, as a spanko who was not spanked growing up and perhaps developed an interest in spanking partly out of curiosity about what I was missing, I suspect that the link differs from person to person. It would be nice if we had some reliable data on the correlation, but obviously those data would be difficult to obtain.

  2. How about the reverse question. How many kids, spank their parents. There are many naughty mom's out there, who need to have their bare bottoms warmed. Would'nt you agree?.

  3. Dangit you're right SpankoAI. Agree the author should have pointed that out. A brief search revealed no more recent surveys though.
    sixofthebest- I'm thinking that's pretty rare.