Monday, January 30, 2012

Pink Bait

In a comment on last week's "Tuesday Tingles" I joked that I was going to post some "Pink bait" in the hopes I would make it onto her list of things that made her tingle this week.  Oh well.  Oops... Did not think of anything erotic and tingly.  But here's some pink bait, anyway...

Alright, alright, fine... I'll give it a shot.
Alas, she's already taken, but... I bet Pink could really have some fun with my pink wiggly worm after I warmed her bottom up.  Mmmm.... just look at that...

Actually, that's repulsive, and if anything it looks like a sounding gone wrong! Ouch!
(and no comments, because, yeah, that's about the size of it!)

Speaking of fishing... I've decided that it's about time I went fishing for some new spankees.  It's been awhile, and don't really have any on the radar (er, uhm... sonar) at the moment.  (Except that one, just in case she's reading this!)  So I guess it's time to dangle my worm out there and hope for a few nibbles update my profiles and look for interesting ladies to reach out to via thoughtful emails/PM's.

Hi.  Your profile first caught my eye because it seems like you're about the right age, fairly local, and comfortable enough with yourself to post a picture (and a cute one at that!)  But then I read your profile... wow, I love hole-in-the-wall Latin/Asian fusion cuisine too!  Allow me to introduce myself a bit.  I'm an otherwise typical thirtysomething professional, except for this little kinky interest we share.  I have  some experience (not a lot) but am willing to provide a couple of references I've played with in the past just to prove I'm not crazy. (one moved away and one found a long-term relationship) blah blah exciting blah blah blah discretion blah Saw how you listed bonsai trees as a hobby- I've always been fascinated in them ever since watching the Karate Kid blah blah Mr. Miyagi sure had some strong but warm hands, and so do I! blah blah just for fun not a relationship blah blah really get to know you. Look forward to hearing back from you!
Marky Marks 

So guess I'll go check out the tackle box and get ready to cast a few lines out.

My favorite way to take down panties

There are several ways to take down a lady's panties before spanking her bare bottom.  (Preface this post with the fact that I don't get photoblogs.  Not knowing how to do them is one reason, but also I'd rather talk/write about something and attempt to illustrate it than post a hot picture with little to no discussion.  That having been said, this post is a little pictures-found-on-the-internet heavy.  Most are from Sarah Gregory's site, with a few more I found on image searches.  One courtesy of Pink's Papers, one with a copyright image for northern spankings, a couple from Clare Fonda, etc...)

Anyway, as I see it, there are three main ways to bare a bottom.

1) Taking them down once the spankee is already over your knee
Perhaps the most common way is to remove them as she's over your lap.  Definitely the most traditional.  Absolutely nothing wrong with that.  It preserves modesty, to a degree (until she starts kicking.)  I really love the "lift up so I can take your panties down" scenario... requiring her to take an active, yet fairly passive role in acknowledging that she's submitting to a bare-bottomed spanking.  Lifting her hips to accommodate the removal... this is a hot trigger for me.
2) Have her remove the panties herself.  
I suppose that this carries a greater act of submission to what's about to happen than just lifting up her hips for you to take them down, but well, it's not nearly as much fun, I'd think (although I've never tried this way in real life).  I just prefer the fun of participating in the unveiling, and tearing off the wrapping paper of that present.

I'm sure there are other countless variations too, like pulling them down as the spankee is bent over...

3) Removing them as the spankee stands in front of you
This is clearly my favorite.  No other method compares to the ritual, the visual, the embarrassment, the intimacy, and the vulnerability of the spankee standing in front of you, being lectured and prepared for what's about to happen with their nakedness staring you right in the face.
hands on the head is a nice touch.

almost perfect, but lift that skirt up, sweetie.

You're doing it wrong.  Look at him and wipe the disgusted look off your face!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Snuffing Out A Bad Habit (director's cut edition)

Dana Kane just recently published my second attempt to win one of her F/M story contests.  I lost again, but that's not all that important.  I really enjoy writing stories, I just need some encouragement to do so, whether that encouragement is in the form of a carrot or a stick.  I have three M/F stories in draft form saved and just waiting for someone to have a story contest where the best story writer gets to give her a spanking!  I have serious respect for those blogs that are primarily story blogs.  For me at least, writing fiction is much more work, and far more time consuming than just talking/typing-to-the-screen blogging.

Again, this is a director's cut version, because at the deadline I had to send it from my phone in a hurry.  This led to some formatting issues, but I hadn't given it a final proofing, either.  I have an ancient blackberry, because I'm too stubborn to change.  Not only did some of the inner thoughts that were supposed to have been italicized instead come out with *asterisks* surrounding those sentences, but as anyone who's emailed me probably knows, my worn-out spacebar coupled with the auto-correct two spaces = period and capitalizing the next letter... leads to sentences that.  Comeout something.  Likethis.  Actually I don't think it's as good as my entry into her previous contest, but I'm willing to say (with these edits) it's not bad.  For those of you into F/M spanking stories... enjoy.

Before we get to the story, to get you in the mood here's a funny song about dipping tobacco from Robert Earl Keen (audio only).

Snuffing Out A Bad Habit
A good day's work, and it's only 4:30.  Jim's gonna be thrilled.  He'll owe me one. I thought to myself while taking a leak.  Thump thump wiggle wiggle tuck zip flush.  I washed my hands in the sink, looked up into the mirror, straightening my tie, Yup, even under florescent lights, still handso--  woops. The self- congratulatory thoughts were cut short when I smiled and saw it.  There in my teeth was a flake of Copenhagen.  Dammit!  Must've been there since just after lunch- wonder how many people at the conference table noticed?  Don't kid yourself- all of them.


"Daddy, what's this?" my five year old asked, holding up an empty can of dip.

"Uh, it's uhm... one of Daddy's things. Thank you." I said, taking it from him.

"Hey, I was gonna use it as an artifact for the lego explorers!"

My son watches too many "educational" cartoons, I guess.  But it did look like it could be a cool artifact. The shiny gold metal lid with raised writings and symbols... But then I saw my wife Lauren give me a look.  I'm not always the best at interpreting those looks, but this one was clearly disapproving.

"No, this goes in the Daddy closet with the tools. Sorry bud."

"Aw, man!"

And just to make sure I understood, my lovely wife gave me a good uhm, "chewing" out about how she hopes our boys never pick up that disgusting habit, oh, and by the way when was I going to grow up?!


Then there were the yahoo health articles on mouth cancer left up on the computer, and the comment about Roger Ebert, and the looks every time someone mentioned anything about cancer.

Dipping tobacco was a nasty habit. Not as bad as smoking- my clothes and car didn't smell bad, nor did it affect my ability to jog, but it was a bad habit that I wanted / needed to quit.  A remnant of both my country upbringing and my fraternity days that if I'm being honest was a full blown addiction. I'd tried to quit before, and had a couple of times. I quit for 30 days before the life insurance physical... Then promptly put in a nice big fat celebratory dip for having done so.

I tried to be discreet, because I knew my wife didn't like it, and didn't want the boys to know.  But in the car, in the john, working outside in the yard, those increasing rare days playing golf... I had a dip in.  Plus it had become increasingly expensive in the last few years.

It was time.

Didn't tell anyone, didn't want to make a big deal out of it, plus I'd tried twice before and when I went back to it, my wife was livid. Not that I planned on failing to quit, but based on that experience, I wasn't planning on telling her about it either. Starting with the new year, I'd quit. Well, okay, starting Monday the 2nd. (New Years Day was a holiday, right?)

A lot of gum chewing, but the first day wasn't that bad.  The second day was.  The third day was even worse. So much for not making a big deal of it and keeping it to myself. My wife knew because I was grumpy and in a foul mood and didn't touch the beers in the fridge.  (I knew from previous attempts that alcohol was a quick way to lose this battle.)

"Honey I am sooo proud of you. I know you're strong enough to make it stick this time. I'm so happy!  No more little flakes of dried dip when I sweep, no more spit bottles I find out in the garage, no more half empty cans you try to hide but forget about until I find them.  Come here, how about a big kiss on those clean lips!" Lauren went on and on...

"Enough!" I roared. The last think I wanted to talk about was dipping, I was trying to block all thought of it from my mind.

But somehow three days led to a week, one week led to another, and though the craving never left, I was through the worst of it and had made it over a month.


It was early February and I was about to start on our taxes. I have a small study in our home that's really more like a large closet. I've always done my own taxes, and doing them online was fairly simple. I keep fairly well organized and was almost done but was finishing and couldn't find our kids' social security numbers, dangit!  I opened the bottom drawer of my little desk and dug around in the files- the paper copy from last year was in here  somewhere...

CLINK, rattle, rattle, rattle...

One of those half empty cans of dip I'd forgotten about fell off a stack of papers and made its distinctive sound as it hit the bottom of the drawer.  I stared at it.   I picked it up.  I opened it up and took a long deep sniff.  Mmmm... It was mostly dried out -who knows how long it had been there- But it sure smelled good.

Then I closed the lid and slid the can back across the desk. Nope. It took me about an hour more finishing up and double checking before finally clicking "submit" and being done with it. (Well, done with it except for having Lauren "sign" it too with her email.)

I felt pretty good about myself, and had plans for the refund.  Walking around the house in my socks, I checked and everyone was soundly asleep.  Our littlest had somehow made his way into our bed and was snuggled up with my wife.  Cute.

Down to the kitchen I went to grab a couple of beers and some chips before heading back up to my study. Long week, taxes done, temptation resisted... I was going to enjoy myself looking at spanking videos on the computer. Oh yeah, I may have forgotten to mention that. My wife and I are both into spanking. Just foreplay, basically, but pretty intense and kinky foreplay I suppose. Occasionally we'd incorporate real transgressions to spice it up, but we didn't live a domestic discipline lifestyle, by any means- most spankings involved roleplay, which led to great sex.  (A lot less frequent with little ones running around, though.)

So I undid my pants, twisted the bottle cap off, and settled in for some happy personal time.

One beer (and one mess cleaned off my stomach) later, I looked at the can on the back of the desk where I'd pushed it away earlier.  It wasn't going anywhere, just waiting for me.  Maybe I should just finish it off. Not like I stopped at a convenience store to get a can.  It just basically (almost literally) fell into my lap. It was mostly dry, so I wouldn't enjoy it much.  But I should finish it off before I had it tempt me every time I came up here to get work done, right?


"Isn't it a little early for spring cleaning, honey?"

"I don't care. We haven't had a free weekend in over a month, and this house is FINALLY going to get really clean, not just straightened up.  Have you SEEN behind the boys' toilet?"

No getting in Lauren's way when she's determined to clean. She'd go through a box of swiffers and half a bottle of windex today, I was sure.

I came back from running errands and the house smelled like lemons and disinfectant.

"Honey I have a lot more to do, but we have that birthday party for the Smith's son at 2:00.  Would you mind taking the kids? 'No gifts' so I just got him a cookie from cookie bouquet. It's already wrapped."

"No problem. How much more cleaning can you do, though?  House looks and smells great already."

"I haven't even touched organizing the play room or your study."

Crap, I got rid of the can last night, didn't I?! I thought to myself.   On the outside, I said, "You've done enough sweetie, there's no point going upstairs. You know how I organize our files, and the boys playroom will stay organized and clean for about 5 minutes- max."

"I'm on a roll and not stopping, hon.  But if you're worried about the house being too clean... We can make a big mess in our bedroom tonight -MeeMaw wants the kids to spend the night!" she said, snuggling up for a

"Mmm, and it's been awhile since this got any attention," I said, squeezing her bottom.

"Down boy! You're right, but first you have to go to a Batman party." She said with a smirk and gave me a little squeeze of her own.

I high-tailed it up to the study and doubled checked that I'd thrown the can away. Whew!

Then off to the Batman party. I felt sorry for the guy dressed up as Batman. Somehow the dark knight making balloon animals just seemed a little sad.  But the kids had fun, and did the usual small talk with all the other dads, all of whom were equally miserable. Kids were excited to spend the night with MeeMaw, and I was excited they'd be spending the night with MeeMaw too!

On the way home I went over in my head possibilities for tonight. Go out? Cook at home?  Weird... Lauren always answers the phone, but she hadn't when I called on the way to MeeMaw's and wasn't answering now either. Irritating.


"Honey? What's going on?  Why aren't you answering your phone? You know that's one of my pet pee-"

"I'm in here." She called out from our bedroom.

"Oh, you were in the shower -got it- hey wait, that mustve been an awfully long shower! I called you almost an hour ago!" I yelled to the other end of the house.

"I know. I didn't answer because I was angry." She hollered back.

Dammit-What now?! Did she not appreciate that I'd just suffered through not just a preschool birthday party but her mom's 20 minute conversation about Aunt Sarah too?!  I made my way to our bedroom and stopped short when I saw her.  Nude, she still took my breath away.  Her gorgeous hourglass
figure shimmered.  The setting sun's light coming in through the window caught the drops of water covering her body. My eyes were drawn involuntarily to her dark triangle and then her breasts wobbling as she toweled off her hair. What was I irritated about again?

But when I looked up, her smile was missing.

"I didn't answer your calls because I was angry. I'm not angry anymore but we need to talk." She said calmly.


"Care to explain this?"

She handed me a swiffer with some dust bunnies and lots of little brown specks stuck to it.


"Those look like dip flakes sweetie but they're pretty old and dry. When was the last time you cleaned the study?" Notice how I didn't deny it but tried to parry the implied accusation?

"Nice try.  I cleaned it in January... AFTER you quote quit." She said, making air-quotes with her fingers as she went back into the bathroom.

She returned and had put on her robe and was carrying her hairbrush.


She sat down on our bed and patted it just beside her, indicating she wanted me to take a seat as well.

"I'm not going to ask you to explain yourself. You're just going to dig a bigger hole for you to have to crawl out of.  But don't interrupt me.  I've been practicing what I want to say in my head.  While I was in the study, and after I'd calmed down a bit I looked up quitting nicotine on the computer. Turns out the average quitter is successful on their sixth attempt to quit. This is your third time, but you're above average,  right?  Ah- don't interrupt.  Also read that an occasional slip up is fairly common and doesn't necessarily  mean that the effort to quit has been in vain. Look I want to do everything I possibly can to encourage you.  This is a big deal.  I want you sitting on the rocking chair on the porch with me when we're old and wrinkly, and you won't make it to old and wrinkly unless you quit. So I'm going to give you a spanking, and it's gonna be a good one."

"Wait, I-"

"Ah-  what did I say about interrupting? My mind's made up but I really want you to hear me out.  This is not a punishment spanking, but an encouraging one. We don't do punishment spankings- well, except for that time I got too drunk at that wedding- but I want to help you, help us, win this battle. I want for the spanking to be bad enough that the next time your tempted to backslide, your backside will scream 'No!' So... Now you get to talk. Do you have anything to add?"

"Not really.  Sorry sweetie.  Yup, I was guilty of backsliding, as you called it. And I don't want to again."   I thought about arguing or getting out of it, and I probably could have, but truthfully I really wanted to quit, and probably deserved this as punishment but if she wanted to call it encouragement, so be it.

"Alright then, honey, come on." I stood in front of her and let her undo my belt and pants, pulling them down. As she pulled my underwear down too, I had my natural reaction to an upcoming spanking and her face positioned just in front of my crotch.  I couldn't resist; "But why not encourage me with a carrot instead of a stick?"

"Oh honey," she said grabbing me, "there'll be plenty of time to have some fun with your carrot later. First though, it's over my knees you go."

Her bathrobe parted, and her thighs were still a bit damp as she adjusted me a little.


She started awfully strong. "Hey, what happened to a warm up?!"

"This [SMACK] is [SMACK] a warmup. I'm not using the hairbrush yet."

On and on the "warmup" continued. Rapidly it became hot and uncomfortable, then outright started to really hurt.  Before too long, she picked up the hairbrush and continued at the same pace. I was tensing and groaning with each searing spank. She didn't lecture, but told me in a soothing voice how much she loved me and how she knew I could do it but just SPLAT wanted SMACK to give me SMACK WHACK all the CRACK encouragement WHAP she could.

Usually our spankings were given with the spankee naked, and it was kind of different to have my boots still on and my jeans around my ankles. It meant I couldn't really kick, just took it and took it and took the pain some more.  (With lots of growling and gripping the bedspread so tight my knuckles were white thrown into the mix too.)

Finally she relented, and patting my butt told me to get up and take off my clothes. Carrot time? I wondered.

"Up on the bed. On your knees, I want your face down on the pillow." Guess not.  She fondled my bottom, poked a couple of bad spots, then using her nails and then a finger moistened in her mouth fondled and teased my whole throbbing bottom, even my bottom hole.  I just groaned feeling the mixture of pleasure, pain, and relief that she wasn't inflicting even more pain.

"You know, I think just a little more encouragement is needed where I missed some spots here, here, and right in here too," She said, ever so sweetly, "stay put, honey, I'll be right back!"

And she was, carrying the long thin wooden kitchen spoon.

"I'm getting a little warm with all this encouragement," she said, shucking her bathrobe, and hopping on the bed in front of me. She spread her knees and crawled toward me, tantalizing me but then kept going past my head until she was straddling my back on her knees.

"Now, where were we? Oh yeah, we were encouraging all of your bottom not to be tempted to dip again.  Even these parts of your bottom [snap, snap] and these parts [snap, snap!] And even this little cute part right [snap!] here!"  Each little strike was intense and stung as she got the insides of my cheeks and thighs. In my current position I couldn't even really tense up and avoid them easily. Over and over again the little snaps of the spoon stung my tender parts until I was on the verge of tears. Just when I truly. Could not take any more, she sat down on my back.  "Okay honey, do you think your bottom will be screaming 'NO!' the next time you're tempted?"

"Yes" was all I could groan in response.

"Let's make double sure!" And then she proceeded to spank me all over with rapid-fire blows of the spoon that did send me over the edge to tears.

Next thing I realized, she had scooted up in front of me again, her legs still spread.

"Honey, I love you, and I had to do that for you, and for us."

She leaned over and wiped my tears and kissed my face and rubbed her hand in my hair.

"It's almost time to take care of your carrot, but first, before we finish this, let's give those healthy lips some exercise," she said with a smile, pulling my face toward her.

My lips (and my carrot) got plenty of exercise that night. I can't say that I've QUIT dipping- I now think it's more of a lifetime struggle against temptation, but it's been a couple more months now and so far, so good. At least I have my loving wife there to "encourage" me when I need it!

pain and politics

Interesting thing I read from the New York Times today, that's tangentially related to spanking and I thought might be of some interest. (Yes, I read more than just spanking blogs.) It was about a recent study showing that women report higher pain than men for similar illnesses and injuries.

On the one hand, yes, men probably have some sense of needing to be tough and not report pain to a degree.  On the other hand, I've always thought that women were actually tougher when it comes to pain. After all, they've evolved to somehow make it through childbirth, and for those that have experienced it without a C-Section or epidural, I'd think not much compares to that on a pain scale.  Interestingly, the article said the study authors discounted the males-try-to-be-tough-and-under-report-pain notion because post menopausal women report similar pain to men in several cases.  I also found it interesting that the types of pain have a gender-specific effect; for example males are relatively more sensitive to burns.

Don't know what this means, other than female spankees everywhere now have a scientific basis to say "Take it easy on me! I'm a woman!" and F/M tops might think they should spank harder because it didn't hurt him enough.

Speaking which, ahem, uh... switching gears... for awhile now I've threatened to go on a political rant.  Watching the Republican debate last night and then the State of the Union speech tonight has really gotten my political juices flowing.  I took way too many history and political science classes, have my own political philosophy that doesn't really jive well with either party, and I'm a news junkie too.  The anonymous nature of this forum makes it tempting to spew forth hot opinions with abandon in a way that one can't politely do in real life. On the other hand, I figure my readers come here for blog entries about spanking, not politics, so I've tried to suppress the urge to go on political rants here.

Also, I worry about someone out there (a reporter, a political operative digging for dirt) googling something like "Newt kinky nudity" and ending up here.  (Oops... too late)  Not quite as paranoid as it might sound.  Right after the Heisman trophy presentation show, I mentioned it and said something about the winner and got an uncomfortable number of hits searching for blogs talking about that.  Spankingblogville is in it's own little quiet corner of the internet, and not sure I want to post stuff on politics and risk non-spanko folks coming here.   However, I like the metaphor of the beach ball in the swimming pool when discussing suppression of urges (the harder and deeper you try to push it down, the more violent it will explode above the water the minute you slip.) So I'm going to try and include a couple of paragraphs of my political thoughts at the end of spanking related posts from time to time so I don't explode and spew political vitriole.

Where was I? Oh yeah... Newt.  No, not the frequent commentator on The Pink Report...
Not Noot Gunray from Star Wars, either...
No, this guy...
I'm extremely happy that he won the South Carolina primary.  Not necessarily because I think he'd make a good president mind you... quite the contrary.

  • I think racking up that much debt at Tiffany's shows a lack of judgment; 
  • I think he touts his record and accomplishments as Speaker of the House that were far easier to accomplish during a booming economy than they would be to accomplish in the next four years; 
  • I think he was instrumental in ushering in the hyper-partisanship in Congress which has been detrimental to the country in the last two decades, including shutting down the government (you know, the one he was supposed to be helping to run) for political reasons; 
  • I think he made a name for himself in playing a key role in ousting then-Speaker Jim Wright for a sweet book deal back in the late 80's and then years later was forced to resign as Speaker following revelations of his own even sweeter and far more lucrative book deal; 
  • I think he has some good ideas but also some horrible ones - a national curriculum set by the Dept. of Education?!  Yeah, that's really conservative.  Seemingly contemplating adopting the Ron Paul gold standard idea?!  Yeah, let's base our entire economy on a finite resource and take our monetary policy out of the hands of those evil American elite Ivy League grads at the Fed and leave it to the whim of... some union of mineworkers in South Africa!

Note that I didn't even mention his domestic issues, because well, I'm a secret spanko and haven't even talked about "is spanking cheating" yet and don't want to be hypocritical like he was in discussing Bill Clinton's... cast the first stone.

But still... I was very happy he won in South Carolina.  A week before, the news media was about to crown Mitt Romney the Republican nominee based on a few thousand votes of folks in Iowa and New Hampshire. Setting aside any concern about the intelligence of the few undecided folks making the difference in states that had been inundated with politics... I think presidential politics are too important to be decided by that small a number of voters.  (Don't get me started on the electoral college!) Now it seems it is a real race and there will be more time to flesh out the positions and personalities of the candidates so America can make a more informed decision.  (And I can get all riled up watching more debates.)

At least these two didn't make it far past Iowa.

Would love to hear your thoughts about continuing with my political ramblings, and whether anyone wants to read them on a spanking blog.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Review of Sarah Gregory Spanking

One of the websites I enjoyed greatly during my wankathon was Sarah Gregory Spanking.

I'd say it's on the verge of not qualifying for one my reviews.  As you might recall, I was trying to limit my reviews to those sites that A) were smaller sites that a review might be helpful for, and B) only review sites that I can be objective about.

Well, as far as A) goes... though it's a smaller site, and I'd never joined it before, there's a good amount of material, and Sarah appears to be very well connected in the spanking video industry.  Lots of big names appear in these videos. Chelsea PfeifferClare FondaPandora BlakeErica ScottAmelia Jane Rutherford, Ten Amorette, Katherine St. James, Lily StarrSinn SageRichard Windsor, and I'm sure I'm missing a few.  The nature of the site leads to a veritable who's who of female tops. In fact, say you're really hankerin' for a spanking and willing to travel to be spanked by a pro... You can't decide who you should see 1st though.  (Is that a poem? a couplet at least?!)  There aren't many sites around where for one membership you can see Dana SpechtAlicia PanettiereStephanie Locke, and Miss Chris and compare them in action working on the same bottom.  You can here though.  So it is a smaller almost under-the-radar site, but Sarah probably doesn't need any help.

As for B) I had no idea when I signed up that my friend Erica Scott was in a couple of scenes, and quite frankly, Sarah is one of the few potential pro-subs around and she'll be visiting my area later this year; maybe, if she's agreeable, I'd love to have her convince me that I'm wrong about the whole pro-tops but non-pro bottoms are ideal notion I have.  In that case, I'd better pound out this review before I become biased, I guess! (and there's a cute redhead named Jenni Mack that caught my eye too!)

The spankings are mostly very similar in nature, which I don't mind a bit.  I think the spankings on this website appeal to me because they cater to my personal taste.  Everyone has a different take on what appeals to them, but I like these.  I'd say 75% of the spankings are mostly OTK on a bare bottom, at least half of the spanking with a hand and then some implement.  (all photos courtesy of and used with permission.)

Don't get me wrong, there's some variety.  Occasionally Sarah will top or be bent over or a flogger used, and it's clear that some effort is being made for creativity, but the bread and butter of the website (and what I enjoy the most) is Sarah, the star of this show, bent over someone's lap.  Sometimes there's the guest star of the month getting about the same treatment.  The spankings are certainly not the most severe to be found, but are plenty hard enough for me.  It seems Sarah does not mark up very easily, so don't interpret the lack of heavy markings in the still photos to be an indication that these are pretty hard spankings.  I enjoy the over-the-knee scenes, the different styles of the tops spanking the same bottom, and I also appreciate that, for the most part, the scenes are warmer and more caring maybe than those on many spanking video sites.  In almost all the scenes, the spanking culminates in actual hugs! (Something surprisingly rare in spanking videos, but to me something that adds an important element of realism- every spanking I've been involved with in real life has included a good hug when the spanking part was over.)

 And even when there aren't traditional hugs,  something even hotter (and more naughty) is about to happen!

A little more about the star of the show... in a few scenes she has blonde hair, a few red hair, but mostly it's brunette.  She's pretty clearly into women, though there are a few scenes with male tops.  She makes adorable ouchie faces and has maybe the ideal body for a spanking model... a nice round butt and truly amazing remarkable boobs, which she's not shy about showing.  As I've said before, this is a very good thing, as far as I'm concerned.  

I included this one not only because it's hot, but also for Erica's benefit too! ;)

The site is well organized, and updates several times a week.  However, each update is a chunk of an episode, or scene, broken down into several parts.  I'd wait until the full movie is available for each episode before downloading (available for all but the very earliest updates) so we're really talking about a couple of new movies a month.  The full episodes are between 150-400 meg, and download speeds are good.  Both WMV and MOV files are available.  It will take you a few nights to download all of the content available.  Cost is $25 with $20 renewals, or discounts which brings it to  $50/90 days and $85/180 days.

Overall, based on the value, the star-power, and most importantly the appeal of the star, I'd highly recommend this site. I certainly enjoyed it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cleaning up after a wankathon, or a SecretSpanko tip on hidden files

So Sunday night I'm on my way home and my wife tells me that she and the kids are going with a couple of other moms and kids to their friend's lakehouse for the night.  Completely spur of the moment, and a little unlike her.  I had to be at the office early the next morning (not everyone gets MLK day off.)  By going with the other moms and taking the kids, my wife had unknowingly given me a very precious gift.  Don't get me wrong, I love my wife and kids to death.  I enjoy them.  But, having said all that... Wow!! A night to myself in peace and quiet! Hallelujah!

I could get all kinds of projects around the house done that I'd been postponing because I didn't have time.  I could get a peaceful night's sleep without someone waking up and trying to crawl into bed with us. I could get a head start on our taxes. I could work on a couple of long term projects for work that I need some time to just sit down in quiet to do and can't really during the day at the office.  

But I didn't do any of these things.

I stopped at the store and grabbed a steak (a nice fatty ribeye) a six pack of beer and can of ranch style beans.  Mmmm!  Then I watched football.  When that was over, I headed to the computer for some naughty spanking fun.  Again, I had a rare opportunity for uninterrupted private time. Even acknowledging that I was going to play on the internet, I could have done plenty of useful things.  I could update my blog.  I could have responded to a couple of spanking-related emails.  I could work on several incomplete stories I've been tinkering with.  I could add tags to all my blog posts like I've been meaning to do.  I could even go "fishing" for a new spankee, something else I've been meaning to do lately but haven't yet.

I didn't do any of those things either.

Instead, I undid my pants, subscribed to a couple of new sites, downloaded a ton, and engaged in a self-indulgent wank-a-thon that lasted until the wee hours of the morning.  Forget the headphones in one ear while listening for footsteps with the other... Crank the speakers up to hear every crack of the hairbrush and whimper of every spankee!  (Yes, I'll post some more spanking website reviews soon).  No regrets.  It was fun.  It had been a hard week, and a hard weekend. (I was returning from dealing with issues with my grandparents when my wife called to tell me.)  I felt like I deserved it.  But then...

Cleaning up "the mess" after my wank-a-thon

No, not what you're thinking! I'm talking about taking care of all those spanking videos now on my computer that's shared with the family.

So here's a SecretSpanko tip on how to keep them hidden yet accessible.  Maybe this is a no-brainer, but I tried several methods of keeping them hidden before I realized you could do this and if it helps one person, then it was worth posting.  This isn't much help to my mac/ipad-using readers, but that's only about 15% of you according to my blogger stats.

1. Move the movies you want to keep (and watch again and again) out of your download folder and into an innocuous folder where you keep other documents.

2. Delete the rest from your download folder, then empty the recycle bin. (Duh!)

3. Highlight all your videos, and right click on Properties.  Make a check mark by Hidden and then click Apply and then Okay.

4. At the top of your folder you can click on Tools, then select Folder Options. Then click on the View tab. There is an option to show hidden files and folder or Do not show hidden files and folders. Choose Do not show hidden files and folders then click Apply and Okay.

Wallaah! The files you marked hidden will be grayed out.

But click out of that folder and the next time someone opens the folder, those files will not be shown at all.

When you have some private time again you can just go in and reverse it.  Just select show hidden files and folders and access those movies again. (But don't forget to clean up again when you're done!)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Prose about the pros (and cons) of pro's

Read a couple of blog entries recently on two of the blogs I really enjoy that got me thinking about people who get paid for their spanking activities.  First some discussion of labels.  There are those that get paid for participating in spanking activities and many more who do not.  Although I've frequently heard the terms such as "lifestyle domme" vs. "professional domme" - I hesitate to use them.  I'm willing to bet that for most professionals, spanking is far more of a lifestyle than it is to "lifestyle" spankos... and "amateur" makes it sound like those not getting paid for it don't know what we're doing.  So I'll stick with pro's and non-pro's.

One post discussed how the blogger's partner sees a woman spanker and mentions that he does not want to see a professional spanker because when you're paying someone to spank you, you're still really in control -and he desires to truly submit.  The other post was about a man deciding to contact a professional spankee. I found these posts interesting because that's the opposite of my experiences so far.  I've only been spanked by the hands (and the paddle/cane/hairbrush etc...) of a professional, while my spankees were not getting paid for it.

As I've said, for me a pro was absolutely the right call for my spanking.  There were several advantages of a pro for me:
  • I figured they'd know what they were doing (I mean, they're good enough at giving spankings someone's paying them, right?!)
  • There's a lot more information available about each lady- they have a website, pictures, etc... And frankly didn't want the hassle of getting to know a non-pro because I'm not generally submissive, and at the time didn't even know if I'd ever want to do it again. I sure didn't want any emotional involvement (though I can say I've since become friends with my pro-spanker.)
  • Plus, there were a reasonably large number of pro spankers out there from which to pick.  I did some research and picked a great one.  On the other hand, I was surprised that on bottomseek, a site for F/M spankos, there were a bunch of guys looking, but there was ONE lady in my state searching for a bottom to spank (and she lived several hours away.)

In part because my experience with a pro spanker went so well, I've looked into the possibility of finding a pro-spankee. That would be awesome, I thought. No hassle, easy set up without the extended email game of convincing them that a) I know what I'm doing  b) I'm not a creep and then c) the nervous exchange of pics, both hoping the other isn't ugly or morbidly obese...  None of that, just easy fun, right?  I'd be willing to pay for it. Well, turns out there aren't many pro-spankees in the US.  Pixie and Lily Anna and Sarah Gregory were about the only ones I could find after some searching.  (Maybe I just don't know where to look.)  It seems pro bottoms are more common in Britain than in the U.S.

Actually, I think lots of pro-spankers and a lack of pro-spankees kind of makes sense.  As a pro, you wouldn't have as much control over who comes in the door, and I bet that makes it especially difficult if you're in the far more vulnerable position of a spankee.  It would take a special submissive to be open to the different styles, methods, and whims of whoever wants to take you over their knee, even with safe-words.  Then there's the professionals-are-better-at-it-than-us-non-pro-aspect.  It takes more skill to deliver a spanking than it does to receive one.  So unless pro-bottoms can cry on demand or take more of a spanking than non-pros...  there's no advantage there.  Plus I'd think there's a physiological limit to the amount of spankings one can take that's very different from the amount of spankings that can be given by someone with a toned arm that's in good shape.  Maybe most importantly (to me) is that in giving a spanking, I want the spankee to be open, honest, vulnerable, a bit embarrassed, emotionally involved, and those are things that I'm not sure can be replicated by a professional, even if they have great acting ability, and even if they're really cute.  I want the spanking to be "real" to them, even if it's not for real life transgressions.  

Bottom line, I think it makes more sense, if you're going to hire someone to participate in spanking, to hire a spanker than to hire a spankee.  That's not to say that I won't try someday if a really cute pro spankee stumbles into my lap, so to speak, and that's not to say that I can't wait to hear how those adventures turn out, but just what makes sense to me.   

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

another hamburger/spanking analogy- GirlsSpankedHard reviewed

As y'all know, I really like hamburger/spanking analogies... Here's another:

I'm a bit of a foodie- I admit it. I watch the Food Network sometimes and recently visited an out-of-town restaurant that was featured on it for the upscale hamburgers. The decor was modern, minimalist, and still impressive. The burger was indeed amazing. Havarti cheese, these peppers they'd done something special to, homemade spicy mayo, perfect round and huge patty seasoned in a way I would never have tried on my backyard grill that fit the homemade wheat bun... Loved it.  Worth ever penny.

But there's another burger place close to my office that I love too. Looks like a dive but the parking lot is always packed. They grind their own meat but it's served on a store bought bun.  No fancy condiments, just yellow mustard and a square of American cheese. Served on paper in one of those red plastic bowls, the burger drips and is messy and delicious.  

The decor is junky (maybe even dirty) and there are yellowed actual newspaper articles (remember those?) from before the Food Network started naming it the best burger in the city.  If I were to open my own burger place, it would look something like that.

Well, in case you hadn't figured it out already, my first spanking website review was of the newly launched Dreams of Spanking and I was amazed at the high quality, classy, and ambitious content they provided right from the start.  That's the fancy place.

GirlsSpankedHard could not be any more different from that.  Still, it has plenty of appeal, and has my recommendation.  It's more like the spanking website I could come up with if I tried to do it myself.  I've seen a few preview videos on spankingtube, but have not seen it promoted really anywhere else. 

Where to begin? GirlsSpankedHard is home made, and looks like it. The layout looks like, well, a late 90's porn site. I'm sorry, but is that blood dripping on on the font of the word "HARD" on the logo? Yup.  Don't worry, the spankings are not nearly severe enough to warrant that. I've included several screenshots below, all copyright GirlsSpankedHard.

It's pretty much a guy in his garage, and he brings in models and shoots video as he spanks them with a varitey of implements.  The videos are broken down into segments  based on each implement.  So you'll have a otk hand video, a hairbrush video, a small paddle video, a belt video, a crop video, a switch video, a cane video, and several more he has a lot of implements... for each girl.  Each video is about 3 minutes long. After the first couple of videos, the lucky lady is usually naked.  No single video is that severe, but put them together and cumulatively, it's quite a spanking most of these ladies take. The positions change as the implements increase in severity:from otk to over a bench or stool to kneeling or lying face down on a table to standing with outstretched arms secured. I'm not a big fan of tied down spankings generally but don't mind it here mostly because of the atmosphere.

A little about the unique atmosphere... He the spanker-dont know his name is just a friendly guy, and converses naturally with the ladies for the most part. No ordering them around or talk of punishment, just "Next up let's try the ruler.  It's gonna hurt, do you need a rub?" kind of thing.  He's not exactly stern, or dominant, or intimidating.  At some points it's almost like he's soft and lacking in self confidence.  He chuckles a lot and if I had to describe him in one word it would be friendly.  I like to think I'm a very friendly, fun loving, joking spanker and prefer that to a strict disciplinarian style, but he takes that to an extreme, especially in the earlier series.   I think this might be a downer to those who like a dose of dominance and submission in their spankings. However, watching some of these videos again in preparation for writing this, I had two thoughts- either: 

A) he's getting better with some more experience, or 
B) as the site has matured a bit he's attracted better models who are into it and he was being gentler with very new girls in the beginning who had never been spanked before (or most likely a combination of both).

One thing I really like about the format of these videos is that it's real. There's no acting at all, which given the low budget look, I can't imagine a believeable scene requiring acting coming out of this garage.  Again, keeping it very real is probably how I'd do it if I were to start a spanking site on a shoestring hobby budget. It's almost like all the scenes are "behind-the-scenes" updates. You can really learn a little about the personalities of these models in this format. One is totally not into it and sort of a wimp. One is brand new to spanking but has a great attitude and funny, etc...

There are a couple of spanking models I've seen on other sites, including an adorable redhead with a lot of tattoos who uses a different name here than she does in her appearances elsewhere. I won't link the two names in writing here, but a little hint- she was nominated for a recent award for one of her scenes with Dallas. And I'd say her scene on GirlsSpankedHard was almost close in intensity. She seems to enjoy being spanked and her pale white skinned bottom turns bright red.

By far my favorite lady on the site is "Sophie" -and I'd go so far as to say that she's maybe my favorite spanking model on any site. Where do I begin? Her body is great. Not model-thin so much as cheerleader-healthy. One tattoo and hair dyed blonde give hair just a little pinch of "I'm a fun girl". Speaking of just a little pinch, her fabulous bubble butt just about begs for one. Her face is very pretty, with blue eyes and an awesome smile. Just as an aside, pouty faces can be sexy, but the power of a smile to make a woman look even better is something that's truly lost on so many models.

Sophie giggles easily, and her nervous laughing at upcoming spanks just does it for me, for some reason. She'll even smile through her tears at something the guy says.  But in her two sessions, she takes two of the three most intense spankings on the site. I have never seen her on any other site, but someone please tell me if I somehow missed her somewhere else- I sure hope so.

Speaking of her two sessions... That leads me to one of my complaints about the site.  The updates are not in chronological order!  We're still missing the last scenes from Sophie's 1st scene, and being given updates on her later scene.  I'd very much prefer to be shown all scenes in one lady's spanking, and then the next, rather than mixing them up.  

Other complaints/quibbles-
  • There was a big (albeit understandable) break in the updates stemming from flooding caused by Hurricane Irene this fall.  Kind of hate to pick on him for this, but just be aware- it really is home made, and that kind of thing goes with the territory. Updates are now monthly?
  • Each video has the intro title screen and description, but this lasts almost 30 seconds in most cases. annoying need to fast forward while watching every movie
The download speeds are good, and you can download all the content in a couple of nights.  Cost is I think $27 for one month, $17 after that, or discounts if you purchase two or three month deals.  I can't give the site my highest recommendation, but the content is good enough that I wanted to give the site some exposure, and definitely recommend that every spanking video aficionado subscribe at least once, if not for the unique format and atmosphere, than at least for the adorable redhead and awesome Sophie scenes!