Monday, January 2, 2012

kinda odd semi-fake quasi-blogs, but still hot...

Happy new year everybody!    I've seen a lot of  end-of-the-year/New Year's spanking blog posts, and haven't had time to read all of them, much less post comments thanking folks for encouraging me in this new blog that has been going less than a year.  So Happy New Years everyone! (and I'll save year in review retrospectives until I've been going at least a year, but it's sure been a fun 3 months.)  With this crazy time of year over, I'll admit that I've been looking forward to January for awhile.

With all that having been said... thought I'd try to share something I bet most haven't yet seen... Just saw these two...

It appears that it's a marketing thing for the family of websites.  There are a lot of recent posts, the pictures are all from those sites, and the only links are to those sites.  No info on an author of any posts, other than a story attributed to Jessica of spanking teen Jessica fame.  Sometimes it appears the author was the guy that runs it talking about a model, other posts are first person accounts just posted by "admin" who I assume is the same guy. Who knows, maybe it's just a writing exercise for the owner.

Almost feel like it's cheating because it's not real - one of the things I like most about reading blogs is the belief that they're real- but I still spent at least an hour reading these. Anyway, thought I'd share in case anyone else might enjoy them too.

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