Wednesday, January 25, 2012

pain and politics

Interesting thing I read from the New York Times today, that's tangentially related to spanking and I thought might be of some interest. (Yes, I read more than just spanking blogs.) It was about a recent study showing that women report higher pain than men for similar illnesses and injuries.

On the one hand, yes, men probably have some sense of needing to be tough and not report pain to a degree.  On the other hand, I've always thought that women were actually tougher when it comes to pain. After all, they've evolved to somehow make it through childbirth, and for those that have experienced it without a C-Section or epidural, I'd think not much compares to that on a pain scale.  Interestingly, the article said the study authors discounted the males-try-to-be-tough-and-under-report-pain notion because post menopausal women report similar pain to men in several cases.  I also found it interesting that the types of pain have a gender-specific effect; for example males are relatively more sensitive to burns.

Don't know what this means, other than female spankees everywhere now have a scientific basis to say "Take it easy on me! I'm a woman!" and F/M tops might think they should spank harder because it didn't hurt him enough.

Speaking which, ahem, uh... switching gears... for awhile now I've threatened to go on a political rant.  Watching the Republican debate last night and then the State of the Union speech tonight has really gotten my political juices flowing.  I took way too many history and political science classes, have my own political philosophy that doesn't really jive well with either party, and I'm a news junkie too.  The anonymous nature of this forum makes it tempting to spew forth hot opinions with abandon in a way that one can't politely do in real life. On the other hand, I figure my readers come here for blog entries about spanking, not politics, so I've tried to suppress the urge to go on political rants here.

Also, I worry about someone out there (a reporter, a political operative digging for dirt) googling something like "Newt kinky nudity" and ending up here.  (Oops... too late)  Not quite as paranoid as it might sound.  Right after the Heisman trophy presentation show, I mentioned it and said something about the winner and got an uncomfortable number of hits searching for blogs talking about that.  Spankingblogville is in it's own little quiet corner of the internet, and not sure I want to post stuff on politics and risk non-spanko folks coming here.   However, I like the metaphor of the beach ball in the swimming pool when discussing suppression of urges (the harder and deeper you try to push it down, the more violent it will explode above the water the minute you slip.) So I'm going to try and include a couple of paragraphs of my political thoughts at the end of spanking related posts from time to time so I don't explode and spew political vitriole.

Where was I? Oh yeah... Newt.  No, not the frequent commentator on The Pink Report...
Not Noot Gunray from Star Wars, either...
No, this guy...
I'm extremely happy that he won the South Carolina primary.  Not necessarily because I think he'd make a good president mind you... quite the contrary.

  • I think racking up that much debt at Tiffany's shows a lack of judgment; 
  • I think he touts his record and accomplishments as Speaker of the House that were far easier to accomplish during a booming economy than they would be to accomplish in the next four years; 
  • I think he was instrumental in ushering in the hyper-partisanship in Congress which has been detrimental to the country in the last two decades, including shutting down the government (you know, the one he was supposed to be helping to run) for political reasons; 
  • I think he made a name for himself in playing a key role in ousting then-Speaker Jim Wright for a sweet book deal back in the late 80's and then years later was forced to resign as Speaker following revelations of his own even sweeter and far more lucrative book deal; 
  • I think he has some good ideas but also some horrible ones - a national curriculum set by the Dept. of Education?!  Yeah, that's really conservative.  Seemingly contemplating adopting the Ron Paul gold standard idea?!  Yeah, let's base our entire economy on a finite resource and take our monetary policy out of the hands of those evil American elite Ivy League grads at the Fed and leave it to the whim of... some union of mineworkers in South Africa!

Note that I didn't even mention his domestic issues, because well, I'm a secret spanko and haven't even talked about "is spanking cheating" yet and don't want to be hypocritical like he was in discussing Bill Clinton's... cast the first stone.

But still... I was very happy he won in South Carolina.  A week before, the news media was about to crown Mitt Romney the Republican nominee based on a few thousand votes of folks in Iowa and New Hampshire. Setting aside any concern about the intelligence of the few undecided folks making the difference in states that had been inundated with politics... I think presidential politics are too important to be decided by that small a number of voters.  (Don't get me started on the electoral college!) Now it seems it is a real race and there will be more time to flesh out the positions and personalities of the candidates so America can make a more informed decision.  (And I can get all riled up watching more debates.)

At least these two didn't make it far past Iowa.

Would love to hear your thoughts about continuing with my political ramblings, and whether anyone wants to read them on a spanking blog.


  1. Well, I might be disqualified from this debate, being as I live in the UK not the US, but I was interested in your thoughts.

    I have my own political opinions that don't jibe too well with the policies of any of the major parties here, and so it's interesting to read (relatively) non-partisan views. Mind you, I largely hate what Republicans (and our own Conservatives) stand for. But not entirely, I suppose.

    Anyway, keep it up. Interesting thoughts. Hope you get a few opinions.


  2. Well, since you asked. You CAN include political thoughts and opinions in your spanking blog. But I wouldn't advise it.

    Four years ago, when Obama was elected and we finally got to bid adieu to the overgrown frat boy, I posted a jubilant blog entitled "Buh-BYE." I knew it was a mistake, but I couldn't help myself. What followed was a nasty flame war.

    Now I save my occasional Democratic snark for Facebook, aka VanillaVille, and keep politics out of my blog. It's just not worth the aggravation.

  3. I wouldn't mind you posting about politics.


  4. Thanks for your thoughts. I'll still probably post post a few hot political opinions, but rest assured that I'll be equally offensive to both parties.

    (For instance... In my mind the only conceivable reason for Obama to possibly be opposed to the proposed pipeline for Canadian oil through the midwest is that he's playing hardball in negotiations and trying to get Canada to agree to a natural gas pipeline from Alaska through Canada to the US. Oh wait... maybe he's throwing an election year bone to "green" voters because he knows he's not winning any battles with Congress and the pipeline won't get done anytime soon, and besides, we've seen many times how weak his administration is at negotiating with virtually everyone.) How's that?

    Erica- I thought I should address your interesting perspective... flame wars? I have a tiny fraction of your readers, so I don't think it's likely, but I welcome challenges and reasonable arguments. Funny that I'd rather post my hot opinions in this more anonymous world than alienate real world folks, but maybe that lack of commitment to my blog is why you have one of the most widely read blogs around, and I have, well, this!

    P.S. lay off overgrown frat boys... we're not all bad! ;)

  5. I still shudder that I share a Nickname with this guy.
    I would emigrate should he become the next President.
    Which I don't see happening.

    As for Politics on your spanking blog...
    As long as you have the intestinal fortitude to handle feedback
    and critical comments when others disagree.
    Erica's right, it does start flame wars, no matter how benign your intentions are.

    My Mother always told me never to discuss Religion, Politics and sex. So I discuss all three. LOL.

    My moment in infamy.

  6. Newt- Intestinal fortitude? Once when I was a drunken frat boy I accepted a dare to swallow a huge Wasabi ball and survived, plus I've dipped enough Copenhagen to not ever have to worry about worms!
    You've tempted me to post something on religion just on principle.

    Those are certainly some hot political opinions of your own there. I'll say again that I think you should start your own blog.