Friday, January 20, 2012

Review of Sarah Gregory Spanking

One of the websites I enjoyed greatly during my wankathon was Sarah Gregory Spanking.

I'd say it's on the verge of not qualifying for one my reviews.  As you might recall, I was trying to limit my reviews to those sites that A) were smaller sites that a review might be helpful for, and B) only review sites that I can be objective about.

Well, as far as A) goes... though it's a smaller site, and I'd never joined it before, there's a good amount of material, and Sarah appears to be very well connected in the spanking video industry.  Lots of big names appear in these videos. Chelsea PfeifferClare FondaPandora BlakeErica ScottAmelia Jane Rutherford, Ten Amorette, Katherine St. James, Lily StarrSinn SageRichard Windsor, and I'm sure I'm missing a few.  The nature of the site leads to a veritable who's who of female tops. In fact, say you're really hankerin' for a spanking and willing to travel to be spanked by a pro... You can't decide who you should see 1st though.  (Is that a poem? a couplet at least?!)  There aren't many sites around where for one membership you can see Dana SpechtAlicia PanettiereStephanie Locke, and Miss Chris and compare them in action working on the same bottom.  You can here though.  So it is a smaller almost under-the-radar site, but Sarah probably doesn't need any help.

As for B) I had no idea when I signed up that my friend Erica Scott was in a couple of scenes, and quite frankly, Sarah is one of the few potential pro-subs around and she'll be visiting my area later this year; maybe, if she's agreeable, I'd love to have her convince me that I'm wrong about the whole pro-tops but non-pro bottoms are ideal notion I have.  In that case, I'd better pound out this review before I become biased, I guess! (and there's a cute redhead named Jenni Mack that caught my eye too!)

The spankings are mostly very similar in nature, which I don't mind a bit.  I think the spankings on this website appeal to me because they cater to my personal taste.  Everyone has a different take on what appeals to them, but I like these.  I'd say 75% of the spankings are mostly OTK on a bare bottom, at least half of the spanking with a hand and then some implement.  (all photos courtesy of and used with permission.)

Don't get me wrong, there's some variety.  Occasionally Sarah will top or be bent over or a flogger used, and it's clear that some effort is being made for creativity, but the bread and butter of the website (and what I enjoy the most) is Sarah, the star of this show, bent over someone's lap.  Sometimes there's the guest star of the month getting about the same treatment.  The spankings are certainly not the most severe to be found, but are plenty hard enough for me.  It seems Sarah does not mark up very easily, so don't interpret the lack of heavy markings in the still photos to be an indication that these are pretty hard spankings.  I enjoy the over-the-knee scenes, the different styles of the tops spanking the same bottom, and I also appreciate that, for the most part, the scenes are warmer and more caring maybe than those on many spanking video sites.  In almost all the scenes, the spanking culminates in actual hugs! (Something surprisingly rare in spanking videos, but to me something that adds an important element of realism- every spanking I've been involved with in real life has included a good hug when the spanking part was over.)

 And even when there aren't traditional hugs,  something even hotter (and more naughty) is about to happen!

A little more about the star of the show... in a few scenes she has blonde hair, a few red hair, but mostly it's brunette.  She's pretty clearly into women, though there are a few scenes with male tops.  She makes adorable ouchie faces and has maybe the ideal body for a spanking model... a nice round butt and truly amazing remarkable boobs, which she's not shy about showing.  As I've said before, this is a very good thing, as far as I'm concerned.  

I included this one not only because it's hot, but also for Erica's benefit too! ;)

The site is well organized, and updates several times a week.  However, each update is a chunk of an episode, or scene, broken down into several parts.  I'd wait until the full movie is available for each episode before downloading (available for all but the very earliest updates) so we're really talking about a couple of new movies a month.  The full episodes are between 150-400 meg, and download speeds are good.  Both WMV and MOV files are available.  It will take you a few nights to download all of the content available.  Cost is $25 with $20 renewals, or discounts which brings it to  $50/90 days and $85/180 days.

Overall, based on the value, the star-power, and most importantly the appeal of the star, I'd highly recommend this site. I certainly enjoyed it.


  1. Nice post! I can tell an immense amount of work went in to that, and it was worth it! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog too, btw. You really made my morning.

    My first secret code was "bippalu." Sounds like something that needs to be spanked.

  2. Oh, for Chrissake. If you wanted to do something for my benefit, you could have included one of MY pictures from her site. :-Þ

    But seriously -- Sarah is a doll, and I had so much fun shooting with her last year. And I think she has some of the best facial expressions ever!

  3. Spanky- there were a few links and pics in that review, huh? But the amount of time spent on the review wasn't a fraction of the time I spent watching those videos. I'm afraid Little Rascals references were before my time and "bippalu" may be over my head.

    Erica- I was looking for one of your camptown races hoo-ha shots but sadly did not find a good one from those two scenes. I'm planning on tagging my posts with labels here one of these days. About half of them should carry the "Erica Scott" label, but that's not enough for you, nooo... you want pictures of you too. Maybe instead I'll label those posts referring to you "attention wh- er, hog."

  4. Ah, you git! I was going to review Sarah's site this month, and you beat me to it. I demand satisfaction sir! Pistols at dawn!

    Seriously though, nice considered review. And I see that Pandora mentioned you Dreams of Spanking review in her blog post. Way to go!

    Eh, that's a lot of exclamation marks in one comment.

    I'm off to find somewhere else to review.

    All the best


  5. And all the best to you. Actually, I was thinking today that your review of Dreams of Spankings was far more in-depth and really made mine look pathetic. Seriously. Great review. (and that whole chross thing) Just think what you can do improving on this one!

  6. Thanks for the great review. I will link it in my blog. I appreciate it. -Sarah

  7. Sarah- Thank YOU for the wonderful time(s) I've had watching those videos! I don't take the time to write a review for every site I subscribe too- but I really liked yours.


    1. uhm... is this why those annoying captcha's are on comments? You'd like to meet me? huh?

  9. sarah has a very good site with little cuties spanking and being spanked ,a lot of content and very good value ,best,tim.

  10. you got a sexy ass love to watch it spanked on the bare ass love to spank it myself

  11. love seeing that sexy bare ass spanked