Friday, February 10, 2012

1st posts are pretty cool

I got to thinking the other day about the first few blog posts one does, and was inspired to write about it.  Frankly, researching this post was a lot of fun.  I went back and started trying to find and then reading first posts of my favorite blogs, and then I had to read the next, and then the first month of posts too.  I intended to post this last week, but was having too much fun discovering a lot more about my favorite blogs and spent all my time absorbing instead of writing.  Many of these blogs have been around quite a while, and their posting style has evolved.  Blogging is fun, and when you're getting your feet wet, you naturally want to talk about it.  Now, I realized pretty quickly that blogging about blogging is an audience-killer.  You won't find some of the big blogs writing posts blogging about blogging today, but I found it comforting to know that not long after they started, sometimes they did.  And sometimes they still do, it's just in the form of an article instead of a blog post!

I found a lot of fascinating and insightful posts.  I won't link to them all, because I also found things that I'm not sure the authors want me to highlight.  Things like references to old aliases (let's face it no one in the spanking blog world uses their real name, but some of us change ours more frequently than others) and periods and yeast infections...  I think maybe before people have a big audience, they're more free to view blogging as an outlet, a place to vent and share their most honest thoughts anonymously.  

I think it's fascinating because, save for maybe a huge fan of some blog who takes the effort to read the whole thing, no one reads the earliest posts.  The author hasn't built up an audience yet, but they've probably been reading a lot and thinking a lot about what they might have to say if they created a blog.  Finally this builds up until the author pulls the trigger and starts their blog... and no one reads it.  Then slowly, a drip, drip, drip, trickle, trickle, and hopefully, eventually, if they stick with it, a flowing stream of readers will watch their blog, but by that time they're posting crap like Cornertime Sucks which is (true confession time here) basically I-found-a-cool-picture-and-I'll-write-a-paragraph-on-it-because-I-need-to-post-SOMETHING-while-I-finish-the-post-I-really-wanted-to-write.  It's sad really.  Some of the best, most heartfelt stuff is written before anyone linked to them.  Before they had any followers, or were mentioned on any other blogs.  By the time the blog does have followers and links, those following the links are usually looking at several blogs, and do well to keep up with a few, much less go back and read all of one.  So, fans of spanking blogs, I urge you, for your own good, to pick a couple of your favorites, and go back and look at the early stuff.  There's a ton of titillating, enlightening, insightful content that's largely hidden from view.  Buried treasure from the early aughts.

Other than my uhm, "research" for website reviews (more to come, er, more on the way) I enjoyed creating this post more than any other.  A few more thoughts on 1st/early posts... I found that first posts are generally divided into two categories...

1) Many first posts are an introduction of what is to come.  This is informative, but kinda boring.  I really enjoy Rollin's writing on DisciplinaryTales, and his first post is an example of the here's-what you're-about-to-get model for first posts.  This is more frequent for blogs that have a strong theme, or concept, and are more than just... "I want to talk about me, and spanking, and my involvement with spanking."

2) Other first posts (probably most) are more of a personal introduction.  Though I really like theme blogs, these first posts are more fun to read, honestly.  Pandora's first post is a good example.  It serves as a great introduction of her and what she hopes to write about. (and it's also from 2006!)

But we can go back even further than that- Here's Bonnie's 1st post from about a year before (2005!)- It got a whopping two comments, but has the pic that she uses as her avatar in it. (and in the large version it's pretty cute!)

I guess the 3rd category would be blogs whose 1st posts don't really count because they weren't really the first blog post, just the 1st one I could find.  Pink's had like 5 blogs and moved from one to the other.  Erica spent her 1st post bitching about what MySpace did to her old blog, and I could not find Chross's 1st post, though the last one I could find in his archives says something about "here are some cool pics I haven't posted in awhile" and was from back in 2010 so I know that wasn't his first.  

By the way, another little surprise I found... kudos to Alex in Spankingland.  When I was researching this, I totally figured she'd been at this blogging thing for quite awhile.  Nope- She started just before I did, but her 1st month was full of great content

In my 1st post, I guess I tried to both introduce myself and talk about what I thought would be the theme of the blog.  Again, I highly encourage my audience to take a look at the early work of their favorite bloggers. I think you'll enjoy it.

P.S.  I added a new blog to my blog roll.  It's called Spanking View and it's by the cameraman that works for Clare Fonda.  Thanks to TimtheTurn I learned of it.  By the way, his (the cameraman's... not Tim's) first post was about doing spanking model paperwork.  I'm fascinated by behind-the-scenes stuff from the spanking industry, and it was especially interesting to me, because I just filled out some such paperwork myself this week.


  1. Awesome post concept! I feel like a bit of a swiz though, because the 1 July 2006 post was written about a year into my blog, by way of a personal profile page, and backdated so it wouldn't interrupt the blog feed. I think I updated it when I moved the blog to Wordpress last year, too.

    My actual first posts are the two following, from August 2006: shoot reports from my first two spanking shoots. Although, not realising how much in demand newbies were, I was keen to give everyone the impression I had LOADS of experience so they'd hire me, so I didn't actually tell people it was my first ever shoot. A missed opportunity!

  2. You're so right...most people never read the whole blog, myself included. Somehow, I recognize myself up above in regards to certain personal topics, lol!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my beginning post(s).


  3. This is such fun! LOL... naturally, my first post was spent bitching. I'll have to dig up my first MySpace post.

    Great research!

  4. P.S. -- YOU GOT CHROSSED, darlin'! :-D

  5. This is an excellent blog subject, Mr. Marks. Once again you've managed to think of something that nobody else has covered yet. Cheers!

    - Dana

  6. Congratulations my friend; nice post and you got Chrossed!

    All the best


  7. I'm so happy about the response this has gotten, and I hope that it leads to some of y'all reading and enjoying early posts of other bloggers. It really is a cruel irony. All those pent-up thoughts about spanking that one wants to share so badly that they decide to start a blog, only to have them languish unread because the blog hasn't found an audience yet. Then when the blog does have an audience, some of the best stuff is buried down deep where no one reads it.

    Pandora- not quite sure what a "swiz" is, or what it feels like to be a bit of one, but you had me fooled. I enjoyed the posts about your first shoots too.

    Kitty - I was trying to protect you a bit there, but your early stuff was plenty hot. (of course so is your more recent stuff too.)

    Erica..... thank you.... again.... you're welcome to steal my ideas anytime! Glad you enjoyed and expanded on my idea for those elite bloggers that have had a few. (and the over ellipsis use is both for dramatic effect and because I know how much you love that!)

    Dana- compliments from you mean a lot to me. Yours was the 1st spanking blog I ever read, and you have introduced me to and helped me with this, and I'm very appreciative.

    Tim- it was in answering your interview questions that I came up with this idea, so you deserve a big chunk of the credit. Thanks, and congratulations to you too. I really like your interviews with spanking personalities, most of whom are more legitimate celebrities than me!

  8. Hiya, Secret!

    I'm glad to have found your blog, thanks to Erica, and look forward to perusing more here!

    And, yes, this is an excellent idea, and should yield some very entertaining entries all over!

    Thank you!

  9. Hi SS,

    I love first posts. As someone who hunts for new blogs, I get to read a lot of first posts when they are the only posts. These words reveal a lot about a new blogger in terms of interests, situation, and approach.

    You mention that my first post post received only two comments. That's true, but if you look closely, you will notice they weren't entered until three and four years after the fact. It was actually the sixth post that garnered my first real comment. I was dismayed at the time because I was sharing some of my best stories and no one was reading them. I contemplated giving it up.

    This is the primary reason I invest time in finding and promoting new blogs. Every blogger deserves the chance to be heard.

    Thanks for sharing this fun concept, and congrats on being Chrossed!


  10. Hi Wolfie- I'm a fan of your cartoons. Welcome.

    I didn't catch that Bonnie- I should have. It makes me happy to know that even you too struggled early on. That sounds kind of bad, but I mean it in a good way, and I hope it makes things like celebrating how you had umpteen million visitors a few weeks ago just a little bit sweeter for you. You've done so much for so many bloggers (myself included) and I thank you for that and hope you keep it up!

  11. Hi SS,

    I understand your point and I agree. We don't want potentially prolific bloggers walking away simply because readers cannot find them. I'm glad to help wherever I can.


  12. Woot, woot, Mr. Marks! Congrats on getting Chrossed on this most original post. :)

    I was "blogging in the dark" for months, it felt like, even with the help of Bonnie and, later, Chross. But to tell you the truth, I look back on my earlier posts and WINCE. I find grammatical errors, continuity errors, and layout issues. So I, for one, am happy that they are largely ignored. :)

    And...five blogs. Pshaw. Three, Sir. In two years. That is embarrassing enough!


  13. Bonnie- thanks again, glad that didn't come out wrong

    Pink, along with a couple of others that have encouraged me along the way, I want to thank you too. Not only did you encourage me, you came up with this name! (just don't call me Groucho or Karl!) But what's with the "Pshaw" huh? Only 3? What about the sex toy review one and your picture blog? Mm-hmm...

  14. Just found this now. What an awesome post. I do check out first posts of my favorite blogs, but as you say it is hard to keep up with all of them.

    I have actually gone back to my first posts and edited them a bit because I really didn't expect many people to read my I shared a lot. Now I constantly struggle between sharing enough for it to be helpful for me...and sharing too much.

    Great post, again.

    1. An I just now found the comments awaiting moderation! sorry this took so long!

  15. First off, what an excellent idea for a post and you wrote about it in an interesting way.

    I completely agree with you about the progression of a blog's 'life', certainly that was my experience.

    Thanks for the links to "firsts".

    Be well,


    1. many thanks, H. I love it when people discover old posts!