Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ahhh... Spring. Time for tan lines!

Early spring... when daffodils start to come up even before the tulips.  When everyone is still mostly sticking to their New Years resolutions, and even some that haven't are trying to give up bad habits for Lent.  Green shoots.  Eating healthy.  Cleaning out the garage because you want to help the wife with spring cleaning, and besides, it's such a dead period in sports.  I think there's something natural in trying to do better with a fresh year.  (I know, it's still technically winter, but especially this year it sure feels like spring.)

It takes me back to college, and how at this time of year everyone was still in their "I'm going to class and not going out so much and am going to do better this semester!" mode.  Folks started jogging and working out.  Back in college though, there was no element of self-improvement or getting in shape to eliminate being in bad shape or religious self-sacrifice involved... No, it was all about preparing for spring break!  Woo-Hoo!

Me, I was cynical- I figured I could go out more now because there would be plenty of time to get serious about the semester later, and I usually had more money at the beginning of the semester than at the end, so at this time I'd indulge in eating steak and buying nice beer instead of Keystone light.  I was just a rebel... going against the flow.  Despite one ill-advised RV rental and road trip to Florida, I didn't get into the Spring Break craziness, much less the preparation, as much as most.  I still remember the fraternity brother who added a couple of shots of whiskey to his protein shake as his party drink at this time of year. And back in the day, lots of folks were trying to get tan.   Which leads me into this post.  Whiskey's not healthy for you.  Neither is steak, and neither is tanning.  But I like whiskey, I like steak, and I sure do like tan lines.

So maybe it's not exactly   an   original   blog   topic.  But I saw the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition in the check out line of the convenience store today, and I was inspired.  I'm a fan of tan lines on a bottom about to be spanked.  Somehow it emphasizes the bottom and makes it seem more intimate and more vulnerable- you're getting to see something that most people don't.  Plus it shows off the pink of a spanking so well!


Tan lines for guys too, I guess.
It's hard to talk about spanking and tan lines and not mention Dallas.  I've subscribed to his site a number of times over the years, but his style just isn't my favorite.  I'll say this though... so many of his videos feature ladies with exceptional tan lines.  Apparently,  he asks his models to work on their tan lines ahead of time. Several small pics I found on his website...
And no discussion of spanking and tan lines would be complete without saying something about Tiki.  She's a former girlfriend of Dallas and back when I first saw his videos, they were almost all of her.  Yes, the cut of that bikini probably dates these images, but she had incredible tan lines, and is probably one of the reasons why I like them so much. (all of these images copyright


  1. Hey, Keystone Light is still a step up from PBR. ;-) I'm pale all over so a spanker can still definitely assess the damage.

  2. I think Keystone Light is what drips onto the floor when they're making Coors light. They probably squeegy the floors and it goes down the drain to the floor below, where it's put into cans.

    PBR is now "hip" and hard to find. (I learned this not because I myself am hip, but because a few years ago we had a trashy Christmas party with tacky sweaters, etc... and had to go to some upscale place to find PBR!)