Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bet an arrow in your bottom hurts even more than a caning or paddling!

Happy Valentine's Day! The bushmen in the Kalahari dessert in southern Africa put those brutal eastern European studios to shame when it comes to inflicting pain on a woman's buttocks.  I think of it every time I see a cupid cartoon though.  This post is only relating to spanking in the most tangential way.  I mean, I guess it involves a man inflicting pain to a woman's bottom, and there's romantic feelings involved... but it's definitely not spanking.

These bushmen (the ones that speak in clicks) are kinda crazy have a very unique way of proposing marriage.  Their traditional courtship culminates in the man choosing his mate by shooting her in the butt with a special love arrow shot from a love bow that's a miniature version of their hunting bows.   

Think I'm making this up? Here's an item available for sale here from someone's private collection of African art.

I learned about this as a child, and it's uhm... "stuck" with me ever since.. I was fairly normal little kid (I like to think) but when I wasn't playing outside or with my star wars figures I read a lot.  Our family had a very old set of World Book encyclopedias we acquired from the church when they got a new set for the church library.  I think ours was a late 50's or early 60's edition... And I would read it.  (Okay, so maybe that's not normal.)  One article I read several times described this symbolic yet savage practice of the primitive natives in terms that were definitely not politically correct, even describing how those women stored fat in their buttocks as a sign of wealth and health, so it didn't really injure them. "Merely a flesh wound" you see. 

I just did some quick internet searches and somewhat surprisingly, could not find much about it (at least on the 1st page of a google search).  I did find just enough, though, to confirm that I hadn't somehow made it up and it is (or was) a real practice.  There's the entry in the items for sale linked above, and I found this account of an explorer/tourist who tried to participate in such a ritual a few years ago.  On the one hand, it's an eyewitness account and makes it seem very much more symbolic and less brutal than one might imagine.  On the other hand, I'm sort of appalled at this guy's cavalier attitude such that he would try to hit one of the tribal women (which is an invitation to marriage in that culture) without a lot of thought about the consequences for her if he had hit her and then just went home.  There are some pics on the link that I'm betting are not exactly 2257 compliant. 

Anyway, like I said... not spanking related, but fascinating, maybe disturbing, and timely. (Bet you never look at a picture of cupid and his little quiver of love again the same!)

Oh yeah... There's a fun little clip I made with Dana Kane up on spankingtube just now.  Much more about this soon.


  1. I actually found this fascinating. I love reading about indigenous cultural mating and dating rituals.
    Hope your Vday is happy.
    Hugs, Newt

  2. OK, I'm going to bypass all this arrows-shot-to-the-bum business (shudders) and go straight to the clip with Dana. Verrrrrrrry nice butt, SS. (grinning)

  3. Hey, I found your post fascinating. I never knew that bit of trivia. I suggest you watch a hilarious comedy, "The Gods Must Be Crazy", an older movie that has a storyline about the bushmen, tribespeople of the Kalahari (sp?).


  4. Newt and Kitty- glad y'all found this fascinating. I obviously did too. There are somethings we can chalk up to cultural differences- I mean, they'd probably think some things westerners do is bizarre. Like, I don't know... cutting off a baby's foreskin or inject poison into our foreheads to prevent wrinkles. Then there are extreme cultural differences that we find abhorrent like female genital mutilation or honor killings. Shooting an arrow into your potential mate's behind is getting a little close to that, and I hesitated to post about it or make light of it. Like I said, just one of those things that once you think about, you can't unthink it and it comes to mind every time I see a cupid on Valentine's Day.

    I've heard of "The Gods Must Be Crazy" but never seen it, will have to do so.

    Thank you Erica- I've seen a lot more of yours than I've shown of mine, and enjoyed yours a great deal! About to post a bit more about that.