Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Breast Spanking- an acquired taste + original "artwork"

A Robin's breasts are red*

At the risk of turning off a whole bunch of readers, I thought I'd talk about spanking breasts.  I mean, pussy spanking- that's a topic that's been covered in blogs before.  But breast spanking? I imagine all my female readers clutching their chests in horror.  I don't think there's anyone that grew up envisioning and fantasizing about breasts being spanked, like they might have about being spanked on their bottom.  It is an acquired taste- no doubt about it.  But I've acquired the taste, and that story is below.  Meanwhile, to the anonymous spanking blogger friend that inspired this post... I'm winking at you, even if you can't acknowledge it. 

While quite common among the BDSM crowd, I gather... breast spanking is relatively rare on commercial spanking video sites. I'm guessing it's relatively rare as a practice among couples engaged in spanking too.  I still remember a video called "Spanks for the Mammaries" from awhile back, but couldn't find it on my hard drive.  Recently Pandora Blake filmed a long scene including a bit where she was caned on her breasts. (bet that hurt!)
There was once scene I remember from where the very busty "Lori" was spanked on her breasts with a number of implements.  I remember it well, and could not finish watching it- just too severe for my tastes, and I deleted it. (This is the only pic I could find of that scene from a google image search.)

So here's how I grew to appreciate breast spankings; how I acquired my taste for it.  Early in my phase of meeting ladies from internet sites for real play, I started talking to one lady who had recently split with her disciplinarian.  She'd mentioned several times about being punished on her body, not just a spanking on her bottom.  I think her old disciplinarian used a flogger of some sort.  That wasn't really my thing, but she was good looking, and wanted to play, so... who was I to complain?  I've mentioned before on this blog that different people want different things from spanking, and she was very much into real discipline for real events.  I talked to her about what she was feeling guilty about, and this was the focus of our sessions.  The second time we met, she talked about feeling guilty for being sharp with and not more understanding of one her friends who was going through breast cancer treatment, and she felt guilty for being inwardly resentful of having to help her out.  Now, I'll be perfectly honest- I'm no psychologist, and I'm not really comfortable taking on the role of a real disciplinarian for real offenses, especially when some of those offenses are just in your head.  I'm far more comfortable with light-hearted play.  But... I remembered what she'd said earlier about her former disciplinarian punishing her whole body, not just her bottom, and I really did not like some of the things she was saying.! the light bulb went off in my head.  

"Well, I can think of a way to help you remember what your friend is going through.  I can't think of a better punishment to fit the crime.  You have an idea what's coming to you, don't you?"

"Yes Sir."

"Get your top off."  

"Yes Sir."

But then... How does one spank breasts?  Standing up with arms behind her head is the only way I'd seen before, but I wasn't really wild about it.  On the fly, I came up with the perfect position.  I could not find any picture like it for this blog post, so I composed this MSPaint rendition of our new spanking position:

Okay, so I'm no artist.  On the other hand, I'm pretty good at pictionary and I think this drawing conveys the position accurately, even if it's not a great picture.  My hair is not that long, I actually have 5 fingers, and that's supposed to be a little pink on her breast, not a bunch of pimples, but you get the idea...  Her head was on a couple of pillows, and her chest was across my lap.  Her statements about how she acted toward her friend genuinely irritated me.  I told her how nice her breasts were, and how her friend would be jealous of hers, and how this probably hurt less than what her co-worker was going through.  I tried my best to push her buttons, and her eyes welled up with tears.  I was worried that I was being an asshole, but she'd said she wanted it intense, and I knew I was basically auditioning for the role of her disciplinarian (even though I didn't really know what I was doing).  It was one of the more memorable sessions I've had, and she really seemed to have gotten something out of it, based on the hugs and tears and conversation afterwards. 

Breast spanking has some advantages over bottom spanking... if anything, it's MORE intimate.  You can look into her eyes and see the ouchy faces, and tell her to look at you in the eyes, which is difficult.  The temptation to cover up is even more pronounced, because covering your breasts with your hands is easier than covering one's bottom.  Breasts are round, and soft, and fun to play with and fondle like a bottom, but even more sensitive. She wound up seeing someone else as a disciplinarian that was "more strict and firm"  than I was (and unlike me- was older than she was) and didn't joke around as much.  Fair enough... I'm slow to anger and far more friendly, playful, and jokey than strict and firm most of the time.  On the other hand, once I'm irritated at genuinely bad behavior, I can be unyielding and creatively, well... sadistic. This was one of those times.

I tried the breast spanking thing on another lady I saw a few times for spanking, and she said it hurt pretty bad but was a huge turn on- almost too much of a turn on (because it was supposed to be non-sexual) and she wasn't comfortable with it.  We only tried it once.  She has a live in boyfriend that spanks her now.  I've also instructed my lunchtime fellow secret spanko buddy in spanking her breasts on several occasions. (Hey, it's long distance, and we have to occasionally spice it up somehow, right?)

Anyway- Have you ever tried breast spanking? Any desire to have that done or just general revulsion toward it?  I'm curious.

*Yeah, Yeah, I know, it's a male robin who has red breasts... still thought it was a good illustration.


  1. Hmm. You know, normally when I read about something I don't like, I move on. To each their own, after all. But you ASKED. You specifically asked, and you even want to hear from those who say nay. Sooooooo... remember, you asked for it.

    Bear in mind, dear SS, that the following emphatic statements have nothing to do with my bloggy affection for you. :-)

    But if any man tried to slap, strike, pinch, bite, or otherwise cause pain to my breasts (let alone inflict the kind of damage shown in that picture, which made me recoil in my chair), he would require cosmetic dentistry. I don't care if he's the hottest top on Earth. NOT. HAPPENING.

  2. So how do you REALLY feel? I was curious about the reaction this would get. I too thought the breast beating was too much, and the story in my post involved far far less severity.

  3. No-no. No way. Off-limits.
    I would never, ever do that. The palm and the bottom are made for each other. I admit, though, that grabbing the lady from below, so that you can feel, or even fondle her breasts while administering the spanking can be a great turn-on.

  4. appreciate your viewpoint, anonymous. No doubt about it, I'm a breast man, which might be unusual for a spanko, but what you describe is fun too. And thank you! I always appreciate anonymous comments from those that are not "into" the spanking blog community. It actually means a great deal to me. Welcome.

  5. I love it! LOVE IT. Usually have a hard time finding a man that enjoys it as much as I do. Giving I mean.

    Wish they did have more movies with this in it. :) This fetish is not an easy find. Thanks for the blog about it. Now I know I am not alone.

  6. Glad you liked that... (I did too!) Welcome to the blog Miss M

  7. Thank you.

    Now I need to go in search of some more vids to share with all the rest of our breast spanking friends. :)

  8. I am way, way late to this topic - but I too love love love it. Thankfully my husband does not mind obliging my kink. :)

  9. I must say, BIKSS has only recently slapped my breasts - mostly it's my butt he heads for.But i do notice that if i happen to be facing up and his hands are nearer my tits, he'll flick my nipples (which hurt like mad!) or slap the sides of my breasts - altho that's a little difficult to do cos i'm not very endowed in that department so it takes quite a bit of good aiming on his part.

    all in all, i love any sort of spanking/ slapping/smacking anywhere on me. so I've no complaints as to the area being seen to :)

    Thanks for this post, and the follow up (which was the one that brought me here).

  10. Conina and Fondlers Anonymous- my apologies; I was way late to discover that I had a bunch of comments stuck languishing in the to-be-moderated folder. I guess blogger doesn't like comments on old posts, but I do!

  11. Yes. Yes way.I love it. My husband came up with it one night, and as much as I was completely nervous, I was incredibly turned on. for those who haven't tried it...You never know until you do.

  12. Only when I've done something really bad will my hme to take off my top. Once I had to hold them up like I was 'presenting' them to him. Another time I had to stick thrm out with my hands behind my head. Each time he spanked them with his hand until they were bright pink. Its always followed with me 'presenting' my bottom to him.