Saturday, February 11, 2012

In the Chross-hairs of the pageview cannon and 80's TV spanking memories

spanking enthusiasts won't get this, but spanking bloggers will.

Tom Landry famously admonished the Dallas Cowboys players not to celebrate when they scored a touchdown- to act like they'd been there before.  Good advice, generally, but not going to follow it tonight. 

First time I saw the Chross blog I thought it was a confusing mix of a gazillion links.  A lot of them were like spanking comic book scenes.  Ehhh... whatever.  Then I discovered that people paid it a lot of attention to his posts, and thought "who the hell is this guy that everyone thinks is the arbiter of spanking blog goodness?!" 

Then I heard more about him, and started to explore.  He has a database of spanking scenes from mainstream movies and TV shows.  That was cool, but I'd seen plenty before.  Did he have that scene from Fantasy Island I remember my family watching way back when, the one where I asked my parents why the man was spanking a grown-up?  My parents told me that they were just being silly on a TV show and quickly turned it off.  I'd actually searched for the scene before but could never find it.  He had it

However, I couldn't find either the Different Strokes or the Silver Spoons episodes about spanking that also fascinated me as a kid.  On the other hand, A) those were children spankings and probably not something he'd want to post and B) there was a lot of talk about spankings but I don't think there were actual spanking scenes shown.

Anyway, I quickly figured out just how powerful this blog was in the spanking blog world, and true-confession-time-here... I got a little jealous.  I'd see the spankings of the week posted and think "whatever! my stuff was better than some of that he linked to today!"

But I couldn't think of a better post of mine than the one about other blog's 1st posts to get "chrossed" and attain such widespread readership.  The basic idea was that there's some great blogging content out there that's never read, because spanking bloggers had pent up thoughts on spanking which led them to create a blog, but by the time they have a decent audience, only their most recent updates are read.  All that great stuff in the beginning is sadly ignored.  

So thank you, Chross.  I really appreciate it.  And I urge all my readers to pick a couple of their favorite blogs, and go to the archives and read the 1st month of posts.  Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I did.


  1. Congratulations on being Chrossed! Like getting your first spanking, it's something you never forget.

    Here's to many more.


  2. Congratulations! I don't expect it will ever happen to me.

  3. Thanks Hermione, and Spanky, I thought the same thing just last week.

  4. Congrats! I liked your blog before you'd ever been there, lol!


  5. The funny thing is that I hardly get any link submissions at all! Maybe people are too shy to suggest including their posts to the list...but there's no reason to be. I'll look at it and include it - or not. And while I try to cover a wide range of blogs, I don't know about all of them.
    Like Spanky's blog. Never seen it before, so no wonder it's not included ;).

    Th Movie Database (and all my resources btw.) only contain spankee who are at least 18. As for Diffrent Strokes a complete episode called "The Spanking" seems to be available on Youtube.


  6. Hermione and I were of the same mind. I was poised to type "You never forget your first Chrossing," and then saw she'd already done so! :-)

    I daresay that "first blogs" blog was well worth the attention. It was original (which is damned hard to do with so many of us blogging out there) and it invited participation, which was fun.

    P.S. My word verification is "gascag." Change one letter, and you've got a few Uber-Tops I know. (giggling)

  7. Thanks Kitty. I started reading yours after I saw the like father, like son post and have been reading it ever since.

    Chross- Welcome, and thank you! Not just thank you for choosing that post, but for the service you provide to the community. (and I'm not trying to kiss ass- I mean it.) Not that anyone will admit it, but I wonder how many good posts that show up on Thursdays were at least in part motivated by you. Bloggers benefit because they have something to shoot for, and blog readers benefit because you (at least help) motivate bloggers to write good stuff. I read Spanky's blog every day but would be hard pressed to come up with one or two best posts, though I'd probably pick something having to do with either Reese Witherspoon and blowjobs or that hot lady from "Modern Family" (okay, the other hot one.) And I bet it can be even more difficult narrowing down all the blog posts all week to just a few recommended ones.

    Erica- gascan? gasbag? I did eat mexican food tonight... what are you trying to say? (giggling)

  8. LOL! I wasn't talking about you, but I meant "gasbag." You know, full of hot air (among other things).