Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Review of Spanking Sarah

Do blowjobs go well with spankings?  Sometimes.  I've been sitting on this post for awhile, mostly because I couldn't decide whether to post the pics that really illustrate the unique nature of this site. I decided against it, but probably the most obvious difference between Spanking Sarah and so many other websites is that it's far more sexual than any other.  (Well, almost any other.)  But that's not the only thing that sets it apart.  There are so many interesting and unusual aspects to this site that it's a task to try and organize them into something coherent.

When I decided to do a few spanking website reviews, I decided that I wanted to focus on smaller websites that might benefit from the exposure, and deliver the review from a consumer's point of view without trying to kiss the ass of the people behind the website.  Spanking Sarah is a perfect candidate for one of my reviews.  (Not to be confused with that other spanking site produced by a different Sarah).

I'd never heard of it before Sarah posted a comment on my blog about how she went through the video sharing boards to prevent file-sharing.  I have no idea where or how she found my blog post, and it was one of my earlier comments, but I appreciated her viewpoint.  Her site is produced in Britain, and I don't think advertises much, because- like I said- I'd never heard of it.

Looks like they're having real fun
I really like this site.  Let me make that clear up front, because I'm going to poke some fun at them too.  It's obvious that the performers are having a good time, and I bet it's a fun place to work (and not just for the guys getting blowjobs).  That having been said... I don't think I've ever laughed as much watching the videos from one site before, and often I suspect the comedy was unintentional.  There are many candid unscripted scenes, in addition to costumed and seemingly scripted ones.  There are a few long-running story lines, and some intense scenes, but some... well, (unintentional laughter moment #1) if I call it amateurish that sounds like a criticism, but I think it's really appealing when the cast breaks character and starts giggling, trying to get back in character.  Maybe most studios would edit that out and insert it as an outtake later, but it's different, and I kind of liked it.    

A typical spanking model
Another thing I liked are the variety of spanking models.  There are about three videos with Pandora Blake from what looks like a few years ago, but other than that I've never heard of any of the actors/models appearing in any of the videos.  There are some typical spanking models, but there are also several older ladies getting spanked too.  Somehow that makes it seem more real.

NOT a typical spanking model, but those look nice bouncing after impact!
Have I mentioned that the videos are sexy?
No doubt about it, the videos on this site are usually very sexual.  About 10-20% of them show actual blowjobs, and in a few cases, intercourse.  And let me tell you , the actors engaged in this are not necessarily typical model types, but regular people.  Again, I kind of enjoyed this aspect.
this is about all I felt comfortable showing on my blog.

Even though less than a quarter of the videos show explicit hard-core sex, almost all the videos are much more sexual than you'll find on almost any other spanking site.  There's a lot of fondling and licking going on, a few dildos here and there, lots of breast grabbing, and  in one scene the spanker was summoned from her bath (complete with plenty of sexy shots of her bathing) to get dressed and deliver some discipline.  Some have whined and moaned about the spanking video "money shot" where the camera gets down low and directly behind the female spankee, showing all her naughty bits.  Actually, I kind of enjoy this, and almost every scene has some nice spread-legged, up-close-and-very-personal shots. This is so prevalent that it led to unintentional laughter moment #2, when the lady getting spanked is told to spread her legs, and you know right what the cameraman is about to do, and then he does it- gets down low and zooms right in.  Again, I hate to admit it, but I liked this.  Frankly, watching spanking videos is a big sexual turn-on for me, and the almost blatant sexuality of the parties involved in these shoots is a little refreshing.

However, most of the cum-shots are accompanied by super cheesy music and shown in slow motion, which sort of ruined the erotic appeal and led to unintentional laughter moment #3. In fact, several of the videos state that they were produced by "Remington Steel" and this is sort of appropriate, because much of the music can best be described as 80's-TV-show-theme-song-ish.  There are a few other ill-advised musical additions, like when a nun is giving a spanking and near the finale of the spanking you start to hear the Hallelujah Chorus.

More about Sarah
Sarah apparently runs the site, and appears in probably 90% of the videos.  Sometimes she's the spanker, and sometimes she's the one getting it.  Often she's in both roles in the same video.  She has a distinctive look and thick British accent.  She's very tall, has incredibly long legs, and is not shy at all about sharing her body with her viewers!  She looks like she could be your teacher, your aunt, or someone that works in your office, not a professional spanking website star.  Sort of the lady next door (or what I envision the lady next door would look like if I lived in the English countryside, maybe).  Somehow she appears more normal and authentic than the fantasy depicted on many spanking websites, and again, that appealed to me.

the cameraman's about to move to his left, you can just sense it
Billing is through CCBill, and is $30/month- a little pricey, and updates can be a bit irregular.  There is a TON (or is it a tonne?) of content, though.  All the movies are in one or two parts (not counting a few ongoing series) and range from 90-400 meg or so.  I do like that the updates aren't in tiny chunks of the movie, though.  If I had a quibble, it is that the excellent movie descriptions found on the preview page before you log in are not available on the download page- just a small thumbnail and movie title. The picture sets are on a separate page as well, so you have to do some looking to decide if you want to download each movie.  There's also no way to search movies based by particular performer like you'll find on many sites, though there is a page highlighting some of the models.
This is a unique site, and may not be for everyone (especially if you don't like your spanking movies extra-sexy and/or prefer only Hollywood starlet type models).  However, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and highly recommend it.


  1. Wow, Thankyou so much for this lovely and unexpected review, you have made my day :)

    Btw, I found your blog orignally via the spanking bloggers network, I love to read other peoples view on our wonderful kink so often have a little browse

  2. you're very welcome, Sarah. thank you for a few fun-filled evenings enjoying your work!