Thursday, February 16, 2012

Secret Spanko Tip -downloading spankingtube (and other) vids

Just in case you have let's say a favorite spankingtube clip and want to download it to enjoy again and again... 

There's an easy way to do it.  Look up "video download helper" on Firefox, and add it as an extension

Once you do so, there will be a little button on the toolbar that will appear to rotate whenever you can download something on a webpage.

If you click it, there will be a menu and you can download the movie, although it's only playable in as a .VLC media file.  The file name will be something like filename.flv  and will look something like this once you download it:
You can download that media player here -it's a very small program and can play virtually any media, including quicktime (.mov) movies (and it's also good for otherwise unplayable incomplete downloaded .wmv files.)

This technique is a little tricky, and you often have to rename videos, as the default name is something incomprehensible.  Just click on the logo, then click on "quick download" and Boom! there you go. However, this handy little tool is also useful for downloading other embedded video files, like those on youtube or those contained in (ahem) blogs, or even certain premium sites that do not allow downloads, just playback of movies cough, cough, Spankingcourt, cough... 

Okay, fine... maybe that was a double secret spanko tip for those of you that have read this far.  I'm walking a fine line here... from all that I've heard the folks that run Spankingcourt are good people, and I like the concept.  I really like some people that have appeared in their videos (obviously).  I can even understand them not wanting to have to deal with pirated videos, hence, their "you can play our videos while you membership is active, but you can't download them." stance.  But it's a disservice to consumers, and not the industry standard.  They're not the only ones, by the way, just the most recent studio like this that I have subscribed to.  

Some special disdain is reserved for Shadow Lane in this area.  Years ago I purchased (I thought) a movie from them, only to find out that after 30 days the movie that I downloaded was no longer playable.  I sort of got it, I mean, that was basically the successful model of Blockbuster at the time... But it pissed me off so much that I ordered the same movie again (it was a therapist and patient movie, I forget the title) just so I could figure out a way to save it and play it again.  I failed, though.  I still rented several from Shadow Lane  even after that just because their content was so good, but part of me was pissed off every time I did so. Still haven't figured that out, and hate to pay a super-premium for clips4$ale movies from big time studios, but what can you do?

Edit to add, just for clarification... I'm by no means advocating stealing of anything.  I'm merely offering a suggestion so one can access, file, and replay content that is either A) provided for free on blogs and spanking tube, or B) that you've already paid for... to your heart's uhm, content.  Hence- no stealing involved. Anyway, enjoy your movies, all you secret spankos out there.  

Coming soon... posts on early spanko thoughts, breast spanking, deep thoughts on both the origin and future of spankos, a fishing report, and some more website reviews, in no particular order.


  1. Hi SS,

    I don't advocate that anyone steal copyrighted material, but for those videos that can be legally captured, RealPlayer has browser plug-in that is literally one click.


  2. Thanks Bonnie. Just to be clear I don't advocate anyone stealing copyrighted material either.

  3. That is convenient..... teach people how to steal copyrighted material. show a picture of how to illegally steal a video from spanking court. Share a story of how you try to steal rented videos. Provide justification on why someone could steal copyrighted material from big time studios. Then simply add a disclaimer at the end that you don't advocate stealing copyrighted material. Well if it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck then it's a duck. Dispite your denials and disclaimers if it sounds like advocating and looks like advocating then its advocating stealing copyrighted material.


  4. Hey Mark,
    It's kinda hard to STEAL something that's free, or that you've paid for already. Those were my examples. It might frustrate their business model, but it's not stealing.

    Here's an analogous situation: I buy software from let's say "Macrohard" for my computer. It works great, but after awhile my computer is worn out and it's time to get a new computer. I try to install the old software on the new computer, and it won't let me. Macrohard is trying to prevent people from buying one program and sharing it with everyone else so they add anti-sharing measures that make it difficult to transfer the software from one computer to another. And heck while they're at it, it would be in Macrohard's best interest if folks that bought new computers bought new software too. So I have to spend 30 minutes on the phone with customer service to get help to install the old software on the new computer. It's kind of a pain, but eventually I can, because I bought it and I'm not sharing it with anyone but myself.

    The purpose of this post was to help folks with that analogous talking-to-customer-service-for-30-minutes struggle so they can share something with themselves that's either free or that they've paid for already. I added the disclaimer after Bonnie's comment, when I thought I should clarify in case people like you were confused.

    Marky (honkin'-like-a-goose) Marks

  5. Hello! This tip enabled me to get a video back that I had originally posted back in 2008 on SpankingTube. The original hard-drive where it was saved is LONG dead, but I just came back to my blog recently and I'm trying to re-activate myself in the spanking world. Thanks so much! I poked around your blog and I'm adding you to my blogroll, hope that is ok with you. :-)

    Best wishes,
    Abby Williams

  6. Absolutely that's okay with me! Welcome. I'll have to check out your blog. (And your spanking tube videos!) ;-)