Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My first spanking video

Enjoy this video of me getting spanked by Dana Kane.  I was waiting for her to post it on her blog first, since she did all the work.  But since she has a different (and much larger) audience I figured it wouldn't hurt to post it here too.  Several thoughts on it below.

  • She has an amazing screen presence.  We talked about it for MAYBE a couple of minutes, and once the camera started recording she just talked to it like this was all well rehearsed and scripted.  Note her lack of any verbal crutches.  
  • My arms look skinny and my butt looks big, but I'm sure it's just perspective, right?. (Plus she really is petite.)
  • I've seen myself on camera before, and it never ceases to amaze me how much I can't stand hearing my own  voice recorded, even if I don't talk a lot in the video.  I think that's the same reaction most people have to hearing their own voice, though.  
  • As I've said before, I don't want to blog about every spanking experience I have.  Partly this is for privacy- both mine and my playmates, but also because it ebbs and flows, and I don't want folks thinking either a) I'm a spanking slut or b) how come he blogs so much and never actually spanks anyone or gets spanked?  But , well, we did make a video and all.
  • The rest of this spanking was probably the least severe I've had from Dana.  Mostly because we were so busy having a great conversation while I was over her lap.  Seriously.  She's got a wealth of knowledge and experience, and I enjoy talking to her.  She inspired at least a couple of upcoming blog posts.
  • I do mark very easily, but even after the whole spanking was over- there were no marks by the end of the day, yet still I was sore and tender the next day.  Amazing.
Anyway... enjoy.


  1. Well, congratulations!

    I'm not entirely sure about how I feel seeing someone I know (if only via the 'net) being spanked, but Dana's hot, and I think I'm kind of jealous!

    I saw this on Spanking Tube first, and I was hugely surprised, although I knew it was coming.

    Good work Mr Marks (even if you only have to lie there and take it - although I guess that's thye best part really).

    All the best


  2. I already made a playful comment about this earlier, but I'll go into a little more here.

    This is a bit out of character for me; it's no secret to anyone that watching F/M spanking makes me a little uncomfortable. My fetish orientation is so deeply ingrained to be M/F that any other combination simply doesn't compute. HOWEVER... 1) I know Dana and I love watching her, 2) I feel like I know you, and yup, I was curious, and 3) this was light and funny and all I did was giggle through the whole thing. I love Dana's wicked glee. And you're right, she is so natural and at ease in front of a camera.

    You're definitely not alone in not liking your voice, BTW. I've never liked the sound of mine, either! However, I thought yours sounded fine. Your "adios" cracked me up. :-)

  3. Thanks y'all. Glad you enjoyed it.

    You're right Tim, not a lot of work involved on my part, I just just lie there and take it. Speaking of taken... (whispering) you're right about Dana being pretty hot too!

    Erica- I so glad (and amazed) that you enjoyed that, and happy it was good for a chuckle too. It's funny, because up until about a year ago, I thought the same thing about F/M spanking. I decided I needed to try it, and I'm glad I did because I enjoy it, just in an entirely different way than I do M/F spanking, which is far more deeply ingrained in me as well.

    I think I still have a bit to learn from you in being a smart-ass bottom though. When she told me, "Say goodbye Mr. Marks," instead of "Adios" I should have said "goodbye Mr. Marks" even if it would have resulted in another whack or two!

  4. Very nice spanking! I think you must be quite tough. Your butt was bright red!


  5. Not hardly, Kitty- have you SEEN some of her other videos?! Yeeowch!! I'm a weenie.

  6. OMG...you did it!!

    You are a spanko celebrity. A secret one, but a celebrity nonetheless.

    Very nice. :)

  7. Thank you! I'm only remaining incognito so I don't have to fight off the paparazzi!

  8. I'd love to get spanked by Dana. It's more fun when the woman really enjoys spanking a man.

  9. Chuck- I'm so sorry I must have missed this comment before- If you're going to get spanked, I don't know of a woman that loves to spank men more than Dana.