Friday, March 30, 2012

improving on a classic Picasso drawing with MSPaint

Picasso's "Femme" is brilliant, and I say that with very little appreciation for or understanding of modern art.  With merely 5 brush strokes (ahem... that probably means something different to most spankos- referring to a paint brush here!) he perfectly captured a woman's bottom.  Love it!

 But... I bet that with his inspiration, I could do better.  I'll let y'all judge whether I did or not.

Maybe my hand was shakey, or maybe there was dust on the mousepad, but a few squiggles might be a little cellulite, and well, I meant to do that, because it's far more realistic, right?  Then I painstakingly added thousands of little tiny pink dots to represent the reddening of the bottom. Each little dot might be a capillary that burst (or I might have used the spraypaint can thing on MSPaint.)  Hope you enjoy.  It amused me.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dormant Blogs

I'm baaaa-aack!  Even though I've gotten busy lately, I will not abandon this blog.  However, since I've neglected it and just been mailing-it-in, I thought about a few blogs that are dormant, but full of great content, and thought I should highlight them in the hopes that they'll re-engage, like I intend to, even though I'm kinda doubtful about whether they will or not.

This one was in "my class" on Bonnie's best of the new -or close to it- when I first got started. Certainly one of the spicier versions of domestic discipline written about in the blog world, she stopped posting in November.

I've commented  about this blog in the past.  I thought it was a tremendous concept, but warned him at the time it might be too restrictive a blog theme, because he'd quickly run out of topics.  He quit posting in late December, but still some great stuff there.  I'll be (sadly) removing this from my blog roll soon.

My blog has an interesting mix of readers- I have some DD, some I'll call the spanking bloggers elite, and some, thanks to my video and my incessant mentions of Dana Kane that are F/M spanking aficionados.  This one's for y'all.  Maybe the hottest real life F/M couple I've seen.  Complete with a lot of pics, and they're serious about privacy- they show pics but not only blur faces but also other portions of their pics that might reveal their identity, but don't blur pics of well, his balls.  I salute this secret spanko couple.  Unfortunately, they've not posted since last October.

I "grew up" on  I was a member there since way back when it was just Michael Masterson and his now ex-wife (aka "the webmistress") spanking each other in movies that were the size of postage stamps and could be loaded onto a floppy disk.  For whatever reason, it seems like Realspankings has not engaged in the spanking community to the degree other spanking video sites have.  One exception to this is Sophie, who was a frequent model for them, and had a blog. (that was last updated in January 2011!) However, she still checks her email.

Of course, who could forget the uhm... original Secret Spanko?  As I've discussed before, I was willing to change my blogger name at one point, but not for someone that's posted twice in the last six months. (even though I salute her for highlighting romance novels with spankings in them, for composing  two whole posts since last fall.)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

More on Butthovan's 5th and the BurlyQ

DA DA DA DUUUMMM... DA DA DA DUUUMMM...  dadadadum dadadadum dadadadummm... dadadadum dadadadum dadadadummm... Da Da Da Dum... Da Da Da Dum... Da Da Da DUM DUM DUUUUM!

I swore I saw this video on a spanking blog somewhere, but I tried looking it up and could not find it.  Here it is again, just for your enjoyment:

Michelle L'amour performs "BUTTHOVEN'S 5TH SYMPHONY" from franky vivid on Vimeo.

That is one fine and talented Ass!  (And how does one score an invite to such a demonstration?!)  Surprisingly, even though I couldn't find where I'd found it posted originally on google, there was another spanking blog entry dealing with Beethoven's 5th Symphony. One spanking blogger got the opening notes tattooed on her ass.
I had the best of intentions in making this a spanking-related post, I swear.  And I guess, marginally, it still is.  But have you ever searched for something on the internet and found yourself following down a rabbit trail that had nothing at all with what you were searching for, but was so fascinating you kept delving into it?  That's definitely what happened to me when I thought I'd post something about spanking music.  I mean, that Butthoven's 5th video is certainly hotter than this spanking song, I think.

Madonna - Hanky Panky by jpdc11

So I looked into the lady with the amazing bottom that can dance to classical music.  Her name is Michelle L'Amour, and she's apparently a very prominent burlesque dancer.  Then I wasted way too much time watching burlesque videos that are all over the internet because I'd never really been exposed to burlesque before.  (I say wasted time, but don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun!)  I've been to strip clubs before, though it's been a long time, but never seen anything quite like burlesque.  Some burlesque is hot, some almost boring.  But no burlesque dancer, not even Dita Von Teese, is as hot as  Michelle L'Amour.  I think I have developed a sort of crush on her.  She's pretty, and smart, and no stripper I've ever seen, not even those at the all-nude BYOB club I went to a couple of times in college, can dance like she can.  Wow!  Not only is she a trained dancer, but she started a school for burlesque, has made "Tease and Tone" workout videos and performs in several other artsy type shows too.  Here's a video of her (and not just that amazing butt- all of her) in action.  Again, just enjoy.  I did.

Michelle L'amour in "Shower With Affection" from franky vivid on Vimeo.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The ebb and flow of life

Been almost neglecting my blog lately, and even though I have a couple of more canned blog entries ready to go just for when I don't feel like posting something, I felt like sharing a bit.  I saw a topic of Fetlife recently that touched on the fact that for some people (me included) the interest in spanking can ebb and flow.  I know some of my readers are on Fetlife, but betting that most aren't.  If you are, I urge you to check out the group The Spanking World, Good and Bad -some lively and entertaining discussions- more so than most groups on there. (Where are these parties full of good looking spanking models that make the other ladies feel uncomfortable? -never mind, inner thought I might not should have shared )

This happens to me --sometimes I lose interest in spanking, for whatever reason.  Don't know why.  Maybe it has something to do with or is similar in nature to how I used to wack-off 3x/day in high school but not so much anymore.  Who knows?  That's another blog post.  

No, I haven't been neglecting my blog because I've lost interest in spanking recently.  On the contrary- my interest is high, and my spanking activity is well, flowing.   For months at a time I lamented that no one was interested in playing with a married guy, but now- well, I have more willing playmates and potential playmates than I know what to do with.  

The problem is that my life is flowing pretty rapidly too.  In the last two weeks, on top of my spanking activity, which is at maybe an all-time high, I've had:

  1. unplanned cross country trip
  2. biggest school project of the year for my oldest
  3. continuing issues with my parents and extended family and helping my grandparents move into "their new apartment" (a/k/a assisted living)
  4. my parent's housing situation
  5. continuing crisis with sibling-in-law that's escalated
  6. close friends having a baby
  7. another close friend losing a parent
  8. planned trip of my wife -me keeping the kids during part of spring break 
  9. juggling all that with this thing I have to do called a job (and today was one one of those I-never-imagined-when-I-was-going-to-school-to-do-what-I-do-that-I'd-ever-be-doing-THIS! kind of days).
All that plus trying to carve out time to watch college basketball is next to impossible unless I record it to watch late at night.  Tonight I took a break and made lasagna.  A lot of it.  Not the most manly of activities to be cooking away from the grill, but I make a pretty good lasagna, if I do say so myself.  I've poked fun at spanking blogs posting recipes before, and the good news is that I don't have a recipe.  I just make it.  One ingredient is a bottle of red wine.  I put a little bit into the sauce and drink the rest while I'm making it.  It started when we were relatively poor- pretty cheap way to make something big that we could eat on for almost a week.  Now I make it only on special occasions when we feel obligated to make dinner for folks that have had a baby or had a funeral or something (or both this week!)  And it's so messy that I only make it late at night after everyone's gone to bed.

Speaking of basketball, back last Christmas when the NBA was starting the season (surprisingly) on Christmas day, and everyone thought there would be no NBA this year, I saw this commercial over and over. (link is to a youtube video of it).  I loved it.  So much so that I looked up the song, called "I want you to live forever" and it's by a small, relatively unknown group called "Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors" and a little more research led me to the full song, and the video, which I've embedded below.  It sort of captures a lot of what I'm thinking about recently, and at the risk of being cheesy, I thought you might enjoy it.  Apparently they're a Christian band, and may not be too keen on this being posted  on a spanking blog, but the video is not overtly religious- more about experiencing life.  If they have a problem with it being posted, please contact me and I'll welcome a dialogue about it and about how Jesus loves even those with  a spanking fetish too.  Enjoy.


Friday, March 16, 2012

My old fraternity paddle, and how it was used on me

Between spring break and college basketball, it's been almost a week since my last post.  This one's a pretty good story, but it's been in the can for awhile now, so throwing it up there tonight because I don't have much time.  (and after reading it, you might see that "throwing it up" is sort of appropriate!)  Apologies to all my bloggy friends because I haven't looked at your blogs (much less commented) for awhile now.

Actually Dana Kane was not the one to give me my first (sort of) adult spanking, in a sense.  It was my fraternity "Big Brother."  I've kept my fraternity paddle through several moves- just not something that has a place to put it, but not something I want to get rid of either.  I doctored the picture of it- removed my name and changed the Greek letters and crest to keep my identity a secret. (That's supposed to be a Fiji Owl- just because I never really liked them.)  Actually, "doctored" is giving me way too much credit- more like hacked away with MS Paint pruning shears instead of a scalpel, and apologies to any true Greeks out there- the Theta sort of looks like an "O" so I used it instead of trying to draw an omega.

Yes, it was actually used on my butt.  Yes, it hurt like hell (it was swung by a guy who was a linebacker in high school).  Here's how it happened...  

Back when I was going through pledging, hazing was on it's way out but was probably far more common than it is today.  In conversations after the fact, I learned that there were some fraternities that still paddled as a part of pledging, but probably most didn't.  It seemed to be just a matter of who upheld traditions the most.  One of the crappy fraternities was notorious for paddling pledges a lot, but so did one of the "Top 3" fraternities.  An aside - in retrospect it seems awful to judge people, or groups of people as good or "crappy", but it was and probably still is the truth.  Just go to a party during rush and you could quickly tell where the fraternity ranked. Mine had aspirations and was close to the top but admittedly was not among the traditional "top 3".  But obviously no one talked about paddling during Rush.     

My fraternity didn't paddle during pledging, except for one night.  It was near the end of the 3 month pledgeship, and we (the pledges) had just kidnapped a member earlier that week.  Grabbed him, tied him up, took embarrassing pictures  and made him sign something stating he gave up his right to haze us.  (Another tradition).  There was sure to be a price to pay though, and we knew it.  (But it was a lot of fun, and when he tried to escape once, I had the pleasure of chasing him down and tackling him in an open field, which won me some respect among both the pledge class and the actives when the story got out.)

So a few days later when we were told by the pledge trainer to report to so-and-so's house at 8 pm as a group, we were prepared for a night of hazing. Sure enough, they put us out in the garage with pillow cases over our heads, and came to lead us away, one by one.  (Well, after some initial "I won't leave my pledge brothers Sir!" bullshit)  So they came to get me, and I was led to this guy's truck, and got in the back, squooshed, while two guys sat in front and talked about all the terrible things they were going to do to the pledges and how it wasn't nearly as bad as what they went through as they listened to country music (I still remember hearing "Like strawberry wine...seventeen... the hot July moon... saw everything").  So we get there (some guy's dad's land- I recognized it from the drive, even though I "couldn't see" and I wait in the truck for a long time after we got there, presumably for all the other pledges to complete the journey.

Finally, I get pulled out of the back seat of the truck roughly by several guys, and the hood ripped off.  There's a big fire going, and a lot of the "blackest" members (those that enjoy hazing) are surrounding me shoving me and pushing me in a circle, yelling at me and telling me how stupid I was to be taken away from my pledge brothers, and promising retribution for kidnapping a member... "who's going to save you now?! You're all alone!" 

Then this guy grabs me in a bear hug and yell's "I will, I'm his big brother!" and everyone cheers.  They untie my arms (guess I forgot to mention that part) and lots of pats on the shoulder and congratulations and some "Hey, no shit... you're doing a good job- this is the fun part., relax!"

So my new Big Brother presents me with a bottle of liquor and says that this is our family drink, and you and me are going to finish it tonight.  We take a couple of shots, accompanied by cheers all around, and then he presents me with my fraternity paddle, but says I have to earn it, followed by more cheers.

"Drop your drawers, bend over, and grab your nuts.  Hold 'em up high and out of the way, this is gonna hurt!"  So I do.  After the first swat, accompanied by cheers, someone pours a can of beer all over my butt to cool it down.  I guess maybe there were no spankos there that knew that a wet bottom hurts more.  Two more swats follow, because there are three main principles in the fraternity lore, which I can't remember. Then I pulled my pants and boxers up, retired to the side to watch the next pledge and the next go through the same routine.  Then when it was all over, we all sat around the huge fire and got plastered together.  You could stay at your big brother's place during hell week and be immune to hazing.  

About the spanking...They hurt like hell, and I don't know that I've ever seen more powerful swats on any spanking video ever. I was lucky.  My big brother was pretty big in the fraternity, but had not picked a little brother until he was about to graduate.  So I didn't have a big brother and a "grand-big brother" who also had the right to get in three swats of his own.  Some of the pledges got 6 or even 9 swats.  (Though my big brother was about the biggest of those delivering them.)  Still, my girlfriend at the time noticed the oval bruises more than a week later to her horror.  Despite what some might think, there was absolutely nothing homo-erotic about it.  My big brother told me that he thought the whole thing was kind of stupid, which was why he didn't really want to do it until he was about to graduate. ("I thought it was because you were waiting for someone really great to come along to pick to be your little brother?!" "Uhm... yeah, that too!")  

I "earned it" that night, and proudly hung my fraternity paddle on my wall during college, but it's never been used again.  It has an edge, not to mention some sharp points, and is probably unsuitable to use in spanking play.  Plus some of the wooden letters and such have fallen off as we've moved it from closet to closet in moves since getting married. 

Talking years after the fact to other professionals, this was not all that uncommon, and remarkably similar to what they experienced in college pledging a fraternity- So I don't feel that bad about sharing fraternity secrets some 20+ years after the fact, but I thought some of you spankos might be interested in a first-hand account of what it's like to get paddled as a fraternity pledge..  Someday soon maybe I'll share a story and a pic of my wife's sorority paddle!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some sexy vanilla fun, and a little about my bloglist

I just added Guess Her Muff to my blog list.  It's not at all spanking related, but I check it out a few days a week whenever I have my personal internet naughty time.   Basically it's a blog that every day posts a picture of a lady fully dressed, and then you're supposed to guess how her muff is trimmed and click to find the answer.  The answer is in the form of a picture of her showing her -well, her trim job down there.  Actually I couldn't care less how she's trimmed- I just find it really sexy to see normal ladies (i.e., not models) in a normal picture and then see them in a sexy picture.  Sometimes there are additional sexy pictures too.  One can rate the picture or comment, although I don't and advise against reading the comments.  If you only want hot girls, there's a "Hall of Fame" section that lists the top 3 vote-getters out of every hundred posts.  Personally, I think you can find model types naked all over the internet, and like it because not everyone is a hall of fame type- and I think it's more real and sexy the more normal the lady is.

So why did I add this to the spanking blog roll?  Because I like it.  Maybe someday as this blog matures I'll need to rethink it, but for now, my blog roll is entirely selfish.  Some  folks  have an exhaustive list of links on their blog.  I'm grateful for that, and have used them as a resource in the past.  But they're big time, and I'm not.  I figure my blog roll is just for me.  It's the stuff I like to read, and it's a tool for me to have it all there with easy access to it.  

Now granted, one way to get my attention and get me to look at your blog is to comment or "become a member" of this blog (I still think that's kinda gay and am not a "member" of most blogs I read, but kinda feel bad about that).  But that having been said, it's not a quid pro quo thing- it's entirely one sided.  I don't add everyone, and I don't add anyone as a courtesy.  No offense meant by that, I just add the stuff on my blog roll that I like to read, because it makes it easier for me to read it if it's one click away from mine.  That's why I have the thumbnail and description added too- helps me decide if I want to spend my time looking at that update or not.  That's why I decided to add a non-spanking blog too.  Hope no one is offended.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where (on the bottom) do you like your spankings?

Looking like there will not be any pics of my, uhm "little fish" but looking at some, it got me thinking about the wide variety in red butt pics one sees, and how different spanking styles lead to different red butt pics.  Some folks give a spanking that delivers a really red bottom, but I'm almost astonished that they completely missed the "sit spot" -that junction of the thighs and bottom.  Here are some examples of that.
Those little pale parts below are practically begging for  a couple of spanks

That's one helluva spanking to have missed the ouchy crease! from

the spanking couple- what a great website that was around all too briefly.

I guess Dallas just wants to color within the lines!
Others appear to have been concentrating just on the sit spot and have missed a lot more of the upper bottom. 

How many times have you read or heard about the dangers of spanking too high?  Obviously no paddles should be used anywhere but the sit-spot or peaks of the bottom cheeks, but your hand and many implements can be used all over the bottom.  Did you know that they teach nurses to give injections in the upper-outer quadrant of the bottom, because that's the safest spot?  If you can stick needles into it, you can safely spank it, too.
I like to give spankings all over the bottom, and try to make it a nice uniform shade of pink, all over. The sides, the top, down the thighs just a little bit, in the crease, even some "fire crackers" too.
Like This

Like this guy... but without that hair!

And from experience, Dana Kane shares my view, that a spanking should be a total bottom experience.  She takes it a step further though, and even spanks the perineum area too -Ouch!  (but I couldn't find a decent picture of that.)

So, where do you like to spank/be spanked? 

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Friday Night Fishin' Report

There's something special about growing up in a small town.  Most Americans have a sense of nostalgia about them and reverence for them and those that grew up in them.  I can't say that I grew up in a small town- it was more like a small city.  My hometown was just big enough but far enough away from big cities that we had local television affiliates for (most of) the national networks.  Pretty much the smallest of small markets.  Often on Friday nights after watching Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider, I'd watch the local news with the babysitter waiting for my parents to return from wherever they were.   After football season was over, there was an old man who would give the Fishin' Report for the weekend.  (I tried in vain to find something similar on youtube so I could include it on this post.  It's almost amazing to me that there are some things that haven't made it to the internet yet and maybe never will.)
Of course, the lakes discussed in the Friday Night Fishin' Report looked more like this than the one at the top of this post!
A short time ago, in a couple of posts, I said that it was time again for me to go go fishing for a new spankee, and that I would keep my readers posted.  Well, I cast several lines out, and am here to report.
In terms of a fishing report... well, the fishing is pretty bad, honestly.  There are a number of sites you can try, and I have.  The easiest way to illustrate just how bad the fishing is might be this screenshot:
Spankfinder is helpful enough to be transparent about your odds, and I salute them for it.  But the odds are not good.  If you're a guy looking for a lady play partner, know that there are roughly four guys for every lady, and that probably half of the ladies have not logged on in over a month, and probably half of those that have are not looking for a play partner, but a long-term relationship.  I looked on Spanko and could not find these numbers as easily.  However, I searched for males and females looking in my state, and the odds were better, from what I could tell.  The search was limited to profiles active in the last 60 days, but there were still 200 males to 90 females actively looking.  On the other hand, for whatever reason I've had far less success there than on spankfinder in the past.

Anyway, back to my fish story... I cast out several lines recently and got basically no response.  A nibble here and there, but not much.  I still haven't tried any of these sites using my blog or my Marky Marks persona, because my original intent of this blog was to be able to talk about my pursuit of spanking fun from an anonymous perspective.  But then, just as I was about to pack it in and head to shore, a cute little fish practically jumped into my little boat.  Please, no, uhm... "little man in the boat" jokes. She was married, and secretly fascinated by spanking.  Cute as can be, and younger than me- she wanted to do something wild and crazy before she turns 30.  She'd checked out this here blog.  Heck, she was familiar with McLintock, which is basically a spanko code-word.  (I promised not to spank her with a shovel!)

She'd never actually been spanked, though.  About a week after our 1st email exchange, we met this morning, and I gave her the 1st ever adult spanking she's experienced.  I was honored that she trusted me enough to lead her down that path, because the only other ladies I'd spanked before had been spanked plenty before I did.  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and I give some credit to Dana Kane, because in preparing for this morning, I thought back to the 1st time I took a spanking, and how she gently (well gently- at first!) guided me.  

We (the cute little fish and I) are still talking about whether or not to talk too much about her or pics, etc... on this blog.  As I've said before, I don't want this to turn into a spank-and-tell blog.  However, the point I wanted to make to all the secret spankos out there is that yes, there are ladies looking for this, and it takes patience and persistence, but you can find what you're looking for in a play partner (even if the Fishin' Report doesn't look good) if you just give it time.