Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dormant Blogs

I'm baaaa-aack!  Even though I've gotten busy lately, I will not abandon this blog.  However, since I've neglected it and just been mailing-it-in, I thought about a few blogs that are dormant, but full of great content, and thought I should highlight them in the hopes that they'll re-engage, like I intend to, even though I'm kinda doubtful about whether they will or not.

This one was in "my class" on Bonnie's best of the new -or close to it- when I first got started. Certainly one of the spicier versions of domestic discipline written about in the blog world, she stopped posting in November.

I've commented  about this blog in the past.  I thought it was a tremendous concept, but warned him at the time it might be too restrictive a blog theme, because he'd quickly run out of topics.  He quit posting in late December, but still some great stuff there.  I'll be (sadly) removing this from my blog roll soon.

My blog has an interesting mix of readers- I have some DD, some I'll call the spanking bloggers elite, and some, thanks to my video and my incessant mentions of Dana Kane that are F/M spanking aficionados.  This one's for y'all.  Maybe the hottest real life F/M couple I've seen.  Complete with a lot of pics, and they're serious about privacy- they show pics but not only blur faces but also other portions of their pics that might reveal their identity, but don't blur pics of well, his balls.  I salute this secret spanko couple.  Unfortunately, they've not posted since last October.

I "grew up" on Realspankings.com.  I was a member there since way back when it was just Michael Masterson and his now ex-wife (aka "the webmistress") spanking each other in movies that were the size of postage stamps and could be loaded onto a floppy disk.  For whatever reason, it seems like Realspankings has not engaged in the spanking community to the degree other spanking video sites have.  One exception to this is Sophie, who was a frequent model for them, and had a blog. (that was last updated in January 2011!) However, she still checks her email.

Of course, who could forget the uhm... original Secret Spanko?  As I've discussed before, I was willing to change my blogger name at one point, but not for someone that's posted twice in the last six months. (even though I salute her for highlighting romance novels with spankings in them, for composing  two whole posts since last fall.)

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