Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The ebb and flow of life

Been almost neglecting my blog lately, and even though I have a couple of more canned blog entries ready to go just for when I don't feel like posting something, I felt like sharing a bit.  I saw a topic of Fetlife recently that touched on the fact that for some people (me included) the interest in spanking can ebb and flow.  I know some of my readers are on Fetlife, but betting that most aren't.  If you are, I urge you to check out the group The Spanking World, Good and Bad -some lively and entertaining discussions- more so than most groups on there. (Where are these parties full of good looking spanking models that make the other ladies feel uncomfortable? -never mind, inner thought I might not should have shared )

This happens to me --sometimes I lose interest in spanking, for whatever reason.  Don't know why.  Maybe it has something to do with or is similar in nature to how I used to wack-off 3x/day in high school but not so much anymore.  Who knows?  That's another blog post.  

No, I haven't been neglecting my blog because I've lost interest in spanking recently.  On the contrary- my interest is high, and my spanking activity is well, flowing.   For months at a time I lamented that no one was interested in playing with a married guy, but now- well, I have more willing playmates and potential playmates than I know what to do with.  

The problem is that my life is flowing pretty rapidly too.  In the last two weeks, on top of my spanking activity, which is at maybe an all-time high, I've had:

  1. unplanned cross country trip
  2. biggest school project of the year for my oldest
  3. continuing issues with my parents and extended family and helping my grandparents move into "their new apartment" (a/k/a assisted living)
  4. my parent's housing situation
  5. continuing crisis with sibling-in-law that's escalated
  6. close friends having a baby
  7. another close friend losing a parent
  8. planned trip of my wife -me keeping the kids during part of spring break 
  9. juggling all that with this thing I have to do called a job (and today was one one of those I-never-imagined-when-I-was-going-to-school-to-do-what-I-do-that-I'd-ever-be-doing-THIS! kind of days).
All that plus trying to carve out time to watch college basketball is next to impossible unless I record it to watch late at night.  Tonight I took a break and made lasagna.  A lot of it.  Not the most manly of activities to be cooking away from the grill, but I make a pretty good lasagna, if I do say so myself.  I've poked fun at spanking blogs posting recipes before, and the good news is that I don't have a recipe.  I just make it.  One ingredient is a bottle of red wine.  I put a little bit into the sauce and drink the rest while I'm making it.  It started when we were relatively poor- pretty cheap way to make something big that we could eat on for almost a week.  Now I make it only on special occasions when we feel obligated to make dinner for folks that have had a baby or had a funeral or something (or both this week!)  And it's so messy that I only make it late at night after everyone's gone to bed.

Speaking of basketball, back last Christmas when the NBA was starting the season (surprisingly) on Christmas day, and everyone thought there would be no NBA this year, I saw this commercial over and over. (link is to a youtube video of it).  I loved it.  So much so that I looked up the song, called "I want you to live forever" and it's by a small, relatively unknown group called "Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors" and a little more research led me to the full song, and the video, which I've embedded below.  It sort of captures a lot of what I'm thinking about recently, and at the risk of being cheesy, I thought you might enjoy it.  Apparently they're a Christian band, and may not be too keen on this being posted  on a spanking blog, but the video is not overtly religious- more about experiencing life.  If they have a problem with it being posted, please contact me and I'll welcome a dialogue about it and about how Jesus loves even those with  a spanking fetish too.  Enjoy.



  1. Life does have a habit of interfering with our pleasures. I too have often wondered about the number of recipes found on spanking blogs. Maybe all that whacking stimulates the appetite.

    I have made pasta-less lasagna. You substitute thinly-sliced, grilled strips of zucchini for the noodles. Yummy and lower in calories, but I wouldn't recommend freezing it.


  2. Great post. Great song. Thanks. Jesus loves us this I know but he's got some mighty strange ways of showing it sometimes.

    I make lasagna with blanched cabbage leaves instead of noodles. It's very good too but sacrilege to purists.

  3. Hermione said it for me -- life interferes with one's fun. You have a great deal going on; any ONE of those nine things takes time and energy. And life doesn't ask us first if any of these events are convenient for us. I think that's rather rude.

    Lasagna is a lot of work! I've never prepared it on my own -- too lazy -- but I helped my mother do so. Good comfort food, though. Especially with the wine. :-)

  4. Thanks y'all. Don't know if I'm adventurous enough to try either zucchini or cabbage instead of pasta, but I added a layer of spinach just to convince myself/deceive myself into thinking that it's healthy!

    I really appreciate each of your comments.