Friday, March 2, 2012

The Friday Night Fishin' Report

There's something special about growing up in a small town.  Most Americans have a sense of nostalgia about them and reverence for them and those that grew up in them.  I can't say that I grew up in a small town- it was more like a small city.  My hometown was just big enough but far enough away from big cities that we had local television affiliates for (most of) the national networks.  Pretty much the smallest of small markets.  Often on Friday nights after watching Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider, I'd watch the local news with the babysitter waiting for my parents to return from wherever they were.   After football season was over, there was an old man who would give the Fishin' Report for the weekend.  (I tried in vain to find something similar on youtube so I could include it on this post.  It's almost amazing to me that there are some things that haven't made it to the internet yet and maybe never will.)
Of course, the lakes discussed in the Friday Night Fishin' Report looked more like this than the one at the top of this post!
A short time ago, in a couple of posts, I said that it was time again for me to go go fishing for a new spankee, and that I would keep my readers posted.  Well, I cast several lines out, and am here to report.
In terms of a fishing report... well, the fishing is pretty bad, honestly.  There are a number of sites you can try, and I have.  The easiest way to illustrate just how bad the fishing is might be this screenshot:
Spankfinder is helpful enough to be transparent about your odds, and I salute them for it.  But the odds are not good.  If you're a guy looking for a lady play partner, know that there are roughly four guys for every lady, and that probably half of the ladies have not logged on in over a month, and probably half of those that have are not looking for a play partner, but a long-term relationship.  I looked on Spanko and could not find these numbers as easily.  However, I searched for males and females looking in my state, and the odds were better, from what I could tell.  The search was limited to profiles active in the last 60 days, but there were still 200 males to 90 females actively looking.  On the other hand, for whatever reason I've had far less success there than on spankfinder in the past.

Anyway, back to my fish story... I cast out several lines recently and got basically no response.  A nibble here and there, but not much.  I still haven't tried any of these sites using my blog or my Marky Marks persona, because my original intent of this blog was to be able to talk about my pursuit of spanking fun from an anonymous perspective.  But then, just as I was about to pack it in and head to shore, a cute little fish practically jumped into my little boat.  Please, no, uhm... "little man in the boat" jokes. She was married, and secretly fascinated by spanking.  Cute as can be, and younger than me- she wanted to do something wild and crazy before she turns 30.  She'd checked out this here blog.  Heck, she was familiar with McLintock, which is basically a spanko code-word.  (I promised not to spank her with a shovel!)

She'd never actually been spanked, though.  About a week after our 1st email exchange, we met this morning, and I gave her the 1st ever adult spanking she's experienced.  I was honored that she trusted me enough to lead her down that path, because the only other ladies I'd spanked before had been spanked plenty before I did.  I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and I give some credit to Dana Kane, because in preparing for this morning, I thought back to the 1st time I took a spanking, and how she gently (well gently- at first!) guided me.  

We (the cute little fish and I) are still talking about whether or not to talk too much about her or pics, etc... on this blog.  As I've said before, I don't want this to turn into a spank-and-tell blog.  However, the point I wanted to make to all the secret spankos out there is that yes, there are ladies looking for this, and it takes patience and persistence, but you can find what you're looking for in a play partner (even if the Fishin' Report doesn't look good) if you just give it time.


  1. Glad you caught a fish, lol!


    It would make it easier to leave a comment if you'd remove the captcha words. If you'd like to do so, go to "Design" at the top right hand side of your home page, then click on "Settings", then click on "Comments". Go down towards the bottom of the page and it will say, "Show word verification for comments?" and then click NO! That's all there is to it! Of course, if you don't want to change, that's okay, too:).

  2. Thanks. Alright... Just for you Kitty -I removed captcha. I'll leave it this way unless/until I start to get spam comments again.

  3. Mr. Marks,

    I always enjoy reading about your escapades..keep up the good 'work'!

    - Dana

  4. So happy you've found a playmate!

    You know, there will always be those who judge secret play between married-to-vanilla spankos. Too bad, so sad. I don't happen to be one of them. Were I not in a situation where I could play openly and freely, I'd work it out secretly as well. We need what we need.

    One little tip, though, sweetie? Might want to avoid likening a woman to a fish. I'm just sayin'. ;-D

  5. Dana-

    Glad I've had some enjoyable escapades to write about! Thanks for the comment.

  6. I have always converted vanillas or sniffed out the kinkiest in the herd. Imagine my surprise there was a whole world out there where I could have found a playmate to get my Booty toasted.

    Would have saved me a lot of heartache.

    That said I have to agree with Erica, If you can safely meet your needs and find play that you can't with your wife....I say more power to you.

    Sadly instead of our needs just being a flavor in the whole Baskin & Robbins of sexuality, we are often judged. Which bums me out.

    On a side note, I was followed finally by Newt Gingrich's campaign the other day on twitter. made sure and spice up his timeline before I blocked him. Anything for the cause......


  7. Thanks, Erica- I really and truly appreciate your comments.
    But... what's the problem with fish? I don't get it. I'm not talking a whale or anything- but a little cute fish. Is it because a woman's skin is soft and warm instead of scaly and slimy? Because "nibbling on my worm" sounds sort of sexual? Maybe you should explain yourself.

    Thank you too, Newt. That's funny about the campaign following you on twitter- just don't uhm... lead them here!

  8. Well, my dear...

    Years ago, we were at a BDSM party; one of the regulars was a man everyone called Tool Belt, because instead of carrying a toy bag, he wore a large tool belt filled with toys. However, they seldom got any use, because the man was so objectionable.

    So he'd sit and watch other people's scenes, and make inappropriate commentary. Once, I heard him muse out loud, plenty loud enough for the room to hear: "If girls are made of sugar and spice, why do they smell like fish?"

    I mean, really.

    Aren't you glad you asked? :-)

  9. Hi. I am married to Vanilla with a secret Top. She doesn't mind if I mention us but she doesn't encourage it either, so I don't much. Happy to err on the side of caution with that.

    Make sure you and your play partner always talk and things are absolutely clear between you. You know that. Especially if she is new to TTWD. And enjoy. Congratulations.

    You are having some great good fortune here. You've found a partner and you've been Tingled by the Pink.

    I'm not even touching the fish thing dude. Don't go there again.

  10. Emen- welcome, and thanks for your comment. Seems like an interesting arrangement, but anything involving secretly playing- I'm glad you found this place.

    I've actually written many lines in response to "not even touching the fish thing" but keep erasing them because I'm not sure they're appropriate (or know that they're not appropriate!) So I'll say this instead... Erica and I sometimes like to give each other a hard time, and I hope you weren't offended at our joking about uhm, the fish thing.

  11. Nah the fish thing was cute. Just playin with ya.