Friday, March 30, 2012

improving on a classic Picasso drawing with MSPaint

Picasso's "Femme" is brilliant, and I say that with very little appreciation for or understanding of modern art.  With merely 5 brush strokes (ahem... that probably means something different to most spankos- referring to a paint brush here!) he perfectly captured a woman's bottom.  Love it!

 But... I bet that with his inspiration, I could do better.  I'll let y'all judge whether I did or not.

Maybe my hand was shakey, or maybe there was dust on the mousepad, but a few squiggles might be a little cellulite, and well, I meant to do that, because it's far more realistic, right?  Then I painstakingly added thousands of little tiny pink dots to represent the reddening of the bottom. Each little dot might be a capillary that burst (or I might have used the spraypaint can thing on MSPaint.)  Hope you enjoy.  It amused me.


  1. I like your effort!

  2. Good work. Love your version

  3. y'all are way way WAAAY too kind. And Kitty, the fact that you think I put effort into it almost makes me ashamed. Rest assured though- when I'm running short of things to inspire me for blog posts, MSPaint might just make another appearance!