Friday, March 30, 2012

improving on a classic Picasso drawing with MSPaint

Picasso's "Femme" is brilliant, and I say that with very little appreciation for or understanding of modern art.  With merely 5 brush strokes (ahem... that probably means something different to most spankos- referring to a paint brush here!) he perfectly captured a woman's bottom.  Love it!

 But... I bet that with his inspiration, I could do better.  I'll let y'all judge whether I did or not.

Maybe my hand was shakey, or maybe there was dust on the mousepad, but a few squiggles might be a little cellulite, and well, I meant to do that, because it's far more realistic, right?  Then I painstakingly added thousands of little tiny pink dots to represent the reddening of the bottom. Each little dot might be a capillary that burst (or I might have used the spraypaint can thing on MSPaint.)  Hope you enjoy.  It amused me.


  1. Good work. Love your version

  2. y'all are way way WAAAY too kind. And Kitty, the fact that you think I put effort into it almost makes me ashamed. Rest assured though- when I'm running short of things to inspire me for blog posts, MSPaint might just make another appearance!