Thursday, March 22, 2012

More on Butthovan's 5th and the BurlyQ

DA DA DA DUUUMMM... DA DA DA DUUUMMM...  dadadadum dadadadum dadadadummm... dadadadum dadadadum dadadadummm... Da Da Da Dum... Da Da Da Dum... Da Da Da DUM DUM DUUUUM!

I swore I saw this video on a spanking blog somewhere, but I tried looking it up and could not find it.  Here it is again, just for your enjoyment:

Michelle L'amour performs "BUTTHOVEN'S 5TH SYMPHONY" from franky vivid on Vimeo.

That is one fine and talented Ass!  (And how does one score an invite to such a demonstration?!)  Surprisingly, even though I couldn't find where I'd found it posted originally on google, there was another spanking blog entry dealing with Beethoven's 5th Symphony. One spanking blogger got the opening notes tattooed on her ass.
I had the best of intentions in making this a spanking-related post, I swear.  And I guess, marginally, it still is.  But have you ever searched for something on the internet and found yourself following down a rabbit trail that had nothing at all with what you were searching for, but was so fascinating you kept delving into it?  That's definitely what happened to me when I thought I'd post something about spanking music.  I mean, that Butthoven's 5th video is certainly hotter than this spanking song, I think.

Madonna - Hanky Panky by jpdc11

So I looked into the lady with the amazing bottom that can dance to classical music.  Her name is Michelle L'Amour, and she's apparently a very prominent burlesque dancer.  Then I wasted way too much time watching burlesque videos that are all over the internet because I'd never really been exposed to burlesque before.  (I say wasted time, but don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun!)  I've been to strip clubs before, though it's been a long time, but never seen anything quite like burlesque.  Some burlesque is hot, some almost boring.  But no burlesque dancer, not even Dita Von Teese, is as hot as  Michelle L'Amour.  I think I have developed a sort of crush on her.  She's pretty, and smart, and no stripper I've ever seen, not even those at the all-nude BYOB club I went to a couple of times in college, can dance like she can.  Wow!  Not only is she a trained dancer, but she started a school for burlesque, has made "Tease and Tone" workout videos and performs in several other artsy type shows too.  Here's a video of her (and not just that amazing butt- all of her) in action.  Again, just enjoy.  I did.

Michelle L'amour in "Shower With Affection" from franky vivid on Vimeo.

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  1. It's a vid treasure trove in here. Michelle is a work of art. Thanks!