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My old fraternity paddle, and how it was used on me

Between spring break and college basketball, it's been almost a week since my last post.  This one's a pretty good story, but it's been in the can for awhile now, so throwing it up there tonight because I don't have much time.  (and after reading it, you might see that "throwing it up" is sort of appropriate!)  Apologies to all my bloggy friends because I haven't looked at your blogs (much less commented) for awhile now.

Actually Dana Kane was not the one to give me my first (sort of) adult spanking, in a sense.  It was my fraternity "Big Brother."  I've kept my fraternity paddle through several moves- just not something that has a place to put it, but not something I want to get rid of either.  I doctored the picture of it- removed my name and changed the Greek letters and crest to keep my identity a secret. (That's supposed to be a Fiji Owl- just because I never really liked them.)  Actually, "doctored" is giving me way too much credit- more like hacked away with MS Paint pruning shears instead of a scalpel, and apologies to any true Greeks out there- the Theta sort of looks like an "O" so I used it instead of trying to draw an omega.

Yes, it was actually used on my butt.  Yes, it hurt like hell (it was swung by a guy who was a linebacker in high school).  Here's how it happened...  

Back when I was going through pledging, hazing was on it's way out but was probably far more common than it is today.  In conversations after the fact, I learned that there were some fraternities that still paddled as a part of pledging, but probably most didn't.  It seemed to be just a matter of who upheld traditions the most.  One of the crappy fraternities was notorious for paddling pledges a lot, but so did one of the "Top 3" fraternities.  An aside - in retrospect it seems awful to judge people, or groups of people as good or "crappy", but it was and probably still is the truth.  Just go to a party during rush and you could quickly tell where the fraternity ranked. Mine had aspirations and was close to the top but admittedly was not among the traditional "top 3".  But obviously no one talked about paddling during Rush.     

My fraternity didn't paddle during pledging, except for one night.  It was near the end of the 3 month pledgeship, and we (the pledges) had just kidnapped a member earlier that week.  Grabbed him, tied him up, took embarrassing pictures  and made him sign something stating he gave up his right to haze us.  (Another tradition).  There was sure to be a price to pay though, and we knew it.  (But it was a lot of fun, and when he tried to escape once, I had the pleasure of chasing him down and tackling him in an open field, which won me some respect among both the pledge class and the actives when the story got out.)

So a few days later when we were told by the pledge trainer to report to so-and-so's house at 8 pm as a group, we were prepared for a night of hazing. Sure enough, they put us out in the garage with pillow cases over our heads, and came to lead us away, one by one.  (Well, after some initial "I won't leave my pledge brothers Sir!" bullshit)  So they came to get me, and I was led to this guy's truck, and got in the back, squooshed, while two guys sat in front and talked about all the terrible things they were going to do to the pledges and how it wasn't nearly as bad as what they went through as they listened to country music (I still remember hearing "Like strawberry wine...seventeen... the hot July moon... saw everything").  So we get there (some guy's dad's land- I recognized it from the drive, even though I "couldn't see" and I wait in the truck for a long time after we got there, presumably for all the other pledges to complete the journey.

Finally, I get pulled out of the back seat of the truck roughly by several guys, and the hood ripped off.  There's a big fire going, and a lot of the "blackest" members (those that enjoy hazing) are surrounding me shoving me and pushing me in a circle, yelling at me and telling me how stupid I was to be taken away from my pledge brothers, and promising retribution for kidnapping a member... "who's going to save you now?! You're all alone!" 

Then this guy grabs me in a bear hug and yell's "I will, I'm his big brother!" and everyone cheers.  They untie my arms (guess I forgot to mention that part) and lots of pats on the shoulder and congratulations and some "Hey, no shit... you're doing a good job- this is the fun part., relax!"

So my new Big Brother presents me with a bottle of liquor and says that this is our family drink, and you and me are going to finish it tonight.  We take a couple of shots, accompanied by cheers all around, and then he presents me with my fraternity paddle, but says I have to earn it, followed by more cheers.

"Drop your drawers, bend over, and grab your nuts.  Hold 'em up high and out of the way, this is gonna hurt!"  So I do.  After the first swat, accompanied by cheers, someone pours a can of beer all over my butt to cool it down.  I guess maybe there were no spankos there that knew that a wet bottom hurts more.  Two more swats follow, because there are three main principles in the fraternity lore, which I can't remember. Then I pulled my pants and boxers up, retired to the side to watch the next pledge and the next go through the same routine.  Then when it was all over, we all sat around the huge fire and got plastered together.  You could stay at your big brother's place during hell week and be immune to hazing.  

About the spanking...They hurt like hell, and I don't know that I've ever seen more powerful swats on any spanking video ever. I was lucky.  My big brother was pretty big in the fraternity, but had not picked a little brother until he was about to graduate.  So I didn't have a big brother and a "grand-big brother" who also had the right to get in three swats of his own.  Some of the pledges got 6 or even 9 swats.  (Though my big brother was about the biggest of those delivering them.)  Still, my girlfriend at the time noticed the oval bruises more than a week later to her horror.  Despite what some might think, there was absolutely nothing homo-erotic about it.  My big brother told me that he thought the whole thing was kind of stupid, which was why he didn't really want to do it until he was about to graduate. ("I thought it was because you were waiting for someone really great to come along to pick to be your little brother?!" "Uhm... yeah, that too!")  

I "earned it" that night, and proudly hung my fraternity paddle on my wall during college, but it's never been used again.  It has an edge, not to mention some sharp points, and is probably unsuitable to use in spanking play.  Plus some of the wooden letters and such have fallen off as we've moved it from closet to closet in moves since getting married. 

Talking years after the fact to other professionals, this was not all that uncommon, and remarkably similar to what they experienced in college pledging a fraternity- So I don't feel that bad about sharing fraternity secrets some 20+ years after the fact, but I thought some of you spankos might be interested in a first-hand account of what it's like to get paddled as a fraternity pledge..  Someday soon maybe I'll share a story and a pic of my wife's sorority paddle!

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