Sunday, March 11, 2012

Some sexy vanilla fun, and a little about my bloglist

I just added Guess Her Muff to my blog list.  It's not at all spanking related, but I check it out a few days a week whenever I have my personal internet naughty time.   Basically it's a blog that every day posts a picture of a lady fully dressed, and then you're supposed to guess how her muff is trimmed and click to find the answer.  The answer is in the form of a picture of her showing her -well, her trim job down there.  Actually I couldn't care less how she's trimmed- I just find it really sexy to see normal ladies (i.e., not models) in a normal picture and then see them in a sexy picture.  Sometimes there are additional sexy pictures too.  One can rate the picture or comment, although I don't and advise against reading the comments.  If you only want hot girls, there's a "Hall of Fame" section that lists the top 3 vote-getters out of every hundred posts.  Personally, I think you can find model types naked all over the internet, and like it because not everyone is a hall of fame type- and I think it's more real and sexy the more normal the lady is.

So why did I add this to the spanking blog roll?  Because I like it.  Maybe someday as this blog matures I'll need to rethink it, but for now, my blog roll is entirely selfish.  Some  folks  have an exhaustive list of links on their blog.  I'm grateful for that, and have used them as a resource in the past.  But they're big time, and I'm not.  I figure my blog roll is just for me.  It's the stuff I like to read, and it's a tool for me to have it all there with easy access to it.  

Now granted, one way to get my attention and get me to look at your blog is to comment or "become a member" of this blog (I still think that's kinda gay and am not a "member" of most blogs I read, but kinda feel bad about that).  But that having been said, it's not a quid pro quo thing- it's entirely one sided.  I don't add everyone, and I don't add anyone as a courtesy.  No offense meant by that, I just add the stuff on my blog roll that I like to read, because it makes it easier for me to read it if it's one click away from mine.  That's why I have the thumbnail and description added too- helps me decide if I want to spend my time looking at that update or not.  That's why I decided to add a non-spanking blog too.  Hope no one is offended.


  1. I read your blog because you have original content and I never know what you're going to post about next!


    P.S. I went to Guess her muff and voted! Who knew there was such a blog?! Lol!

  2. Guess Her Muff is worth it for the title alone. I agree, I get tired of looking at models.

    I like it when the blog roll is personal. What you're interested in. I use Spanking Blogger's Network as the resource go to.

    Sorry so late to the party but really enjoyed the previous post also. Absolutely maximum full coverage and don't be afraid to wander on down the thighs a ways.

  3. No complaints whatsoever! Nice diversion and fun "challenge."
    I'm batting around .500 .

  4. So glad y'all liked it. Kitty, you never know what I might post, and Emen, I agree, a little down the thighs is fun too.