Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Where (on the bottom) do you like your spankings?

Looking like there will not be any pics of my, uhm "little fish" but looking at some, it got me thinking about the wide variety in red butt pics one sees, and how different spanking styles lead to different red butt pics.  Some folks give a spanking that delivers a really red bottom, but I'm almost astonished that they completely missed the "sit spot" -that junction of the thighs and bottom.  Here are some examples of that.
Those little pale parts below are practically begging for  a couple of spanks

That's one helluva spanking to have missed the ouchy crease! from

the spanking couple- what a great website that was around all too briefly.

I guess Dallas just wants to color within the lines!
Others appear to have been concentrating just on the sit spot and have missed a lot more of the upper bottom. 

How many times have you read or heard about the dangers of spanking too high?  Obviously no paddles should be used anywhere but the sit-spot or peaks of the bottom cheeks, but your hand and many implements can be used all over the bottom.  Did you know that they teach nurses to give injections in the upper-outer quadrant of the bottom, because that's the safest spot?  If you can stick needles into it, you can safely spank it, too.
I like to give spankings all over the bottom, and try to make it a nice uniform shade of pink, all over. The sides, the top, down the thighs just a little bit, in the crease, even some "fire crackers" too.
Like This

Like this guy... but without that hair!

And from experience, Dana Kane shares my view, that a spanking should be a total bottom experience.  She takes it a step further though, and even spanks the perineum area too -Ouch!  (but I couldn't find a decent picture of that.)

So, where do you like to spank/be spanked? 


  1. Down low;)!


    P.S. Good post, Marky!

  2. I too like to see the overall coverage, but I prefer a little more concentration in the lower sit-spot area. A pet peeve -- uneven coverage. Spankers, commonly right-handed, often neglect the left cheek. Which is why I'm fond of hollering, "I have TWO cheeks, dammit."

    And although I love Dana, I have to say no no NO to the perineum spanking -- that is the hardest of hard limits for me!

  3. I like it flat on the crest of my cheeks, however the Suit likes it on my under cheeks, the curve. Says I will feel it for longer. Whateves....
    Totally right though.

    Also few slaps on my very top thigh were it meets the boot.... etc.

    My pet peeve is if spanking with the belt. Like Erica said, do not just hump/spank one cheek with the hand /belt, Helllooooo.
    Even coverage. Whole bottom to whomp.

    Personal pocket change of a Newt

  4. Thanks ladies- just thought this was interesting. Even in "pure" spanking there can be a variation in styles and tastes.

  5. I am a sit spot devotee. I think most spankees are. It's the area with the most nerve endings, and certainly stimulates the whole nether regions the most. I recently started a conversation about it on Fetlife;

  6. Aaaaand you got Chrossed once again! :-D

  7. Gary- thanks for the comment. That was an interesting thread, and a good discussion. (Just read it.) I'll admit that I'm not all that active on Fetlife. please note that I mentioned the upper OUTER quadrant of the bottom cheeks. (aka... away from the tailbone)

  8. I want to be spanked by Dana Kane !!!!!

  9. I like to spank on the full meat of her bottom, but it must be bent nice and tight. For a really punishing spanking, aim for the skin fold between cheek and thigh top, a very tender area ! Your second photo looks like it's been applied with make up .

  10. Well, anonymous#1... she has a fairly extensive travel schedule. There's a good chance you can.

    Don't know about that picture Anonymous #2... I got those from a google image search- I just thought it was interesting how red her bottom was yet there was no contact where the cheek meets the thigh like you were talking about.

  11. The top of the cheek closest to the do I say this polietely? crack seems to hurt too much for me. Yes, I'm new but my pain tolerance is pretty high. The sit spot does seem to last longer but it could be, as titled, you sit there and feel it.
    I mostly get spanked with the paddle and actually miss his hand.
    The paddle is a bit intense but it gets the job done when we're short of time. Great post!

  12. Addy- I LOVE it when someone comments on an older post. Thank you! And welcome to the blog.

  13. I always spank from the middle of the cheeks down to the crease, aka the sit spot. I do this for multiple reasons:
    1. That is where they feel the "reminder" when they sit the nest day.
    2. It is a more erogenous zone and, while what we do is not necessarily sexual, it is intimate
    3. I have heard from a number spankees that hitting high hurts, and not in a good way.
    4. If you are using an implement and aiming high, you can accidentally make contact with the lower back
    5. And yes, symmetry is important

  14. A conscientious spanker will always take care to ensure that both cheeks receive equal attention. Half-assed spankings are just plain wrong IMHO.

    I'm also partial to concentrating on the sit spot for both safety and aesthetic reasons, the latter having to do with both maximizing the amount of resulting jiggle and spankee vocalizations.