Saturday, April 21, 2012

4/20, drugs, politics, and spankings

Today is April 20th, otherwise known as 4/20, otherwise known as the day potsmokers celebrate the fact that they're, well... potsmokers.  I have nothing against potsmokers, really.  But I think the spanking public is probably a true cross-section of society, and I thought it was worth mentioning within our realm.

We have a bunch of old-fashioned housewives led by a strong head-of-the-household, many, if not most of whom, are very conservative.  On the other hand, there are also plenty of folks that are open-minded and embracing of others, not to mention the fact that being a spanko a spanking enthusiast almost requires that one be open and embracing to other lifestyles.  On the other hand, spanking definitely appeals to some that are very traditional.  Domestic Discipline folks are some of the most conservative folks around, and there's unaddressed friction between them and the more open lifestyle choices of those that are into spankings and attend parties, etc... and maybe not enough respect between the two groups.

Because those that are into spanking are such a cross-section of society, it makes political discussions all the more interesting.  I have high hopes that the upcoming presidential election will be about ideas, and which ideas would be better for the country, rather than about the personalities of the candidates.  They both have similar character issues

Embarrassing dog story
Embarrassing story about how their grandfather was a polygamist
Religious views outside mainstream American views
Out of touch with Americans because they’re among the 1%

So my hope is that this will be a high-minded campaign about problems, issues, solutions, and plans.  Neither flawed candidate can attack the other too vigorously on personal matters.  However, neither candidate has taken a public stance on marijuana, to my knowledge, which brings me back to the point of this post.

Once upon a time, I smoked pot.  I inhaled, and I liked it.  In fact, the 1st time I did so was after some awards ceremony in high school.  I had just given this guy $5 and was trying to tuck the baggie into the pocket of my khakis when my name was called.  So I went up on stage to accept the award hoping and praying that the baggie of pot was tucked all the way into my pocket.  I later smoked it with my friends, and it was a good time.  But... I won the award because I was a big dork and was smart.  In part because I was a big dork and I was smart I agreed to be on our high school's team of smart guys that appeared on the local television station competing with supposedly smart guys from other high schools on a College Bowl type trivia contest for our local TV station. (the same one that I've made fun of before.)  Funny thing though... I could tell when I'd smoked pot the weekend before we taped the show on Monday nights.  I knew that I knew the answer, but I couldn't come up with it.  Smoking pot had made me stupider. (and I think that's a real word.)  Mostly as a result of that realization, I didn't smoke pot in college.  (Maybe I'm weird.)  Recently, I went to a wedding out of town where the mother of one of the groomsmen was in advanced stages of cancer, and asked for some one night at the hotel.  Despite the shock of a few of us, it appeared to help her feel better.  I was also shocked that among single friends my age, there were a fair number who did it and had it with them.

I didn't smoke pot in college, however, I did drink a ton.  Drinking far more socially acceptable, but it is proven to kill brain cells.  In retrospect, and in contemplating my actions in college, I'd probably prefer that if today's college students were consuming mind-altering drugs... that they did so sitting on a couch watching cartoons, eating Cheetos, and thinking "really deep" thoughts as a result of smoking pot, rather than driving to bars and chasing tail and getting in fights as a result of drinking alcohol.

On the other hand, a mind-altering drug called wine has been instrumental in my blogging.  Without drinking a little bit of it, I might not have had the courage to start this blog.  I hear folks talking about how there should be no drinking during play at spanking parties, but I also remember the housewife I met for her 1st spanking that requested that I bring a bottle of Pinot Grigio because she thought it might help her with her nerves, and it did.     

I'd love to hear the thoughts of other folks into spankings about alcohol and/or marijuana as it relates to spanking play.


  1. I've heard that rule about no intoxicants with spanking but I can't imagine anything nicer than meeting you for Pinot Grigio and buttsmack. Everything's better with a good wine.

  2. I loved your political comparison of Obama and Romney! Thanks for writing such a creative post.


  3. I think people react differently when they're in altered states. For examples, we all know the mean drunk, the sleepy drunk, the drunk that becomes invincible. The same goes with pot- some reach mind-blowing epiphanies and others just get paranoid.

    I personally participate recreationally in both (with a legal prescription, if we're going by state's rights). However, I would be hesitant to go into a spanking under the influence of either one of those. As a fellow secret spanko, I think I'm in a unique situation where I have to completely trust myself as well as my spanker to be able to come out of the experience in a predictable manner. Here's what I mean:

    1. Pain tolerance: I'm sure I could take a much heavier spanking after a couple glasses of pinot noir (red, please!). When begging for more, will my spanker be able to resist? Or will I be sent home with cane marks down my leg?

    2. Boundaries: I'm definitely a flirty drunk. Sober, my will is strong. Under the influence and I would probably be highly suggestable. In the moment I could very well say, "Yes!" to a lot of things...things I would consider to be beyond my "line."

    3. Safety: I can predict my behavior, but what if my spanker doesn't? All of a sudden he can't hear my safe word? In fantasy this can get me hot, but I'm well aware in reality it would be an awful thing that could forever turn my fetish into a trauma.

    All that being said, I'm almost certain that I will mix the two in some degree or another in the future. I think just being aware of the possible consequences allows me to go into the situation with me being fully aware that I am about to make a choice and that choice can lead to certain outcomes. I think done with a certain amount of control it could be a LOT of fun!

  4. Can only speak for myself here, but I am leery of playing with anyone under the influence of anything. (No, not talking about a glass of wine or a beer, but enough substance or alcohol so that it's obvious.) I think it can compromise aim, judgment, common sense, etc., and make for a risky to downright dangerous top.

    When I go to spanking parties, I'm much more comfortable if the men play first and drink later. But that's just me. As for my own intake, considering I get intoxicated and ridiculously giggly from a half-glass of anything, I tend to avoid it until later, or altogether. My endorphins pump me up with enough happy juice that I don't really need anything else.

  5. I think there's a big difference when it comes to having a beer or glass of wine, and being intoxicated. If it's one drink to loosen yourself up and come of your shell a little bit, so be it. On the other hand, I wouldn't ever get over anyones knee who seemed too drunk to even know their own name. It's all about moderation I think.

  6. I'd hoped that post would make for some interesting comments, and it did.

    Emen- Don't really know you, but I like you. Thank you. Let's do it with a Maso Cannoli. (Santa Margherita was about $6/bottle in Italy pre-euro and hate to pay 20 bucks for it now.)

    Kitty- glad you liked that. It was really more of 4 posts in one. In retrospect I should have done that and broken it down into 1) pot 2) how silly the political coverage was last week with the dog stuff, 3) the dichotomy in the spanking world between those with alternative lifestyles and those attracted to it because at its heart it appeals to traditional concepts, and 4)thoughts on whether it's okay to drink a glass of wine or beer or two before spanking play/at parties. But I had several thoughts on my mind, and tried to cram them all into one post.

    SpankCakes- wow, great comment. I think you capture some of the concerns people have with mixing spankings and social lubricants. Hopefully once you can achieve a comfort level and trust, you can explore those fun times safely.

    Erica- thanks for your words of wisdom. And I'm glad you mentioned that a beer or glass of wine would be okay. I feel certain that being intoxicated to the point that you miss-aim is a bad thing. I'd love to meet you ridiculously giggly though. Can't imagine (but would love to hear) the smart-ass things that would come out of your mouth!

    Playful little brat- you capture my thoughts well. Just something that was on my mind as I approach my very 1st spanking party, and what other's thoughts are on it.

  7. I'm a relatively heavy weed-smoker, and it has been a fantasy of mine for about a year to be able to be spanked while high. Most spankers I know aren't into that, and it's fine... I totally understand it. I just think it would be so much easier to get into a scene while high... "coming home" after smoking a bowl and being questioned about it by the spanker, who eventually manages to get me to confess to my wrong-doing... I get that feeling in my tummy just thinking about it! Anyway, I finally was able to live out my fantasy and it was amazing :D Everything I'd dreamed of and more. But it's definitely not for everyone, and probably should be reserved for those who like being spanked for fun and discipline, rather than just spanked for real offenses.