Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Wide Stance

courtesy of spanking blog
I was watching some spanking videos the other night and noticed how often the spanker told the young lady "Wide stance... wider." before giving her swats.  I suppose that the "wide stance" command sounds a little bit less sexual than "spread your legs" and maybe that's why he used it.
courtesy realspankings, home of the "wide stance" command
I suppose there are some advantages to a wide stance while bent over for a paddling.  You're less likely to get knocked off balance, probably.  Maybe it allows the penitent to bend further over with more comfort and less stretching of the hamstrings.  Maybe as woman, you feel more "open" and therefore vulnerable when spreading your legs.  But c'mon... I think we all know why the command is given, right?

Yes... you want to see the naughty fun parts.

wide stance and tip toes!

Actually, even a narrow stance can be plenty sexy too.
Of course, one can hardly talk about a "wide stance" without mentioning Larry Craig.  And since my loyal readers know I like to throw in a little bit of politics, you knew this was coming, right?  Here's a decent recap of the events.  For those of you unfamiliar with this bizarre tale, a sitting U.S. Senator from Idaho ("sitting" maybe the key word here, come to think of it) was arrested in an airport restroom for soliciting sex with an undercover police officer.  Apparently this restroom was known for such things.(?!)  He did so while sitting on the commode by placing his foot underneath the adjacent stall and tapping his foot.  When arrested, he gave the officer his U.S. Senate business card and apparently said something about when he pooped he used a wide stance.  
(As an aside- in researching this post I came across this hilarious but informative article on the best posture to use when taking a poop. I'll try to refrain from referencing it on a post about the command to bend over.)  
Back to the disgraced Senator Craig... the scandal made "Wide Stance" enter the American lexicon and not just in an urban dictionary sort of way.  So now you know all about that.

So speaking of men with wide stances... (awesome segue, I know) for the benefit of my F/M and female readers who just like a good visual, and to make up for the coochie shots above... I thought that since I'm an equal opportunity embracer of nudity it only made sense to re-post a wide-stanced pic of me in a bathroom that I posted way back when only about six people read my blog.  Rest assured though, there was just myself and a lovely lady there- no undercover cops.  Enjoy.


  1. I'd have to hold on to something or I'd fall over but I wonder if the next time I'm ordered into a wide stance I could tap my foot. The image of a completely baffled Top, who, like me has virtually no short term memory left, frantically trying to think what the foot tap means, is too good. Don't you think? Great post and loved ALL the pics.

  2. Emen- I always look forward to your comments. Wish I knew more about you. I'd like to picture you stomping your foot instead of tapping it, because it hurts a bit, and you're not supposed to rub just yet. So the best you can do is just stamp your feet on the floor and make adorable ouchy noises.
    Glad you liked ALL the pics- even (especially) THAT one.

  3. One advantage of the wide stance is that the spankee doesn't have to bend over quite as far to make it impossible for her to "clench". Also, it looks good!

  4. web-ed: hadn't thought about the fact that it would make it harder to clench! Good point. plus, yeah, it does look good.

  5. love the view that this position gives