Thursday, May 3, 2012

acknowledging some mutual pleasure -my 69th blog post!

I started blogging for my own personal enjoyment.  I still like just surfing around and writing my thoughts and the creative outlet it gives me.  At times, I've been self indulgent.  Occasionally I even get a kick out of a bit of exhibitionism.  I think of this level of enjoyment as the equivalent of masturbation.  If no one were around and I had no readers, I'd probably continue to sit here at my computer a few nights a week and just well, uhm... spew forth my thoughts.

However, I've moved beyond that.  It seems like some people enjoy reading what I have to say.  I love that- and not just because when I hear that  someone loved my post it's    like they're stroking my uhm, well... my ego. (though I enjoy that too).  Instead it gives me real pleasure thinking that people enjoy my reading my blog, and makes me want to be more active and regular in my updates, and please them more.  Who doesn't like making people happy?  I think of this as kind of like teenagers sitting in a movie theater doing naughty things with their hands to each other. We're getting there....

But this blogging experience has gone beyond even that.  What I enjoy even more than knowing that other people enjoy my blog is actually interacting with people that read my blog.  From relatively early on, I've been surprised by the number of people that emailed me.  Maybe it's a reflection of the nature of my blog in that many folks that read it are very reluctant to say anything in public, even an anonymous comment.  I love it when something I say connects with them, and I love it every time someone reaches out to me and tells me their story about how they're secretly into spanking..  I love offering advice, though I'm certainly no role model and far less experienced than some.  I love the interaction in the comments too.  I've had several comments lately that are lengthier than the posts on many blogs.  This interaction leads me to work even harder at writing, which leads to more interaction, in a positive feedback loop that, following this theme, I equate to well... this is my 69th post. Woo-Hoo!  (Another similarity- sometimes I can get distracted and all my private internet naughty time is spent chatting with someone I met from blogging instead of working on a post - kinda like when it feels so good you forget for a moment that you have a job to do too in this position!)

Maybe the culmination of this and the most heart-warming... was recently when I discovered that SpankCakes (another secret spanko and frequent commentator/email buddy) started her own blog,  Flipping SpankCakes and acknowledged me in her 1st post (and you know how much I love 1st posts!)  Go check her blog out. She has an excellent start to her blog, and some great initial experiences. (She has a really nice ass, too.)

Now, all that having been said about how great blogging has been to me, I should also say that I've come to discover that blogging can be a challenge, too.  You don't always feel like writing your thoughts (much less and then editing, er... attempting to edit them- and illustrating them with an eye toward what your readers will enjoy).  When you're doing so in secret, you have a limited amount of private time on the internet.  Time that might be spent doing, well... other things.  

Speaking of which...there's a video I've been emailed a couple of times which is a parody of some new top 40 song called "We Are Young" but the parody's about 30somethings and called "We're Not Young" and it's pretty funny at times. (Sorry, don't feel like embedding it, but here's a link.)  I've watched it over and over though.  The tune is catchy, and at times it makes me feel blessed, and at times it makes me feel even older, because those folks seem so young and are dealing with the things I struggled with awhile back.  Anyway, there really is a coherent point here, and here it is... In that video one of the guys tries to start a blog but gets distracted almost instantaneously on the internet by looking at bikini pictures.  I'm not distracted by bikini pictures, but something slightly naughtier, but you get the idea.  That's happened to me on many nights.  At other times, I can't chalk it up to being easily distracted... I've just been burned out and not wanted to blog for weeks at a time.  At one point, I was so ahead that I had a few sort of generic posts already done, but not published, so that if I didn't feel like working on the blog, I could literally mail-it-in that week.  (Those are all gone now- after only a few months I've exhausted my backlog of posts.)

But back to the happy fun part of blogging and the mutual pleasure positive feedback loop.  I want to say a big thank you to all my readers, my correspondents, and my commentators. (and the fellow bloggers who have helped me get to this point!)  On that note, and at the risk of being a bit forward with you, my dear readers... here are some illustrations- just imagine me like the guys in these pics, but minus a little bit of hair on the top of my head!  Just my readers and me, making each other happy!  Thanks again y'all!

Are you getting distracted again?! you have a job to do too, ya know!

(update- fixed the link to the video.)


  1. Awww... Thanks for the mention! You know you'll always be my favorite SPANKO ;) And thanks for overselling my bottom... I'm not a big fan of bait and switch... Well, maybe the switch part. I'm sure I'll find out soon.

    It's funny you mention that song. It was one of the catalysts launching me into this journey. I loved the song and I realized how it really was irrelevant to my current life. I've always been aware that time was ticking, but that song made me wonder if perhaps I should explore those things that bring so much joy to my life instead of repressing them.

    Congratulations on your 69th post!


    1. you're so welcome! I'm proud of you, and you DO have a nice ass, and I'm standing by it! (er- I wish I were.) I fixed the link to a working version of the parody of that song.

  2. Congrats, SS!

    And, sorry I'm guilty of keeping you from working on your blog, but thanks for being a great friend to chat with.


    1. Yes, Kitty, you're sooo guilty here... what should we do about you distracting me, hmm?

  3. Congratulations! I wrote a long comment that didn't appear. But that's what I said.