Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guest post by Emen: limerick

There once was a lady so Bent
She couldn’t hang on to a Gent
When they spanked  her she clapped
When they kissed her she slapped
And so, one by one, they all Went

Okay so most of this is me writing rather than her poetry, but in those five lines, Emen captures an idea that in my experience is pretty central to the reality of secret spankos (or even not-so-secret-spankos) meeting on spankfinder or fetlife or somewhere and getting together with a playpartner, but something that is rarely discussed on spanking blogs... And something that's probably completely foreign to spankos that can be into spanking with their partner.  When spanko folks get together, there's frequently talk of a safeword, but what about when one party to the kinky rendezvous has different ideas when it comes to intimacy and "comforting" afterward? or becomes enamored and pours their heart and soul out, only to have the other communicate that they're just interested in the spanking part?  
courtesy of Devlin O'Neill's blog

Let's uhm... "face" it- there's taking off of clothes, lots of touching and physical contact, and when over-the-knee, your genitals are inches from each other's.  But it's just a spanking, right?  Have you ever kissed your spanker/spankee?  Did you ever want to but didn't?  This is a fertile area for comments and shared experiences.  Unfortunately I won't be here to respond, but Emen will.  So y'all play nice in the comments section! 


  1. Emen,

    What a perfectly stated poem! I love how concise and at the same time, efficient it is in giving us a little tidbit into your spanking world. Bravo!

    My first experience went south when my spanker was expecting, rather demanding, something more than a spanking. It was a bad experience, but I'm lucky to have a much kinder spanker now... one I have kissed with pleasure.


    1. Thanks for the comment Sweetcakes. Really, thanks! SS seems to have plumbed depths out of that little rhyme I wasn't aware of. Out of my vast experience with two spankers, one I was married to and one, while Secret, I knew and flirted with for 15 years before we got together, I'd like to say I was just trying to get enough syllables in to make it a real limerick... So, okay! So far in our discussion we've heard from two camps:

      Camp SC
      One got a Hiss
      Now one gets a Kiss

      Camp Emen

      Ladies and Gentlemen, the floor is wide open for discussion.

  2. Let us hope that when the lady mentioned either Slapped or Clapped, her bottom was left a hot glowing red in colour; so she had something to remind her of who she was with.

    Correction Man.

    1. Thanks, CM.

      Camp Correction Man
      Make them Glow
      Let them Know

  3. LOL. I found you Emen. I'll follow this blog cos I'm assuming you'll be posting here a bit? see ya 'round!

    1. I don't know. Maybe he'll let me again. Sure was fun.

  4. Fondlers Anonymous... what a name! (not sure but it sounds a bit creepy- like some guy on the subway or something!) I think Emen did a terrific job of supplying me with content and answering comments, and would love to have her do so again (unless she takes my advice and gets her own gig!)