Monday, May 28, 2012

"Happy Memorial Day" is an oxymoron

I'm still gone, and Emen will be back, rest assured, and (I assume) her 1st story was well received, but wanted to take the opportunity to post (in advance) something commemorating Memorial Day. Nothing at all to do with spanking, but I have readers, and I wanted to say it.  Yes, Memorial Day marks the traditional beginning of summer, and is usually a fun time.  But it's also a chance to remember and say thanks to those that have given their life in the service of our great country.  There are a lot of them, and it wasn't a happy day for them, dying painfully in the field or a hospital, or for their families and friends grieving their loss.
America has plenty of problems, don't get me wrong (I won't go into them here) but each of us still have so much to be thankful for, beginning with the fact that we were born here (no offense to my readers in other countries.)

I'll grant that country music is an acquired taste, but thought this Trace Adkins song captured Memorial Day pretty well. (And from among the many youtube videos of the song, this one isn't cheesy or preceded by an all-American advertisement, but is just the song accompanied with a simple, powerful image.)


  1. It's a beautiful beautiful song and a beautiful thought.

  2. Thank you for this. It is such a nice tribute to those who are buried there. It is indeed sacred ground and a peaceful place.

  3. I love this song, however I can't listen to it without crying. My youngest brother is career military. I'm a very proud sister of a military man!!!!Thank you for honoring them :)

  4. I'm sure this was just an oversight, but when you write, "...each of us have so much to be thankful for, beginning with the fact that we were born here..." leaves out a huge portion of the population. We are founded as a country of immigrants, and those who died serving our country did so for all of us, whether we were born and raised here (as it is in my case), or if they bravely entered this country in search for something better for themselves and the future of their families.

    But overall, I agree, Memorial Day is a day to give thanks and your post was another great reminder to do so.

    1. Well, sort of an oversight... I was thinking how lucky I was to have been born here. Those that weren't born here but came here aren't so much lucky as they are deserving. This IS a nation of immigrants, and while I consider myself Lucky because of the actions of my great great great grandparents, you can actually thank yours for the sacrifices they made to bring you here. There were a bunch of comments while I was gone, and Emen did a great job of addressing them, but wanted to face this one personally.

  5. We will remember them.

    11th of November is Remembrance day for many on this side of the pond.