Wednesday, May 16, 2012

On the other hand...

"You've taken this pretty well so far, sweetie, but this last part is gonna hurt a lot.  It may help for you to have a hand to squeeze, and maybe just as important, I'll need your hand out of the way as we're finishing up.  There we go.  Hold on tight.. Here it comes...."

I couldn't find the perfect illustration for this post.  I'm right-handed, and I love nothing more than to take the right hand of the spankee with my left hand and squeeze it tight as I finish up a spanking.  There's something a little more intimate, and a little more vulnerable about squeezing her hand as she's getting it.

If you're a guy reading this, you've undoubtedly experienced the snuggling up with your lady as you fall asleep only to discover in the middle of the night that your arm has fallen asleep under her and made an awkward attempt to extricate your arm out from under her without her waking up and and her noticing, and accusing you of the hug-and-roll-away, right?  Well, there's a similar awkward conundrum about what to do with your other hand while giving a spanking.  Not all of us are ambidextrous spankers like Dana Kane... Hmmmm - wonder where she learned it?  Probably the vast majority of folks use their non-spanking hand holding the hip of the spankee thusly:
Nothing at all the matter with that.  It's perfectly normal.  But this post was inspired, in part, by this photo on Erica Scott's blog showing that there can be quite interesting things done by the non-spanking hand..
And the variety of other hand activities can be well, quite varied... there's the full body hug...
A little higher or a little lower and this would be plenty erotic!
I guess fondling her rib cage does it for some folks!
There's the guiding hand on top...
There's the grasping of the hair... maybe more appropriate when the spankee is looking into the mirror so you can see her ouchy face...
Nice try Clare, but you're not doing much to prevent her hand interfering with bottom spanks. 
This is maybe the closest I found to my preferred method... See how she's grasping his arm too, reaching out to have something to hold onto in comfort.

Not every spanking is like that one of Erica's a few years ago, and not every spanking elicits an erotic response from "the other hand" but for those that do... there's surprisingly little guidance on what to do with the other hand, and would love to hear from some ladies about what they prefer!


  1. The picture from Erica's blog shows probably the most productive activity for the non-spanking hand but pinning the spankee's arm in back or at the side is a Classic for a reason.

  2. I like the hand on the lower back. I'm not sure if it's a chakra thing but I find it comforting.

  3. (laughing) Well, touchy-feely photo for naughty magazine notwithstanding, that's actually not my favorite place for the other hand to go. Don't get me wrong; I like that. But I prefer it AFTER the spanking, not during.

    I'm pretty traditional, I suppose. I like the firm hand on my back, or the arm across my back with the hand firmly gripping my side. Anything that makes me feel like I couldn't get away if I tried to.

    The hair grab is yummy, too. But it needs to be a grab, not a pull. If the man buries his hand in my hair and then tightens his fist, I swoon. But if it feels like he's yanking my hair out, that is so not an enhancement to the scene.

    I admit that the arm pinned behind the back looks hot. But in reality, it's kinda hard on the spankee's shoulder.

  4. I just love when I'm across his lap, on a couch and his left hand holds my wrists down. He noticed that I tend to cross my wrists on my own and it inspired him to hold them down for me. As the spanking progresses and I'm gearing up, I'll often bury my head into that arm. He naturally folds his arm across my chest and sort of hugs me, with this hand cupping my right shoulder, pulling me closer. And when things get really hot, I'll often break out of this by holding onto his left leg as leverage, sliding my hands under him, as if to ground me in the experience.

  5. Emen- I agree that's probably the most productive spot, though the spankee has to be in the right position for that to work. I disagree about pinning the arm- and I think there's a difference between holding her hand in a comforting way that accomplishes the same purpose as pinning her arm, and just grabbing her wrist or pinning her arm. (but maybe I'm different.)

    fB- I haven't a clue about chakra, but I agree, there's something that just seems "right" about the hand on the small of the back. (maybe because it's covering up the tramp stamp? -woops, did I just write that?!)

    Erica- You're so cute. That's all I know to say in response. Well, maybe that I agree about not yanking the hair, but maybe disagree about just AFTER... maybe before a bit and during little rests/breaks in the action too is my preference. ;)

    SpankCake- that's complicated- but plenty hot!