Thursday, May 17, 2012

traveling, and why I have respect for spanking models

I'll be traveling soon for maybe a couple of weeks, and not sure how much time I'll have to devote to spanking blogs.  This reminds me of a couple of years ago, when I was, in retrospect, still in the beginning stages of my spanko spanking aficionado journey.   

I was supposed to be in Denver for a couple of weeks for business.  Denver also happens to be the home of and their family of sites, of which I'd been a member -off and on- for several years.  I thought to myself that I'd be within driving distance of the place where they filmed spanking scenes that I'd followed for years, ever since they were realpayer updates the size of postage stamps!  So I started looking into whether I could get a tour while I was there or something.  I started a correspondence with Betty, their full time employee and spanking model wrangler.  One of the family of sites they have is and she said that at the time they really needed male spanking models.  I'd never taken a spanking at that time, nor had I ever had the desire to.  But I started thinking about it.  You know, it would probably help me as a spanker to have some experience in being on the receiving end, just to see what it's like and sympathize with someone I spank, and know that I could take what I was dishing out, right?  So... she said if I was interested, I'd need to send in some pics to see if they would like to work with me, and if I didn't want to show my face, that was fine, but I wouldn't get paid.   Ookkaayy.... I didn't exactly have a portfolio, had no desire to show my face onscreen, but hoped maybe I could negotiate a lifetime pass to their sites or something.  Sending in pics really scared me though.  However, I'd done the awkward trading pics thing with a few ladies I'd met on spankfinder, etc... before so what's the harm, right?  

About the time I was thinking about sending the pics and whether I even wanted to participate in actually receiving a spanking, much less get one on film, this happened...  
pretty impressive, the aptly named Congressman Wiener
Hey Dumbass- next time don't include your face!
So maybe I was a little freaked out about sending out pics of myself to someone I know on the internet. Thank goodness I'm not a Congressman (though I secretly think I'd do a far better job than most of them!)  I asked Betty if I needed to send pics of my behind, and she replied that nude pics weren't necessary, but would be nice, and that she really just needed some that showed my body.  The only pics I'd sent out before that came close were some in a t-shirt on facebook.  

Was I going to do this? What the Hell?  Here goes... If I'm actually going to do this, I'll go all-in.  I finally understood that it's kinda difficult to take a picture of your own ass.
nice toothbrush, right?

I even sent her a "Full Monty" one, a portion of which is above. (For all my adoring fans- all three of them- if you want I'll send the full pic; but don't get too excited, because I wasn't in an, uhm... excited state when I took this pic- I was a little nervous.)

And then... I waited and waited. It seemed interminable.  Was Betty disgusted at my lack of definition and my beer-gut?  Should I have posed flexing like the Congressman? Was I sufficiently "athletic" enough to be used as a model?  I'd never had body image issues, but I began to wonder... too many cheeseburgers? too much wine? maybe I should've done some push-ups before taking that pic...Why did I decide to send the full nude one when she said that wasn't necessary?! Heck maybe I should've worn my nice watch, not my jogging one!  I'd never felt like my body was being judged for sufficiency like this since 8th grade basketball.

Then after a couple of days, she emailed me back that they'd love to work with me. Whew!  All set to go, working out scheduling, and.... at the last minute the trip gets cancelled for business reasons.  Dammit!

In retrospect, I'm glad it didn't work out.  Had it worked out, I might never have met Dana Kane when I was searching for my 1st F/M spanking. (plus the spanking on that site are fairly brutal!)  But the experience made me think about the spanking models out there.  A few superstars notwithstanding... most of the ladies that show up for a professional spanking shoots are not used to getting spanked, much less getting spanked with some guy hovering around looking through the camera.  And before they even get there, they have their body judged on whether they'd be acceptable as a spanking model.  So my hat's off to all the small-time non-superstar spanking models out there.  I feel like I have a slight inkling what you're going through, and I greatly appreciate your efforts!

Speaking of travelling again... I haven't quite figured out how to work blogger to allow someone else to post, but my readers are in for a treat... I have a frequent commentator lined up to publish some of her stuff while I'm gone- another Secret Spanko - and her stuff is pretty good!  I just hope that my readers start asking for her to be the permanent guest host instead of clamoring for her to take my place!  
She's better looking than Joan Rivers, too!


  1. I think it's quite charming to see you go through what we ladies, spanking model or not, go through every day! I also loved your version of the "lifting of the skirt" picture...very nice boy bottom!

    I hope the guest blogger is who I think it might be! It'd be great to get to know her better!


  2. What a lovely tribute to the lady models. And a great funny story as well, as usual.

    You have my complete sympathy on the dilemmas of the Bathroom School of Photography Butt Capture.

  3. As usual, very creative post! Like spankcake said, now you know what women go through every single day. Not that I'd want to live in one of those countries where women have to wear a burka, but I have to admit, that some days I think it sure would be handy to pull on a burka and head out for the day, lol! No worries about what I look like, no worries about a bad hair day, etc.

    Cute ass, too, by the way!


  4. Nobody's looking at the freaking toothbrush, sweetie. :-)

    Having one's body scrutinized and judged is unnerving for both sexes, as you've just illustrated. You'd think, considering how exhibitionistic some of us are (raising hand), that we had all the confidence in the world. NAHHHH! It's especially fun when you get older, and you're fighting gravity like David fought Goliath.

    I do think getting your first F/M spanking from Dana Kane, rather than the RS folks, was a MUCH better choice. :-)

  5. Thanks ladies... Maybe I should change that line to all four of my fans. I thought y'all would appreciate the story, and get a kick out of the pictures too.

    Spankcakes- don't know who you're hoping for- It might've been you except that, well... you have your own fledgling but awesome blog now!

    Emen- yes, that was surprising to me. But just how do you know it's difficult, though?

    Kitty- It would be a shame for you to hide under a burka

    Erica- I know there's a joke to be made about a couple of stones in a leather pouch, but tonight I'm too lazy to make it!

    Thanks again for all your compliments!